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9 Beautiful and Cool Harry Potter Tattoos with Images

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Most of us have seen the famous movie series of harry potter and I am sure after watching it many of us want to get inked with those harry potter memories. There are many lines, quotes, symbols that have become a part of our lives as we have adapted them. These are some Harry Potter tattoos which are concealed by many of the fans.

Latest and Best Harry Potter Tattoo Designs for Men and Women in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of harry potter tattoo Ideas.

1. Deathly Hallows Tattoo:

Deathly Hallows Tattoo

The elder wand, the cloak of invisibility and the resurrection stone together forms the deathly hallows symbol. The most enigmatic symbol was the death hallows symbol. It is very geometrical and becomes a perfect resemblance of the famous end to a famous movie series.

2. Harry Potter Spell Tattoos:

Harry Potter Spell Tattoos

Another mesmerizing thing about the harry potter series is the spells. These are simple and enchanting notions that are accepted by fans. The popular harry potter tattoo of spells look very cool on body.

3. Death Eater Tattoo:

Death Eater Tattoo

Ones on the side of Voldemort will love this tattoo. It is a snake tattoo which is basically made near the wrist. It’s a long tattoo with a skull and snake surrounding it. It gives a bit wild look it’s also is the best Harry Potter tattoo.

4. Famous Platform Number Tattoo:

Famous Platform Number Tattoo

The famous platform 9 ¾ is also one of the Harry Potter tattoos that people like to get inked with. It looks like a simple number but it means more than a number to a Harry Potter fan. It can also be made anywhere on the body which has an impact on the viewer.

5. Quidditch Tattoos:

Quid ditch Tattoos

If you liked some action-sport in Harry Potter series then you would like to have a Quidditch tattoo for sure. There are many things in to get inked with. A simple snitch anywhere on body also looks great. A small Harry Potter tattoo of a snitch tattoo looks cool and not everyone can tell if it’s a design or tattoo.

6. Wand Tattoos:

Wand Tattoos

The wands of Harry Potter are more than the reality. This powerful believes looks more than anything which exists in the real world. The wand tattoo makes this believe stronger. The simple wooden stick tattoo aka the wands have become a cool harry potter tattoo thing.

7. Hogwarts House Tattoos:

Hogwarts House Tattoos

If you are a diehard Harry Potter fan then this is something you will want to get inked with. The different houses of harry potter are also one of the popular Harry Potter tattoo. The different houses represent the power and believe of each house.

8. Horcrux Tattoos:

harry potter tattoos

Horcrux are another notion of objects having power. Some of us may like it and wish to have them on their bodies as well. These may look like simple tattoos but only a true fan will get it as they are unique Harry Potter tattoos. Having one or all of the horcrux on your body is up to you, one of them also looks great anyway!

9. Famous Harry Potter Quotes Tattoos:

Famous Harry Potter Quotes Tattoos

There are few quotes in the series that have been absorbed by the watchers. These famous quotes are so liked that fans have them inked on their body. Some of them like always and a stag are also inked and it looks like a pretty cool Harry Potter tattoo with a meaning.

Apart from these common Harry Potter tattoos there are many which can be unique, creative yet enigmatic and everything that reminds you of the series. If you plan to get inked with something that reminds you of your favorite movie then these tattoos will be in your deciding list for sure.

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