Black cumin seeds are very beneficial and used in day-to-day life. This seed originated from Egypt. They are grown in a pod and to take them out some water is poured on them. That’s why black cumin seeds are known as a fascinating spice. Black cumin seed treats all cold ailments. Black cumin also helps your body to absorb medicines. When taken with honey and warm water it helps in dissolving the stones present in the prostate and the kidney. It also acts as a diuretic. In this article, we will explore some amazing black cumin benefits.

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Black cumin is well known by various names. Black cumin is also called Nigella sativa in English, and its seed is called black caraway, Roman coriander, fennel flower and kalonji. These are full of nutritious benefits that improve our health conditions in various ways. Traditionally it is well accepted for its awesome qualities. This herb contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that are utilized to cure various diseases.

Amazing Black Cumin Benefits For Health & Skin:

Some Important uses and Benefits of Black Cumin seeds for health and skin follow.

1. Treats Epilepsy:

  •  Seizure frequencies in children are reduced to effective levels who are taking black seeds instead of taking conventional treatment.
  •  Black cumin seeds have anticonvulsive tendencies.

2. Treats Diabetes Type 2:

  •  Black cumin helps in reducing levels of blood sugar.
  •  Intake of 2-3 grams daily helps a lot.
  •  Also decreases resistance to insulin.
  •  Functions of beta cell increases in the pancreas.

3. Helps In Fighting Against MRSA :

  •  Antibiotic-resistant and very deadly bacterial infection generally known as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) can be treated well with the help of black cumin seeds.
  •  This study is verified by the Lahore University of health science in Pakistan.

4. Treats Colon Cancer:

  •  Black cumin seeds have anti-cancer functions.
  •  It prevents the growth of cancer cells of the colon.

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5. Helps In Treating Breast Cancer:

  •  Thymoquinone is an extract of black cumin seeds which fights to reduce breast cancer and the growth of the tumour.
  •  Intake of black seeds also decreases increased apoptosis called as cell death in cancer cells of the breast.

6. Damages Of Heart Attacks Are Prevented:

  •  Black cumin seeds have heart protective characteristics.
  •  It decreases damage which is correlated with heart attacks.
  •  Black cumin seeds help in promoting the complete health of the heart.

7. Cancer Of The Brain:

  •  Black seed extract called thymoquinone promotes cell death in the cells of glioblastoma.
  •  Glioblastoma is known to be the most destructive and advanced brain tumour among all.
  •  Black cumin seeds help to prevent leukaemia also along with other cancers.
  •  Oral cancers are also treated well by the help of cumin seeds.

8. Lead Toxicity:

  •  Brain damage caused by lead toxicity is reverted back by the intake of black cumin seeds.

9. Digestive Tract:

  •  It helps in treating various conditions like constipation, dysentery, colic diarrhoea, haemorrhoids and gas.

10. Fight Against Fungal Infection And Reduces Sinus Infections:

Black cumin is a powerful herb that can be naturally used as a homemade remedy during any sort of infection. The components that are found in black cumin help to fight against fungal infection and rashes. Various skin diseases or allergies are caused due to microbial actions which are being reduced by using black seed oil. It is often used to reduce allergies and sinus infections. These infections and allergies weaken our immune system. Black cumin seed oil provides us with quick relief from infections and helps to fight in a better way.

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11. Reduces Fever And Flu:

Fever and flu affect us mostly due to the weak immune system. Also, these even damage our immune system or lower our immunity. Black cumin or its oil can provide us with quick relief from fever or any other infections caused. Well mixing a cup of warm water with black cumin seed oil and honey is a good remedy for common cold and fever. Hence, having this regularly will surely strengthen your immune system and will be get rid of fever and other infections. Black cumin has anti-inflammatory property. These give from bacterial and fungal infections also as they have antibacterial and antifungal properties with quick relief.

12. Skin Treatment:

These contain antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids which are essential for healthy skin. Black cumin and its oil also provide a better skin texture and are really very good for our skin. The antioxidants protect our skin from premature ageing which leads to wrinkling. For dry skin, its oil perfectly works as a moisturizer by eliminating the dryness. On the other hand, black seed oil helps to reduce acne. These were popularly known for their skin remedies. It has an anti-inflammatory property that helps to clear our skin and hence has a glorifying look. Using the oil regularly makes your skin texture soft. Black cumin also provides an effective treatment for skin cancer. Killing the cancer cells helps to boost our immunity by targeting the white blood cells which basically fight against any diseases.

13. Treatment For Asthma and Cough:

Black cumin is an amazing herb that helps to treat cough and asthma. People get relief from bronchitis easily with the use of black cumin. The anti-inflammatory property is helpful in reducing the inflammation of bronchial tubes by providing an adequate amount of oxygen supply. The major problems like bronchitis and asthma get reduced by the black seed oil. This herb again protects us or fights against microbial action.

14. Relieves From Stomach Upset:

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It provides relief from nausea and stomach upset. They help in better digestion and hence provide us with a powerful remedy for digestion issues. They balance the intestinal and digestive systems and hence provide relief from constipation. It is absolutely perfect home remedy that balances our digestion related issues. Daily use of black cumin or seed oil in recipes is very useful to combat against diseases and relieves from stomach upsets.

15. Prevent From Radiation Damage And Lead Poisoning:

Lead is highly poisonous to our health that can affect our bones, heart, kidneys, nervous system and other. Research work has shown that it protects us from contamination and protects our brain also from lead poisoning. People or patients who are commonly exposed to gamma radiation get affected and this can be prevented by using its oil. Thus it is very helpful for cancer patients who are used to radiation exposure.

Other Benefits :

  •  Black cumin seeds also help in treating pink eye commonly called conjunctivitis, abscesses, intestinal worms, toothache, headache, nasal congestion, cough, and bronchitis.
  •  Also helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
  •  In females, black cumin seed is used to start menstruation.
  •  To increase the flow of milk in lactating mothers.
  •  Also used for birth control.
  •  To remove the side effects of a drug known as cisplatin which is used for chemotherapy. Black cumin mixed with saffron, vitamin E and cysteine is the best treatment for the side effects of cisplatin.
  •  Black seeds paste is applied to the affected site to remove joint pain and headache.
  •  Ointment of black seed oil removes itchiness and helps in treating eczema.
  •  Tonsillitis and sore throat are also relieved by the intake of black cumin for one week daily.
  •  Skin ulcers are treated by mixing black seeds with vinegar and then used in a bandage.
  •  Facial paralysis is helped out when black seed oil is administered through the nose.
  • Grounded Black seeds in vinegar and then applied over leprous skin to help it in healing. This can also be applied on black pigmented skin dandruff affected area of the head.

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Hope the above-given information can help you in day to day life. Black cumin provides effective treatment for many diseases and has a quick response for this it is famous for home remedies. Here in this article, the top 15 black cumin benefits are being discussed and its regular use is being emphasized.


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