Indian culture is one of the very rare ones around the globe which is diverse not only in their cultures but also in the food that they eat. The flavour, the taste and the ingredients used in Indian cuisines have a wide range of variety and each one with their own set of benefits. The various cultures like Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian and more gives you a range of food items in hand that can be used for various meals. However, it is very important to know which the top ones are when it comes to healthy Indian foods. Check this guide below to get more information on this regard and work towards healthy eating habits. It has the top 9 Indian foods that provide excellent health outcomes.

Healthy Foods Recipes in India:

1. Buttermilk:

One of the very healthy and best healthy drink in Indian foods is the combination of yogurt blended well with water, salt and, cumin seeds powder. Not only is it low in the calories content but also quite low in fat. Coriander leaves can also be chopped and added to it. It is one of the top options to consider.

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2. Sambar:

This is one curry that belongs to the south Indian cuisine and is highly nutritious food and healthy because of the good amounts of vegetables in it. It gives the body a lot of proteins and vitamins to the body and is supposed to truly deserve this list.

3. Rajma Curry:

Rajma is one of the products from beans category that not only has high levels of proteins but also good levels of fiber content for the good health. Preparing it in delicious ways will ensure that there is no compromise in taste. It tastes well with cooked rice.

4. Rotis:

Rotis are a staple food for healthy Indian lunch and one that provides the body with good levels of carbohydrates needed by the body for high energy. Rotis made out of wheat is the one we are talking about here. Multigrain atta can also be used for the purpose to provide the body with fiber as well. The goodness of this Indian food cannot be denied.

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5. Daliya:

Daliya is another form of Indian food that has good benefits for the body. Also known as bulgur wheat, it is not only light but highly nutritious and healthy. It gives the body fiber that is important for a healthy digestive system.

6. Brown Rice:

Cooked brown rice is one of the good options in Indian healthy foods. Not only is it much healthier than white rice but also with less fat. It is a good idea to stick by.

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7. Paneer:

Also known as cottage cheese in a lot of cultures, paneer is one of the healthiest  high protein Indian foods that you should know about. It is highly rich in protein and calcium content. This should definitely be a part of the meals from time to time to extract best benefits for the body.

8. Bajra:

Known as pearl millet to a lot of people, Bajra is one of the staple foods of the Rajasthani culture in India and is known to be really healthy. One can either prepare rotis or else porridge from this food item. It is one of the ideal Indian foods.

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9. Idly:

A south Indian dish idly is one of the foods that need a mention in the top 9 best Indian foods that are healthy for the body. The unique combination dal and rice when fermented and steamed gives you the preparation idly. It has good carbs and protein for the body. It is low in fat and easy to digest.


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