Hasta nakshatra is the 13th star in a total of 27 nakshatras. If your baby is born during the Hastha Nakshatra, it is considered auspicious to name him or her according to the starting syllable governing the star. In our series of baby names as per astrology, today we will discuss Hasta nakshatra baby names for boys and girls in this millennium.

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With the list of a lovely compilation of meaningful, modern, traditional, short, and cute Hastha nakshatra names, we bet you can find the right one in this guide, and your search ends here!

Hastha Nakshatra and the Characteristics:

The Hasta nakshatra ranges between 10 – 23.20 in the Virgo zodiac sign. It is the 13th nakshatra in the order, with Surya deva as a governing deity. The symbol of Hasta nakshatra is a fist, and the Virgo zodiac centers the nakshatra. Those babies born under the Hasta nakshatra are said to be filled with knowledge, wisdom, brilliance, beauty, and strength. They are kind, loyal to their closest members, and very generous in nature. They are very thoughtful and active people. The animal name of Hasta nakshatra is female buffalo.

Hasta Nakshatra Baby Names Starting Letters/Syllables:

If your baby is born under this star, it is considered auspicious if his or her name begins with Pu, Poo, Sha, Shaa, Na, and Tha. If you want to go by pada,

  • The Hasta nakshatra 1st pada names begin with Pu
  • Hasta nakshatra 2nd pada names start with Sha
  • Hastha nakshatra 3rd pada names start with Na
  • Hasta nakshatra 4th pada names begin with Tha

Let’s now go ahead and explore our list of hastham natchathiram names for boys and girls with their meanings.

Names for Hastha Nakshatra Babies (హస్త నక్షత్ర పిల్లల పేర్లు) with Their Meanings:

Here we go; let’s explore the lovely, meaningful, cute, and modern names of Hasta nakshatra for boys and girls.

Hasta Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Poojith:

Poojith or Poojit is a very common baby boy’s name, yet with an intense and traditional meaning. Poojit means worshipped or a respectable one. It is originated from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

2. Poorna:

Poorna in the Sanskrit language means complete. This is a meaningful and traditional lovely baby boy name for Hasta nakshatra. Another possible variation to this name for baby boys is poornan.

3. Poorvaj:

The word poorvaj in the Hindi language literally means elders or ancestors of the family.

4. Pughul:

Pughul is a very unique and rare baby boy name. It means glory. This is a new and modern name choice for Hasta nakshatra babies.

5. Pulastya:

If you prefer traditional and conventional names for babies, then this can be a good choice. Pulastya is the name of the sage in mythologies and religious texts.

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6. Pulkit:

Pulkit in Hindi and other Indian languages means happiness. It also symbolizes being overjoyed and thrilled. This is a cute and modern baby name for Hasta nakshatra. It is one of the lovely Hasta nakshatra male names.

7. Puneet:

Puneet is a very common and cute male boy name for Hasta nakshatra. The name Puneet means pure or holy. Another variation spelling the same name is Puneeth or Punit.

8. Purav:

Purav means east. It also symbolizes the sunrise and rays. The name is quite a modern and unique, rare baby name choice. This is one of our favorite cute and short Hastham natchathiram boy names.

9. Purvesh:

Purvesh means earth. This is again a new and modern contemporary baby name choice, which isn’t much found in India.

10. Pushkar:

Pushkar is a holy place name in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This hastham star boy baby names also alternatively means lotus, sky, and the sun.

11. Pushpaj:

Pushpaj means someone born from a flower. It also symbolizes nectar. This hastham natchathiram boy baby names is a lovely and creative baby boy name choice.

12. Pushpak:

Pushpak name is derived from Hindu mythology. It is a vehicle of Lord Vishnu. This is a traditional baby boy’s name.

13. Pushpesh:

Pushpesh is the lord of Flowers. This name has a traditional meaning yet sounds very modern and lovely, with a charming sound.

14. Shaan:

Shaan means pride. It is originated from the Hindi language and also means peaceful. This is one of the unique boy names for Hasta nakshatra.

15. Shahan:

Shahan is one of the Kauravas names. This is a traditional and religious baby boy name choice for Hasta nakshatra.

16. Shahu:

If you want a cute and lovely baby boy name, Shahu can be a good choice. Shahu means king.

17. Shailaj:

Shailaj means children of the mountains. This is a lovely baby boy name with a traditional yet deep meaning behind it.

18. Shailesh:

Shailesh is a very common baby boy’s name. It means the Himalayas or the God of the mountains. This is originated from the Hindu mythological texts. This is a common Hasta nakshatra names in Telugu.

19. Shaktidhar or Shakti:

Shakti means powerful. Shaktidhar means Lord Shiva, who is a powerful being. It also means power and ability.

20. Shakya:

Shakya is lord Budha. It is a modern and cute short baby name for Hasta nakshatra yet with traditional and intense meaning.

21. Shamant:

Shamant or shamanth is a very modern and unique rare name choice. The name Shamant means universal, and Lord Rama.

22. Shami:

Shami is fire. It also is the name of the tree. It is a very different and uncommon baby name choice for Hasta nakshatra. This one is one of the upcoming famous Hasta nakshatra names in Malayalam.

23. Sharat:

Sharat or Sharath is a season’s name. It means autumn. The name also symbolizes breeze, clouds, and air.

24. Sharvin:

Sharvin means a victory. It is a new and yet very lovely and meaningful name for baby boys. This is one of the famous modern-day choice Hasta nakshatra baby names in Tamil.

25. Shashikant:

Shashikant or Shashikanth means a moon. It also symbolizes glow, radiance and light. It is a classic and very common baby boy name in Hasta nakshatra.

Hasta Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Pooja:

Pooja or puja is the most common name under Hasta nakshatra baby girl names. The name Pooja means to worship. It is a classic baby girl name choice.

27. Poojitha:

Poojitha means to be worshipped or someone who deserves respect or is respectable. This Hasta nakshatra Kanya Rashi names is also a common baby girl name choice.

28. Poonam:

Poonam is a very classic baby girl name in North India. It means full moon. The Hasta nakshatra female names also symbolize beauty and glow.

29. Poorva:

Poorva or Purva means earlier or elder. It is derived from the Hindi language, which is a short and sweet baby girl’s name.

30. Pulkita:

Pulkita means embraced. This is a unique and not very common name for baby girls in Hasta nakshatra.

31. Punitha:

Punitha means to love and be pure. It also symbolizes the sacred. Another variation of the name is Puneetha. This is one of the rare hastham natchathiram girl baby names.

32. Pushpa:

Pushpa is a lovely baby girl name choice, which is quite classic and yet common too for baby girls. It means flower.

33. Shaanthi:

Shanthi or shaanthi is a very common baby girl’s name choice. It is a classic and beautiful name that is common for generations together. Shanthi means peace.

34. Shahana:

If you want a modern and rare, unique name, Shahana can be a good choice. Shahana means raga. This Hastham star girl baby names also means patience.

35. Shaivi:

Shaivi is prosperity. It also symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness. This is a modern and yet lovely, meaningful baby name choice for Hasta nakshatra.

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36. Shamita:

Shamita or shamitha means peacemaker. This Hasta nakshatra girl baby names mean a person who is peaceful, calm, and always a gentle soul.

37. Shanmukhi:

If you prefer a traditional name yet an uncommon and rare name, Shamukhi can be ideal. Shanmukhi means six-faced goddess.

38. Shanvi:

Shanvi is a very cute and lovely bold name. The name Shanvi means glowing and attractive. It also means Goddess Parvathi. Such a lovely modern name with a meaningful effect, isn’t it?

39. Sharani:

Sharani is the earth’s guardian or protector. This is a rare and all-new baby girl name choice for Hasta nakshatraborns.

40. Shravani:

Shravani is a very common household name in India. shravani means a person born in the Shravan month. The name also means Goddess Parvathi.

41. Sharaya:

Sharaya means a princess or delight. The name is a rare and contemporary choice for several modern parents who want an uncommon name.

42. Sharika:

Sharika means goddess Durga. The name sounds very modern and contemporary yet with intense traditional meaning.

43. Sharmika:

Sharmika, in the Indian language, derives from beauty and a beautiful soul. This is a lovely baby girl name choice for Hasta nakshatra.

44. Sharmitha:

Sharmitha means a shining person. This also symbolizes glow, beauty and happiness.

45. Sharvi:

Sharvi means a divine feel. The name originated from the Hindi language and is quite a creative name choice for babies in this generation.

46. Shavika:

Shavika is the name of the small valley. If you prefer a sweet and beautiful-sounding name, this can be a good choice.

47. Shayna:

Shayna means beautiful. The name is a new and rare choice for baby girls, which also symbolizes a pretty and cheerful being.

48. Shayla:

Shayla is another name for Goddess Parvathi. This means a person living in the mountain.

49. Shatarupa:

Shatarupa means consort of Brahma. It also symbolizes Lord Shiva. The name is quite a common choice for baby girls in North India.

50. Sharvya:

Sharvya is a newday contemporary name choice. This name is quite youthful and means bright and loving.

Unisex Names for Hasta Nakshatra Babies:

51. Sharva:

Sharva means Lord Krishna. This also symbolizes a perfect or complete soul. This is a perfect name for both baby girls and boys

52. Shashi:

Shashi is again a common name in India, both for boys and girls. The name Shashi means the moon.

53. Shasti:

Shasti means a command or order. This is also another name for Lord Durga and the ideal unisex name for both boys and girls in Hasta nakshatra.

54. Punya:

Punya means good work. This also implies worthy fair, sacred and holy. The name is a rare and unique baby name for boys and girls.

55. Shaiju:

Shaiju is another common name for boys and girls. This unisex name symbolizes the power of the sun. It is a perfect traditional and meaningful name for Hasta nakshatra babies.

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Twin Baby Names for Hastha Nakshatra:

56. Pooran – Poorbi:

Pooran means a complete being. It also symbolizes abundance and success. Poorbi means the eastern or classical melody name. This is a perfect rhyming baby boy and girl twin name for Hasta nakshatra.

57. Poornima – Poorti:

Poornima is a common name for girls, which means full moon. Poorti again means satisfaction. This is twin baby girl name choices.

58. Poorvika – Pooshitha:

Poorvika means formerly or ancestors. Pooshitha means nourished or loved. These are lovely baby girl twin name choices for Hasta nakshatra.

59. Punarvika – Pundari:

Punarvika means a star. Pundari means holy. These are perfect modern yet meaningful baby girl twin name choices for Hasta nakshatra.

60. Shashvat- Shashrvat:

Shashvat means eternal or constant. Shashrvat is the name of Lord Sun. These are unique, uncommon and lovely baby boy twin name choices for Hasta nakshatra.

These Hasta nakshatra baby names are modern, meaningful, lovely and very cute choices for babies born this generation. I hope you liked these names and found the ideal one for you. Let us know your thoughts!


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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