Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor named Edward Harry Styles, one of his generation’s influential icons. Known to have got his first in ink at 18, Harry Styles has more than 50 tattoos on his body, some small and others large. Most of these tattoos are important to the singer, and some are pretty random.

After getting eliminated from X-factor, a British singing competition, Harry Styles began his singing career with One direction’s boy band. We have hand-picked twenty out of all of harry styles tattoos for you to explore.

20 Best Harry Styles’ Tattoo Designs:

If you were curious about the list of harry styles tattoos, you have come to the right place. We have presented you with different kinds of tattoos your favourite singer has and their meaning.

1. Harry Styles Bird Tattoo Across the Chest:

Harry styles started getting tattoos since he was 18, and the two swallows tattoo across the chest has covered the harry styles love banner tattoo beautifully. The swallows face the same direction, meaning the birds’ destination is the same. The neck, hands, and chest are where you can get this tattoo engraved to represent your sailing experience. Harry styles got this tattoo in 2012, and it is also believed that the swallows carry the sailor’s soul to heaven after his death. Harry styles travel significantly due to his profession, so he was encouraged to get it.

2. Harry Styles Late Late Tattoo:

This Late Late harry style tattoo’s meaning and the back story are pretty funny. James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show, had One direction band members pick out random boxes. While others got other things out of their boxes, Harry Styles picked a tattoo box. This is why he had to get the show’s logo, “Late Late,” tattooed on his left upper arm.

3. Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo:

A vast butterfly is one of the prominent harry style body tattoos placed across his stomach. Tattoo artist Liam Sparkes engraved this tattoo on Styles. This tattoo perfectly represents the star’s transformation through his life’s different stages, making it even more special. However, this singer’s fans don’t seem to agree whether the design is a moth.

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4. Harry Styles’s Left Bicep Tattoos:

Here are all of harry styles tattoos on his left upper arm in 2020, which include a skeleton dressed in a suit, an old-school handshake, and the words silver spoon.

Harry’s tattoo in 2013 is the creepy skeleton dressed in a suit and a fedora hat. During Pone Direction’s “take me a home” tour, Styles revealed that he received this tattoo during Halloween.

The old-school handshake tattoo inked on Harry Styles’s left bicep symbolizes equality irrespective of gender.

The words silver spoon engraved on Harry Styles’s upper left arm are believed to be aaa reminder to remember that he was not born with privilege and needs to be grounded despite his success.

5. Harry Styles Wrist Tattoos:

Harry’s left wrist has a few scattered tattoos, including 99p, the Aquarius symbol, a padlock, an anchor, a cross, and a lock and key.

Ed Sheeran inked the padlock tattoo on Harry’s left wrist on August 13, 2012.

Next to the padlock tattoo, a miniature key is inked on his left wrist, similar to Louis Tomlinson, harry’s Co band member.

The three-leaf clover tattoo is a nod to the L.A.’s Shamrock Social Club Tattoo parlour, where the singer got many of his tattoos and not a tribute to his Irish heritage as many think.

The singer has gotten his zodiac sign, Aquarius, on this wrist because he was born on February 1, 1994.

Harry Styles’s large anchor tattoo depicts the singer’s love for the nautical theme used to cover “I Can’t Change,” a tattoo he might have regretted.

6. Harry Styles Collarbone Tattoo:

1957 and 1967 engraved on the collarbones are perfect examples of Harry Styles’s small tattoos. The singer revealed these tattoos to the public during a trip to Queensland, Australia. Sources close to the singer hinted that the years indicate the birthdays of his best friends. So the Year 1967 was the year Harry’s mother, Anne Twist was born, and the year 1957 was the date of birth of Harry’s father, Des Styles. This means Harry Styles considered considers his parents as his best parents. Both the numbers are engraved in black and placed on either side of his collarbone. Isn’t it cute?

7. Harry Styles Left Forearm Tattoos:

Harry Styles’s arm tattoos, especially the ones on his left forearm, include the letter A, a bible, a giant heart, and the words “you booze, you lose.” Let us see what these mean.

He got the words YOU BOOZE YOU LOSE with a liquor bottle tattooed on his left forearm in the United Kingdom from his favourite tattoo artist, Liam Sparkles.

The inspiration behind the bible tattoo on Harry Styles’s left arm can indicate the singer’s strong connection to Catholicism and their love for his religion.

If you were curious about the anatomical heart tattoo on Harry’s arm, it is believed to be inspired by the identical tattoo of his girlfriend. However, this tattoo was not by tattoo artist Lian Sparkles on his left inner bicep.

The initials of harry’s mother’s name Anne Twist the letter A is engraved on the singer’s left arm.

8. Harry Styles Rose Tattoo:

Harry Styles’s rose tattoo inked on his left forearm symbolises romance and love beautifully. It is believed that Harry Styles got this tattoo with his Ex-girlfriend Tailor Swift, and the singer got it inked right under his ship. This might symbolize the tribute the singer is giving to his ex-girlfriend since they are not together anymore.

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9. Harry Styles Ankle Tattoos:

Harry Styles’s feet tattoos are a hit track, Careless Whisper, which is the singer’s way of paying homage to George Michael. While relaxing in-between gigs, the One Direction heartthrob showed off this new ankle tattoo to his fans. One singer’s ankle reads “never gonna,” and the other ankle reads “dance again.”

People spotted the tattoo after the singer spent the day abroad on a luxury yacht in Miami, and the tattoo appears to be a tribute to George Micheal’s 1984 heartbreak hit.

10. Harry Styles Mermaid Tattoo:

Harry Styles’s naked mermaid tattoo is inked by the famous artist Liam Sparkes on the outer side of his left forearm. According to an interview with HollywoodLife, the singer decided to get the tattoo because he considered himself a mermaid. “I am a mermaid” is what he said. Seduction, danger, and rebirth are some of the things a mermaid tattoo represents.

11. Harry Styles Shoulder Tattoos:

Harry Styles has tattoos inspired by his mother and sister on his body, giving us an idea of his family’s importance even though his parents were divorced. He has the letters “g” and “A” inked on his shoulder. The letter A on the left shoulder is a tribute to his mother, Anne, and the letter g is a tribute to his older sister Gemma on the left shoulder in the same spot.

Harry Styles’s Hebrew tattoo is the name of his elder sister Gemma and his g and A letters. The singer also has an iced gem cookie on his left arm, his sister’s childhood nickname.

12. Harry Styles Eagle Tattoo:

Harry Styles’s suitable arm tattoos include the large Eagle, which is used to cover up the words “Things I can,” one of the tattoos the singer might have regretted, and the word MARY in bold letters. Let us know what they mean.

Harry Styles’s eagle tattoo on his right arm covers up an old tattoo in April 2019. Although the singer has not opened up about why he chose the Eagle specifically, fans assume it symbolizes freedom and symbolizes freedom or even his solo career achievement. Additionally, the singer has attended an Eagles concert with Kendall Jenner, and there are other speculations that the singer got this tattoo as a tribute to his ex-girlfriend.

Harry Styles Mary’s tattoo might have a sweet and sentimental meaning. Although no one is sure, the MARY is inked on top of the Eagle as a tribute to his grandmother.

13. Harry Styles Boat Tattoo:

According to Harry Styles’s tattoo artist Freddy Negrete, the singer misses home and needs to remind himself that he is homeward bound and wants a realistic-looking English ship because he travels worldwide for tours. This traditional pirate ship is the most prominent tattoo of Harry Styles, and it is inked on his left bicep. Many fans speculated that Harry got this tattoo with his Ex-girlfriend in 2012, but the singer squashed all those rumours, revealing the true meaning.

14. Harry Styles Hip Tattoo:

The two Fern leaves on either side of Harry Styles’s hips cover up a previous tattoo with the words “Might as well.” The Fern leaves tattoo covers a considerable part of the singer’s body, representing strength, growth, and endurance, which indicate all the struggles through his journey.

Fern is a plant that can grow under challenging conditions, and it traditionally symbolizes resourcefulness and endurance in West Africa.

15. Harry Styles Tiger Tattoo:

Harry Styles’s thigh tattoo is a giant tiger that looks realistic and regal on his left thigh. Courage, passion, and pride are all qualities that are represented by a tiger tattoo. However, when Harry Styles was asked about his new ink on the BBC Radio show, all he said was “Roar.”

16. Harry Styles Jackson Tattoo:

Calvin Aurand is the official photographer and archivist for One Direction, and Jackson is his son, the godson of Harry. The singer got his godson’s name tattooed on his left arm, showing his love for the baby.

17. Harry Styles Triangle Tattoo:

Triangle is considered a symbol of ambition and thought, and the shape plays a vital role in making the prism a shape with a prominent meaning to Floyd. Harry Styles got the iconic triangle prism tattooed on the back of his arm as the singer is such a big fan of Pink Floyd. Fellow One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson also got the same tattoo.

18. Harry Styles Star Tattoo:

The star on the inner left arm of Harry Styles is the singer’s first-ever tattoo. The singer eventually filled it with black ink, although it started as an outline. However, many fans believe that it might have no meaning and that he got the tattoo in honour of his 18th birthday. But some fans speculate that the tattoo is a tribute to the five members of One direction as it is a five-point design representing the band’s five members.

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19. Harry Styles Hi Tattoo:

Harry Styles’s handwriting tattoo is the word “Hi” near his armpit. These were the first words that Louis said to Harry Styles when they met back on The X-factor, and this tattoo is another ode to his bandmate. Whereas Louis got a tattoo in similar handwriting with the words “oops!”

20. Harry Styles Black Heart Tattoo:

Harry Styles had a black inked heart in December of 2012 on his left arm in Los Angeles. Former bandmate Zayn Malik and his hairstylist and close friend Lou Teasdale also have the same tattoo, although he has never explained the meaning behind the tattoo.


Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor famous for his singing skills and the number of tattoos he got on his body. We have presented you with harry styles tattoos and their associated meanings. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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