Hanes as a brand has been in the lingerie segment for many decades. This brand produces the best lingerie and is therefore adored by women all over the world. You can get your favorite brand right here with several types to choose from. Look at these styles of panties that Hanes offers and you can then get them in your size. Choose from printed or solid hanes panties to feel sexy and young. Each of these will give you a wonderful feel and are perfect for daily wear.

Best Cotton Hanes Panties For Ladies:

Let’s see the 9 best women’s hanes panties in different styles to add your word robe.

1. Simple Hanes Panty:

The most comfortable to wear are the simple Hanes panties that have a high waist fit. This panty style is classic and therefore used by many of all sizes. You will find them in all colors and sizes. Get this cotton feel panty for all day comfort and ease.

2. Hanes Briefs:

Cotton is the best material to wear for most of the year. This material is breathable and works best during the summers. Choose Hanes cotton panties for the summer and also all the year round.

3. Hipster Hanes Panty:

Hipsters are another style that is worn by women. This style panty is up to the hip and looks sexy and stylish. You can get Hanes women’s panties in prints and even solids.

4. Bikini Hanes Panty:

The bikini style is a very youthful looking style and the Hanes ladies panties in this style are much loved by all. The panties come in different colors and prints. You can buy them in packs of 3 or 5 as well.

5. Plus Size Hanes Panty:

Hanes caters to all women and their different sizes. The Hanes plus size panties for ladies are perfect to fit the curves of plus size women. The material used here is soft and flexible. You will get good softness without any uncomfortable feel.

6. Boyshort Hanes Panty:

Hanes panties in boy short style are very sexy and comfortable at the same time. The panties come in stripes and in solids. The cotton pantie Hanes does is suitable for the boy short style.

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7. Seamless Hanes Panty:

Women’s Hanes panties are now coming in the seamless style as well. This means that the elastic is not present and this does not show on the clothes that you wear. Try out this style and you will be using it for your figure hugging clothes.

8. Hi-Cut Hanes Panty:

These hi-cut Hanes panties come in a variety of colors and prints. The normal colors are Hanes white panties and Hanes pink panties. These are most popular as these are the popular girl colors.

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9. Stretch Hanes Panty:

Another famous color that is sought after now is black. This Hanes black panty is made in the stretch bikini style. This is super comfortable and looks sexy and elegant. Such type of black colored panties are good comfortable while in travelling for ladies.

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Hanes panties are a wonderful product that most women have come to love. This product is worth buying and you can select from the wide range of styles that are available. You can get either have a bikini, hi-cut, boy short, etc and each of these will have prints and solids too. When some girls feel uncomfortable during their monthly period time, then they can use black colored pattern in this style of panties. Any company tries to give the best for their customers so get some Hanes panties as per your choice in selection.

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