The creative side of any individual has no boundaries. It is only up to a person how much they want to explore and try new ideas. If you love crafts and any such ideas, we have another one in this series. The hat crafts ideas are great additions for both adults and children for some fun and chirpy time around. Be it Halloween or birthday, or any fancy costume occasion, these hat crafts can come in handy, and the best part – is one can have fun making their own craft all by themselves.

Isn’t it cool? We are thrilled by this whole idea itself. How about you? Let’s get going and explore all about the latest and cool hat crafts and how to do steps together. Here we go with a lovely cap-making craft!

Latest and Fascinating Hat Crafts Ideas:

We have worked around the corner and compiled suggestions for 15 lovely and mesmerizing crazy hat arts and crafts ideas just for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Origami Hat Craft:

This Origami hat craft is a super quick and fun thing to do. It is relatively easy and straightforward and can be done by both adults and kids. For those who want to discover their creative side in the form of origami, here we go. Origami crafts are a new trend these days, and this particular hat craft indeed has our hearts. What do you think of this origami hat craft?

Specialty: The craft is easy to do and creative and invokes an innovative process to achieve the result.

Material Required:
  • Scissor
  • Color paper
How To Do:
  • Take a square-shaped color paper. If the paper doesn’t have equal dimensions, cut it equally
  • Fold it diagonally in the half
  • Now the shape of the paper replicates similar to a triangle. Take the first one-fourth part of the shape and fold it again.
  • Use the right side of the half and fold it again, as shown in the picture above.
  • Now take the first of two beneath parts and fold it above
  • Replicate the same with the other part, and you are good to go!

2. Pirate Hat Craft:

The pirate hat craft can be a good activity for kids, especially. The pirates are among the favorite characters of several kids and can be ideal for trying out. This one also involves a quick and creative process, colors and painting along with design elements. Isn’t it all cool? Let us see how to do it.

Specialty: The pirate hat craft invokes artistic pleasure by creating such unique and colorful art.

Material Required:
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black and white colors
  • Brushes
  • Glitter
  • An elastic thread
How To Do:
  • Take a paper at first and outline the hat as you wish. You can take the above picture as an example
  • Instead, you can also consider directly taking a black-colored solid paper for this craft
  • Now for the white paper, use black color to paint all background black
  • After it dries up well, take white paint and brush to sketch pirates, as shown in the picture above
  • Use the glitter to draw an outline to give an extra added special effect
  • You can use an elastic thread or band to stick to the edges and use it as a hat.

3. Christmas Paper Hat Craft:

This is the most fun and easy craft to do as well. Kids will love working on their own hats during such big Christmas festivals, and this can be tried at home quickly for both fun and learning tasks for them to do.

Specialty: Making your own Christmas hat craft is always fun for kids to wear during the festival

Material Required:
  • Red-colored paper
  • Cotton
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Take a red-colored paper at first. Make sure it is large and equal in dimensions.
  • Rotate it now to imitate a cylindrical or cone shape, as shown in the picture above
  • Glue it well at the edges for it to stay
  • Now, take a fair amount of cotton, bits by bits, and stick it at the edges, as shown in the picture
  • That is it, the craft is completed, and you are good to go!

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4. Dinosaur Hat Craft:

The dinosaur hat craft is among the unique ideas and design crafts to do, involving a lot of creativity and precision. However, as we see, the outcome is also unique and fascinating. Isn’t it? Here is how to do this craft easily and in the most exciting way

Specialty: The dinosaur hat craft may take a bit of time than other crafts mentioned above. It can also be fascinating to do, as kids love the characters and cartoons associated with a dinosaur. It also gives a fantastic look.

Material Required:
  • Green paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Take the green paper at first
  • In the first step to do the band, take a piece of paper that is equal to the dimensions of your head.
  • Cut it in a straight manner, just like a strip. The paper strip should be long enough.
  • Now turn it around and glue it at the edges. Your bad for the dinosaur hat is done.
  • Keep that aside, and retake the green sheet.
  • Cut into the length you desire for the dinosaur design, as shown in the picture above.
  • Firstly, cut the sheet into a rectangular shape with good inches of breadth to do the design.
  • Once the shape is ready, take a scissor and cut both sides into triangular shapes. Please do not cut them completely; stop at the middle portion for both sides.
  • You can draw the design with a pencil before cutting it directly
  • Once done, take them both upwards and stick them.
  • Now, this lengthy triangular design paper should be stuck to the band you have prepared at the first step. That is it; you are done!

5. Witch Hat Craft:

Witchcraft is getting super trendy among girls, be it the case of a costume or fancy parties in schools or with other kids, or just as a craft homework. It is also quite fun to do, adding a fantastic look when worn. Here is how to do witch-hat craft quickly.

Specialty: It can also be worn during any costume events or just can be kept as a display piece in the kid’s drawing room.

Material Required:
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yellow and blue color papers
How To Do:
  • Firstly take two sheets of black paper.
  • On the first sheet, rotate it into a cone shape to make a design of the hat.
  • Stick at the edges and keep it aside
  • Now with another piece of black paper, draw a round shape with the help of either a long plate or a compass.
  • Cut it neatly into a round shape.
  • Use the first-made cone hat to keep it precisely at the center of this round design.
  • With the help of a conical hat, measure the radius and draw a circle around it.
  • Take off the hat, and cut the inner radius in that shape
  • Now you can get the cone hat back and glue it at the edges to this one. By cutting the radius inside with the cap, you can get space to insert it above your head comfortably
  • With the contrast color papers such as yellow and blue, cut in the design you wish, such as stars and stick to the hat.
  • That is it; you are good to go!

6. Paper Hat Craft:

Working on a paper hat craft is super quick, fun, and comfortable. The best part – they can be worn both by adults and kids during fun events. Want to know how did we get this one right? Here is how to do it.

Specialty: This paper hat craft is a simple yet colorful one and can be used to wear as well as display.

Material Required:
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Contrast dark color paper
How To Do:
  • Take a color paper of your choice first. Here we took bright orange color.
  • Outline the hat in your favorite shape at first. You can also follow the diagram given above for reference.
  • Cut it neatly in the same shape.
  • Now take contrast color paper and have a sleek rectangular cut in a dimension equal to the hat.
  • Stick it along on the edges to add an excellent look to it
  • That is it; you are good to go!

7. Party Hat Craft:

Achieving this party hat craft is very easy. You would be in need of minimal materials that can be really used during parties. This colorful, bright, and vibrant party hat can be made in no time, and here is how to do this similar one.

Specialty: The party hat craft can be worn during parties or birthdays for kids to give a friendly, fun feel.

Material Required:
  • Printed papers (as shown in the picture above)
  • Woolen balls/pompoms
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • The party hats can hardly take a few minutes to achieve them
  • Take a printed paper of your choice. You can choose the lovely prints according to your tastes and liking
  • Rotate them nicely to give a conical hat shape
  • Using glue, stick the edges neatly
  • Now use the woollen balls similar to pom-poms of different colors and mix them well
  • Add them to the tip of the hat or cone shape
  • Either glue them well or staple them to stick it in place

8. Mini Hats For Crafts:

The mini hats are probably the cutest and sweetest thing to see today. These tiny replica crafts can be used in multipurpose. If you are wondering what occasions or something you can use, one can try to hang them around the doors of the kids’ room or add on to a Christmas tree or birthday card. With several such ideas, doing mini hat crafts are also quick and easy. Let’s see how to do them.

Specialty: Add these mini hat crafts as an art piece or hanging in the home, Christmas tree, and so on. There are multipurpose uses from this hat craft. It can also be exciting hat crafts for kindergarten kids.

Material Required:
  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Doing this mini hat craft is super quick
  • Take a small square-shaped paper piece with different colors
  • Cut them into small bits as this is a mini craft
  • Just rotate them or turn them around into a cone shape and stick the edges
  • Do this in several numbers as you wish
  • You can also add designs and additions to these cute things as you wish – from using sketch pens and drawing designs to adding glitter, use your imagination and add the details as you want!

9. Indian Hat Craft:

The Indian hat craft here with the flag design is the most fantastic thing we have seen today. It is very intense and meaningful and can be worn both by adults and kids in real time. Here is how to achieve this one quickly.

Specialty: This Indian hat craft cap can really be used during events such as independence day and republic day in India.

Material Required:
  • Color papers
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Take the orange color paper or saffron color paper as depicting our Indian flat variant
  • Cut it neatly into the long strip in a rectangle shape
  • Glue the edges of both sides rotating into a circle shape
  • Using paints and paintbrushes, draw a white square in between precisely at the center point
  • Using blue paint, you can draw a chakra design
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to take a printout of this design and stick it at the center too
  • Now use a mild yellow color and cut into a semi-circle shape, as shown in the picture
  • Glue it to the cap band, and you are good to go!

10. New Years Hat Craft:

This is such a fun and lovely hat craft to do, especially during the welcoming of the new year time. Kids especially will love doing this craft, with bright colors and vibrant looks associated with it. Here is how to do this new year craft easily and in no time.

Specialty: This new years hat craft can be worn during celebrations during new years.

Material Required:
  • Color papers
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Take a lighter shade of color paper of your choice. Here we see the green color paper
  • Use it, as usual, to rotate into a conical shape
  • Glue the edges
  • Now with sketch pens, write Happy New Year neatly
  • You can also add further colors and designs to the hat
  • It is entirely upto you to even add fun additions to it, such as stickers or party pompoms
  • That is it; it is ready to be worn!

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11. DIY Hats For Kids:

This lovely and cute hat is totally adorable. Isn’t it?! You can even make such DIY cute hats for kids, and they can try out this during their fun activity time and school crafts, and art hour. This can also add creativity and learning elements to their daily activities.

Specialty: Kids can wear DIY hats during kids’ meetups, picnics, or parties.

Material Required:
  • Paper plate
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • White paper
  • Crayons and sketch pens
How To Do:
  • Take a white paper plate at first
  • As seen in the picture, remove and cut off the middle portion of the plate and let the thick corner be there.
  • Now take a piece of white paper and draw the shape of rabbit ears in the following manner, as shown in the picture.
  • Cut those parts out
  • Using crayons and color pens, fill it up with pink tones inside it
  • Glue those ears to the paper plate edges on both sides
  • Let them dry, and it is ready to be used!

12. Birthday Hat Craft:

Birthday hats are the most popular ones among kid circles. They are also easy to do, and it can be a fun activity for the birthday baby’s friends if they do it together. Why buy the same in the shop when such a thing can be done by themselves? Here is how to do it. We have some ideas for this hat craft for kids!

Specialty: These birthday hat crafts can really be worn during birthday parties and can be preserved as a memory too. Isn’t it cool??

Material Required:
  • Color paper
  • Pompoms
  • Glitter pens
  • Sketches or crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissor
How To Do:
  • Take a color paper of your choice.
  • Use glitter pens and crayons to draw lines or circles, or star shapes as you wish on the paper.
  • For a fun look, you can add sparkles and glitter in between too
  • Rotate to a cone shape and stick the edges
  • Add pompoms at the tip of the hat, and you are done!

13. Birthday Hat Cut Out:

Hey, in case you still do not have much time to work on a craft but want ready-made birthday caps in a budget-friendly way, why not use this birthday party cap cut-out? Isn’t it a cool and excellent idea?

Specialty: Use this birthday hat cut out to create a birthday cap all by yourself. This still is a DIY craft fun thing to do!

Material Required:
  • Birthday cutouts are available on the web at your choice
  • Scissors
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Just take this birthday to cut out on a large sheet of paper
  • Print it well with good quality
  • With the help of scissors, cut the outline
  • Use glue to stick it in the shape of the cap.
  • That is it; it is done and simple!

14. Animal Hat Crafts:

Animal crafts are another fun thing mostly loved and fancied by kids. In this, we have brought you an idea of a frog animal craft to do in this fun and leisure time for the kids. This hat craft for toddlers can also involve them well and bring in a lovely artistic and creative element to their imagination.

Specialty: This animal hat craft can also be used as a display in a kid’s room.

Material Required:
  • Color paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Glue
How To Do:
  • Take the dark green color paper as shown in the picture
  • With the help of a pencil, draw an outline of the frog hat design. Draw the head shape neatly and leave the rest to cut as a band shape around the head.
  • Cut it around nicely, as shown in the picture.
  • Now use sketch pens to design eyes, mouth, and smile elements to the hat craft.
  • Glue the edges of the hat craft, and you are ready to wear it!

15. Alphabet Hat Crafts:

For kids, teaching the alphabet and learning at an early stage can be quite challenging. Since they like all games and fun, it would be helpful and useful to teach them creatively and artistically. Here we have an idea with alphabet crafts hat crafts for preschoolers. While doing these crafts can be challenging in time and patience, you can even use cutouts to create them. It is as you please! Still, the outcome is impressive, as we can see!

Speciality: These alphabet hat crafts can help kids begin learning fun ways and make them occupied.

Material Required:
  • Cutouts of alphabet crafts
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • (or) white paper
  • Sketches
How To Do:
  • It is entirely up to you to decide which method you would like to follow. For an easy and quick way, take cutouts available of alphabet hats and cut them quickly to glue them together.
  • In another way, use white sheets and black sketches to create an outline of a hat.
  • Add the alphabet and designs of alphabet symbolisms in the way shown in the picture.
  • Bring out the outline neatly and glue them together.

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16. Pumpkin Hat:

This lovely hat craft is great for kids and during the holiday season. The pumpkin hat is made of several pieces of mustard color paper that are glued together. The top of the hat has a green paper cut to look like leaves.

17. Cowboy Hat:

Here is a nice cowboy hat for boys that will be loved by them. The cowboy hat is made from a template and is, therefore, very easy. A yellow badge completes the look. This is a good hat for crafts ideas.

18. Thanks Giving Hat:

Make this wonderful hat craft for toddlers for the holiday season. The thanksgiving craft is made with various colors of paper cut into oval shapes. The hat is then decorated with beads hanging from it.

19. Clown Hat:

This hat crafts for preschoolers is the best and happiest craft that they will do. The clown hat is made from many bright colored paper pieces. It looks very stunning and makes a good clown hat.

20. Heart Hat:

Here is a cool heart hat that the kids will love to make. The hat is easily made from paper plates. Color it with red or pink color and then cut out the marked design. This is a wonderful hat craft idea for the kids to do. Young girls also can try this craft for their evening small parties.

21. Wizard Surprise:

This wonderful wizard hat is full of surprises. The hat is made with bright blue paper and then decorated with stars. This can also be used as a winter hat craft for a birthday. You can fill the hat with goodies and chocolates as well. Create this hat craft for your upcoming Christmas too.

22. Reindeer Hat:

You can make this lovely hat art and craft for the holiday season. The reindeer hat is made from brown paper. The eyes and nose are the centrepieces. The nose is a little red pompom that looks very cute indeed. It looks funny but is a catchy hat and will be suitable for kids’ party time.

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23. Pilgrim Hat:

Make a nice pilgrim hat with a black paper plate and black cone. This paper hat craft is very cool and good-looking. The hat can be used for any costume party or function. This is also a good historical craft idea that you can use to teach your kids about the pilgrim’s journey. You can use customized colors in this craft too.

24. Beetle Hat:

This red ladybug hat is very sweet and perfect for a costume day event. The small hats for crafts are created with paper pieces that fit well on the head. This hat is great for kids to make as well. They will love to decorate the ladybug with black dots. This hat craft will be a good choice for your kids.

We hope you enjoyed working on these gorgeous and quick hat crafts. These are fun to do and can also engage kids in the creative and learning way with imagination. Tell us which is the one your kid liked the most; we love to hear from you!


The crafts mentioned above and the information are not to be used for commercial purposes. They are symbolic and for personal use only.

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