Before speaking about how brown rice is one of the best-tasting organics, let’s get down to what brown rice is. Forever, we have seen the rice fresh as snow, white and puffy, but there is yet another kind to the rice family, a prequel to the polished white rice, commonly called brown rice. Usually, brown rice is unpolished, owing its name to the very colour and has often been the epicentre of many delightful recipes. Besides being rich in nutrients, this rice has often been accused of not retaining the usual white rice taste. However, with these recipes below, you can fully enjoy the nutrients of brown rice paired with some mouth-watering bursts of taste buds.

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Amazing Healthy Brown Rice Recipes:

1. Fenugreek And Mushroom Brown Rice:

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To start with this recipe, pour olive oil and sauté some garlic, parsley, onion and green chillies in a pan. In a separate pan, sauté the mushrooms with a cube of butter and then mix the two sides with the fenugreek leaves. Add spices and herbs as desired, but don’t miss the salt seasoning. For an extra burst of flavour, one may even add tomatoes and brinjals to the mix. Mix the boiled rice in a medium flame before plating it.

2. Brown Rice And Roasted Tuna And Avocado:

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To get this dish rolling, start by tossing the tuna in an oiled pan until it turns a shade of golden. Be careful not to keep the insides dry. Before this, paint the tuna slices with lime juice, fresh parsley, and oregano. Keep the fish cool and create a salsa with cut avocados, tomato and onion slices in a separate pan. Add baby corn if you wish, and lime it well. Now mix the rice and break the tuna into chunks to serve.

3. Brown Rice Tofu Salad:

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While the rice boils, make a sauce by adding orange juice, honey, soy sauce and ginger. Toss the tofu in a separate bowl and dress it well with lime, celery and spinach. This is the base of your salad, and you can even add tomatoes and red peppers for taste. Drain the rice, mix it in a bowl with the tofu mix, and use the sauce as the finishing touch.

4. Brown Rice Vegetable Risotto:

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To start, keep the rice to a boil and prepare a vegetable broth on the side. You may add diced carrots and asparagus, drain the broth, and add some lime and herbs. On the side, sauté a pan in onion, tomato, pea, garlic and fenugreek, and once the rice is done, add the mixture to the rice and lightly toss it in butter. Once done, lime a cabbage leaf and lay it on the plate over which the rice mixed in the vegetable broth will be served, hot and yummy.

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5. Brown Rice Salmon Patty:

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This recipe is also called the brown rice salmon patty, and to get things started, boil the rice and lightly toss it in the garlic and onion mixture. Add some herbs, such as parsley, to it. In a separate pan, boil the salmon in olive oil and water and then paint it with a mix. This mix shall be made of lime, coriander and egg, then softly fry it in butter. Now, use flour and potato mash to make the patty cakes and leave them to refrigerate. Once done, cook them in sunflower oil and serve hot.

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6. Chicken Brown Rice:

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This recipe requires cooked chicken, salsa salad mix, and boiled brown rice. Season the chicken with salt, pepper, egg yolk, soy sauce and lime and cook it till a golden hue can be noticed. Now, create a salsa with tomato and onion dripped in lime juice. Add celery and cabbage leaves for the salad and top it with spinach and parsley. Now toss the brown rice in garlic, onion and oil, mix them all together, and serve hot.

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