We all want to make our kid’s birthday party unforgettable and entertaining, don’t we? Though we all have many ideas about a designer birthday cake and décor, the happy birthday coloring pages can be perfect entertainment creating a complete package. From simple birthday wishes to extensive ones, this article presents you with multiple options for you to choose from.

Without further ado, go through the list of happy birthday coloring pages and download multiple ones to make your kid’s party an entertaining one for everyone. Read on!

15 Simple & Best Happy Birthday Coloring Pages:

We have curated some of the best and most unique happy birthday colouring pages, which can be perfect entertainment for kids and adults. So please review them and choose the one your kids might like the most.

1. Happy 1st Birthday Coloring Pages:

Are you planning your kid’s first birthday and inviting kids of different ages? Then you can download this happy birthday colouring page to entertain kids of all ages. You can also provide crayons for kids to bring their personalities into their respective pages. Let kids choose their colours which will make each page look different.

2. Happy Birthday, Cake Coloring Page:

The cake is one of the prominent parts of any birthday party, whether for a kid or an adult. Additionally, the words happy birthday are printed on the paper. They can be highlighted using bright colours like red or pink. You can use colours based on your kid’s favourite flavour for the cake. Pink for strawberry, brown for chocolate, yellow for pineapple, etc. Finally, finish the string using gold or silver glitter for the stars.

3. Rainbow Happy Birthday Coloring Pages:

This is another happy birthday colouring page which can be an attractive option if you are celebrating a kid’s birthday who is a fan of everything unicorns. Whether it is the rainbow, the unicorn’s wings or the horn, this colouring page has everything you need to make a birthday party a hit. You can use rainbow colours for the rainbow, grey for the clouds, light blue for the unicorn’s body and multiple colours for the unicorn’s wings and hair. Or you can let your kids choose the colours to make the page represent their personality.

4. Happy Birthday Dad Coloring Pages:

If your kids want to surprise their dad on his birthday, this colouring page is all you want. This colouring page has a delicious cake with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY written in all caps. If kids are younger, you can help them colour the page, while older kids might be able to colour without help. You can highlight the alphabet with bright colours. Use red for the strawberries, blue for the blueberries on the cake, light pink for the frosting, and yellow for the cake’s base.

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5. Happy Birthday Mom Coloring Page:

This is a Happy Birthday Mommy colouring page which can be suitable for kids of all ages, irrespective of gender. The beauty of this colouring page is that each alphabet has small circles or lines which you can highlight with contrasting colours based on the background colour. You can use a combination of red and yellow, orange and black, or pink and green. Additionally, you can use multiple colours for the butterflies, making them look realistic and gorgeous.

6. Happy Birthday Coloring Pages for Adults:

Even adults like colouring pages, especially with so much work stress. This colouring sheet has the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY in capitals in the centre of the page with intricate details in the background. You can use brush or sketch pens to fill out even the thinnest details, which will make the birthday of the special person in your life very happy. Using multiple colours will make the page look bright and lively.

7. Happy Birthday Balloons Coloring Pages:

Balloons are another essential part of many of our birthdays, whether kids nowadays or now adults. Unlike the previous birthday cakes, this one has an addition of balloons, making for an exceptional combination. Depending on your preferences, you can use one colour for all the balloons or multiple colours. For example, you can use light pink or blue for the cake’s base and alternate with a bright colour for the bows. Additionally, you can use golden glitter for the stars and yellow for the candles.

8. Happy Birthday, Sister Coloring Pages:

The elder sister is a second mother and confidante for many of us, and the younger sister is one of those people you can rely on in every situation. Whether it is older or younger, having a sister is a boon. This happy birthday colouring page is a perfect option when you want to celebrate the best female in your life after your mom or sometimes even before her. This colouring page is simple and suitable for kids of all ages, with crayons, brush pens or sketch pens as tools.

9. Cute Birthday Coloring Pages:

If you have kids under 3 to 4 years old and want to celebrate their birthday, this Cute happy birthday colouring page can be an ideal solution to keep them entertained. This colouring page has a cat, a present, balloons and finally, the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You can choose pink or shades of brown for the cute little cat or bright colours like magenta or indigo blue for the alphabet. Furthermore, you can finish the colouring page by using golden or silver glitter for the stars all around the page.

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10. Funny Happy Birthday Coloring Pages:

We all look for fun, whether it is during birthdays or even on regular days. You can use dark green for the outer area of the crocodile and yellow for the area with horizontal lines. Use pink, yellow and blue for the balloons and red for the bow tie. You can use multiple colours for the cake and bright colours like red for the alphabet. This colouring page is a perfect option for kids aged 5 to 8 years with crayons or colour pencils as tools.

11. Happy Birthday Images for Coloring:

This is another birthday cake colouring page with all the markings of being liked by little girls aged 6 to 10 years. If your kid is a fan of unicorns, then this colouring page will attract them. You can give many young girls some of these pages and hear the squeals of joy. Colour pencils, crayons or even glitter pens are the perfect tools for kids in this age group.

12. Happy Birthday Wishes Coloring Pages:

Young kids love close and intimate details represented in the colouring pages. For example, this sheet has a little girl preparing the table for a birthday party, where the table holds a two-tiered birthday cake and balloons. Of course, the girl is happy, and adding the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY on top of the page leaves little for the imagination.

13. Free Printable Happy Birthday Coloring Pages:

Elephants have entertained us, both kids and adults, for centuries. However, Dumbo and even ice age are some animated movies that made the animal a household name, especially among kids. Holding balloons can create a lasting impression on your kids, helping them make a memory. You can let your kids use colours of their preference to make the page more authentic to themselves. The best age group of kids to try this page is 6 to 9 years, with oil pastels or crayons as tools.

14. Happy Birthday Words Coloring Pages:

In addition to balloons and cake, chocolates are integral to birthday celebrations for kids and adults. This Happy birthday colouring page has a set of gifts, cupcakes and chocolates which make the birthday party happening. However, because of too many details on this colouring page, it is best suited for children aged 5 to 8 with colour pencils as an accurate tool.

15. Attractive Happy Birthday Coloring Pictures:

Finally, this is another happy birthday colouring page that contains a cake with highlighted stars that add to the beauty of the page. You can use multiple colours for each strip, making a lovely cake. You can also highlight the cake using silver or gold glitter pen for the stars. Next, highlight the alphabet HAPPY BIRTHDAY with bold and bright colours to stand out. Finally, use light blue for the bubbles surrounding the cake, adding beauty to the page.

We plan at least a month before our kids’ birthday to make the occasion more special and memorable. However, not everything needs to put a hole in your pocket. The happy birthday coloring pages can perfectly entertain your kids and guests while creating memories. Furthermore, the colouring tips can be useful; you can let them experiment with colours to encourage their taste. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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