When we analysis and think one such clothing accessory which is seen in all men and women´s wardrobe which is definitely the “Socks”, this is one material which is worn by in a day to day basis. To make things easier and comfortable, Hanes an American based company produces clothing accessory, one such accessory are the” Hanes Socks ” and use unique design and high-end technology.

Best Hanes Socks in New Models:

Here we present you, 9 Top Hanes Socks for Men and Women with Pictures. Choose your best one according to your shoe type.

1. Hanes Cotton Athletic Socks:

Hanes Cotton Socks for men is definitely the most comfortable to wear which can be worn for a longer duration. Since cotton material has the ability to create as of base and also absorbs sweat when sock is worn for a longer duration.

2. Hanes Sports Socks for Women:

When it comes to designing Hanes womens socks, some amount creativity is invested in creating an eye catchy design. This hanes sport socks also falls under the category of a designer sock. The design used in making the sock is by using stripes and colorful material.

3. Hanes Crew Socks for Men:

Crew sock is the most commonly seen design which has been used for many decades and still has retained its design in this present trendy world. In crew sock which starts for the heel and extends till the mid-calf region. This is a hanes tube socks.

4. Ankle Hanes Socks for Women:

This type of socks can also be named as mini crew socks. In these mini crew socks, the Hanes ankle socks start from the heel covering the toe which is usual design and then extends till the ankle region, which can also be called as the ankle bone region.

5. Hanes Perforated Sneaker Socks for Women:

Perforated socks are most commonly preferred socks type by women when it comes to combining socks with a pair of the heel or with pumps. The socks give a stylish outfit as well as retaining its protecting feature by covering the toes and cushion the heel.

6. Low Cut Hanes Black Socks for Men:

Black is a most commonly work sock color by men since black suits well in any type of occasion which can like attending a formal meeting or a casual meet with friends. The striking feature is the low cut design which gives a minimalistic feature.

7. White Hanes Socks Over The Calf:

After knowing the existence of low cut, ankle length, and crew length sock type, the next feature could definitely be Hanes mens socks which extends above the mid-calf region. The feature of covering the calf region provides good protection against any kind of external hazards.

8. X-Temp Hanes Dry Socks:

The odor protection technology used in designing this sock is the most amazing feature of this socks provided by the Hanes company. The cotton material used in designing the sock has the feature of breathing in fresh air technology.

9. No Show Women Hanes Socks:

No show sock design is an amazing feature provided by Hanes, which has definitely got attention among young girls and ladies. The length of the sock is just below the ankle region, which gives the no-show effect.

Getting deep knowledge about the types of hanes socks is definitely worth the time invested in reading this article. Since Hanes socks designs are plenty but knowing the right feature and design is crucial in determining the perfect fitting sock.

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