How to get rid of a hangover fast? What is the last thing you do when you organize an evening party? Planning the party and arranging drinks like Vodka, beer or any available drink and not hangover cure drink is the top to-do list when organizing a get-together. Many forget the later effect of drinking: the hangover and its hangover relief. After getting up in the morning, headache and vomiting are common symptoms of headache. Instead of running to the medicinal store or the hospital, it is best to be prepared to tackle the hangover situation with simple home remedies and anti-hangover pills stocked up at home.

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What is a Hangover?

A hangover is a term used to explain when you experience hangover symptoms like headache, hangover vomiting, etc., after having a strong drink, overconsumption of a strong drink or even continuous drinking of a mild drink. Such a situation can occur in the morning or night depending on when and how much drink you consume, reflecting the severity of the hangover and hangover recovery duration.

Hangover Symptoms:

Alcohol Hangover is caused by continuous consumption of undiluted drinks or large-quality of the diluted drink. The major striking symptoms and signs commonly experienced after heavy drinking can be felt after a few hours or when you get up in the morning.

Some of the main symptoms are:

  • The main symptom is a headache; sometimes, you feel a spinning head.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bad breath is also called Halitosis.
  • The confused state of mind
  • Blurred vision
  • Thirstiness, which is caused by frequent vomiting.
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Tiredness and feeling weak
  • Stomach cramps
  • Trembling hands

In severe cases, as alcohol poisoning occurs, the symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Paralytic attack
  • Body temperature falls below
  • Paleness is of skin

What Causes a Hangover?

The causes of getting a hangover depend on various external and internal factors. The main external factor is the type of drink used, which may include vodka hangover, beer hangover or hangover caused by other strong alcohol, which is difficult to assimilate and easily get away from the body. Thus, the alcohol content in the body remains longer, causing hangovers, vomiting, headaches and other symptoms.

The internal factor is nothing but one’s body’s reaction to the alcohol intake and its reaction by the liver. For a person with low metabolism or poor liver condition, a hangover is caused by the body’s metabolism being slow to remove the alcohol content from the blood.

How Long Does a Hangover Last?

Hangover after drinking typically lasts 24 hours once you stop taking more glasses of alcohol. The time duration is unknown since each body’s reaction to divide the alcohol into acetaldehyde, and then to acetate is different.

There are various factors like the quantity of alcohol, type of alcohol, body weight, age, and liver condition. The alcohol content will be reduced from the blood in an average of 24 hours, which is one whole day. Thus, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will have to drop to zero to free the body from the alcohol content.

Top 9 Natural Home Remedies for Hangover Headache:

Here, we enlisted the top 9 hangover remedies that work best for both men and women. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Lemons for Hangover:

A hard-working party loaded with solid drinks and a cocktail can lead to waking up the following day with a hangover. A hangover is a common situation when you drink more than one or two glasses of any alcoholic drink. How to deal with a hangover?

A simple home remedy for avoiding a hangover can be done within a minute using citric fruit like lemon. Lemon is easily available and often seen at everyone’s house. Processing Alcohol in the body inhibits glucose production, leading to hypoglycemia. To avoid this, take a glass of lemon juice with sugar and get over a hangover.

2. Eggs for Hangover:

Hangover cure at home can be done using eggs, a white and yellow-coloured food which is easily available and easy to make breakfast for anyone. Breaking up two eggs, making an omelette, or scrambling and eating with a slice of toast is an easy cure for a hangover.

The eggs contain cysteine, the essential factor responsible for counteracting aldehyde, an alcohol content build-up in the body after consuming alcohol. Thus, a good start in the morning after breakfast is grabbing a boiled or scrambled egg and returning to normal routine weekdays.

3. Coffee for Hangover:

A good hangover drink is coffee, which is easy to drink at home. Caffeine is a well-known chemical in coffee, which stimulates the Central nervous system, making oneself feel more energetic and enthusiastic. That’s the history of how coffee became an essential morning drink. The same ideology can be applied to relieving a hangover.

Headache caused by a hangover is due to a chemical called adenosine. The antidote to this chemical is caffeine; thus, a cup of coffee for a hangover can remove the adenosine in the body and help reduce headaches and other side effects like tiredness and laziness. Thereby, the hangover is reduced and subsided.

4. Ginger for Hangover:

Hangover cure drink at home can be easily made by searching the kitchen and picking Ginger from the shelf. Ginger is an anti-nausea element that helps treat hangovers after strong alcohol the previous day. It reduces the vomiting sensation and provides quick relief from a hangover.

Ginger also aids in stabilizing the digestive system and soothe the gastric lining. Try making a simple warm ginger tea with or without milk; if not, cut two to three slices of fresh ginger and chew them. The ginger juice can be combined with honey to boost the sugar level quickly.

5. Antioxidant Food for Hangover:

Consumption of alcohol can lead you to release free radicals in the body caused due to oxidative stress. To fight against these free radicals, consuming food loaded with antioxidants, which are hangover food, is essential.

Some commonly available antioxidants are berries, grapes, pomegranates, carrots, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds like walnuts almonds, and seeds like pumpkin seeds, pine seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Anti-hangover drink with antioxidant element include teas like green tea and fruit tea. Consume one of the above-listed food items and breakfast, and easily reduce the hangover symptoms.

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6. Water for Hangover:

A simple and readily available hangover home remedy for a hangover is just drinking plain drinking water. Drinking alcohol, a natural diuretic agent, can make you urinate more often than normal. This leads to dehydration, tiredness, lethargy, and may also lead to diarrhoea.

Dehydration causes loss of essential electrolytes from the body, leading to weakness. To combat the loss of electrolytes, drinking plenty of water helps boost the body’s iron content and subsides hangover symptoms. One can also consume a glass of water between the drinks as a precaution to avoid a hangover.

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7. Bananas for Hangover:

Good food after drinking strong alcohol is important to prevent hangovers and vomiting while getting up the next morning. Simple homemade hangover cure food available at everyone’s home is bananas. The long yellow skin fruits are loaded with Vitamin B6 and magnesium, an important mineral that helps relax the blood vessels, thereby preventing hangover headaches.

Before getting to bed, the two to three bananas help maintain the blood sugar level and boost the digestive system against acidity and heartburn. If the hangover symptoms rise in the morning, blend two bananas with almond milk and drink it as morning breakfast.

8. Oats for Hangover:

Eating a good portion of the meal in the morning after having a strong drink the previous night will help reduce hangover symptoms and make the day smooth and steady. One such homemade best hangover food that is easy to make is oats.

Super-Hot instantly cooked oats with milk or water contain plenty of nutrients like Vitamin B and minerals like magnesium, calcium, and magnesium. Oats also neutralize the acidic level of the digestive system and regulate gastric juice secretion. Mixing a teaspoon of sugar with oats will immediately regain the blood sugar level and boost the energy level.

9. Best Hangover Curing Drink:

Orange Juice works as the best hangover remedy. Let’s have a look at them.

Fruits are commonly used hangover remedies that can be consumed or made into juice. The commonly available and easy-to-make anti-hangover drink is Orange juice, also called OJ. Orange juice contains Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for boosting and fasting the body’s metabolism.

The alcohol content in the body is assimilated faster than normal. Orange juice also helps you keep hydrated, make you feel better, and avoid dizziness. Fructose is sugar content in the orange fruit, an essential element in making the body regain energy and stamina after a rough hangover.

10. Hangover Pills:

Here, we enlisted the 2 best hangover medicines or hangover pills. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Antacid Pills for Hangover-

Remedy for hangover using hangover medicine shows immediate results compared to natural homemade recipes. This is an advantage, but avoiding using the medication daily to reduce hangovers is best advised. An Anti-hangover pill that is easily available at home is the antacid pill.

Consumption of alcohol leads to gastric juice disturbances in the digestive system, leading to acidity and stomach issues like acidity and bloating. A sensitive digestive system can also lead to diarrhoea when plain alcohol is taken regularly. Taking acidic neutralizes the gastric juices and cures acidity and stomach upset issues.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication for Hangover:

After consuming a large drink, the rough part is the hangover. A hangover can make oneself lose energy and make you feel tired. How to get rid of a hangover symptom: Anti-hangover pills are an easy-to-use hangover cure.

One readily available and always in stock at home is the Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Aspirin and ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce hangover symptoms. However, regular drinking and popping up NSAID pills are not recommended since these pills have side effects, including damaging the liver and disturbing the digestive tract lining.

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Dos and dont’s for Hangover Cure:

Some of the most ponding questions in mind if you experience a hangover are how to reduce the hangover, how to come out of the hangover, and how to relieve a hangover. Hangover-attached symptoms commonly experienced are suffering from severe headache, dizziness, and other associated hangover symptoms regularly after alcoholic drinks. A good tactic is needed to manage these issues and be clever enough to know them and escape from these hangover symptoms. Try these below-mentioned Dos and don’ts hangover tips and experience the change felt after a hard alcoholic drinks party with friends.


Before Taking Alcohol:

  • First and foremost, think to do is to realize how much you can consume alcoholic drinks, which can be cocktails,r plain wine or even hard drinks. Knowing the capacity limits the intake level and prevents a heavy hangover.
  • Always have a liver test done if you are a regular alcohol consumer.
  • Staying away from allergic drinks.

While Drinking Alcohol:

  • Try drinking alcohol, which has fewer Congeners. Congeners are a chemical toxic by-product formed during the processing of alcohol. Some drinks with fewer congeners are Vodka, rum, and gin.
  • Drinking only non-frizzy drinks.
  • Mixing of alcohol only with juices.

Going To Bed After Alcohol:

  • Go to bed with a water bottle, as water is a good hydrating agent.
  • Getting a sound and good sleep is also important for everyone.

Next-Day Morning:

  • Having a good breakfast when you get up in the morning is important, along with Coffee. Carbs-loaded food can boost sugar levels easily.
  • You are popping in multivitamin tablets, boosting your folate, vitamin B12, and magnesium.
  • They were going for a good morning walk and breathing the fresh air. This way, stretching muscles and sweating out can make you feel more energetic.


  • Avoid having drinks on a starving stomach; grab some food and then take two to three glasses. This way, you will feel full and won’t consume the next drink.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks when you consume alcohol since frizzy beverage fastens the alcohol absorption in the blood.
  • Avoid drinking drinks with high Chemical content, the Congeners like Tequila, Whiskey, and Cognac. Bourbon whiskey has a high amount of this chemical by-product.
  • Avoid drinking stiff drinks when you have a sensitive stomach and weak liver.
  • Keep away from doing an overnight party and drinking for a longer time.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking simultaneously. Doing both can make hangover symptoms worse.
  • With the liver issue, consumption of drinking should be restricted to just one glass per month.
  • Avoid drinking a combination of alcoholic drinks.

Hangover solution is an interesting topic, which can be discussed in many ways as to how to get an instant hangover cure or if there are any hangover home remedies. But the key to getting over a hangover is finding the triggering factor when you experience a hangover for the first time and drawing a conclusion which helps prevent a hangover. The best hangover remedy is treating the hangover symptom at that moment and also treating the cause. How to deal with a hangover is a question that would have become clear after knowing the simple hangover cure at home. Choose the alcoholic drink that suits you, enjoy the party, and wake up the next day without a headache instead with a smile!


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