Heart-shaped mehndi designs bring an aura of romance and charm to any occasion. With their intricate patterns and delicate artistry, these designs captivate hearts and create a stunning visual impact. Whether adorning the hands, feet, or body, heart-shaped mehndi designs offer a unique and beautiful way to express love and celebrate special moments. From weddings to festivals, these designs add an elegant touch to any celebration.

10 Wonderful Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs:

Below are the top heart mehndi designs that you should try out.

1. Simple Heart Mehndi Design:

This is a modern Mehndi pattern. This design is mainly for people who love simple mehndi patterns.

2. Mehndi Design Heart for Hands:

This Heart-shaped mehndi design is quite simple yet stylish. Fingertips are coated with deep dark mehndi and with a straightforward chain design.

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3. Simple Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs for Palm:

This is a flawless heart-shaped design made on the palm. The pattern features two hearts, and the middle has a spiral design. This lovely heart-shaped mehendi design will be good for small functions or parties held at home. This design can be tired of people who prefer simplicity yet elegance.

4. Rajasthani Heart Mehndi Designs:

This is a gorgeous Rajasthani mehndi design for the complete palm and wrist, which covers one big heart on the palm with small swirls and leaves around it, giving a stunning look to the hand. All the fingers are designed with one single pattern of leaves. This will be a good choice of design for all occasions.

5. Back Hand Heart Design Mehndi:

This is a simple Arabic heart-shaped design on the back of the hand, which is beautifully started from the index finger and stretched till the wrist is covered with a few floral patterns. This design will be a good try for beginners learning the heart Mehndi designs.

6. Latest Heart Mehndi Design for Forearm:

This simple single-heart henna covers with a swirl pattern and dots. This heart shape Mehndi design will give a fashionable look that can be tried for almost every occasion. This design will also be good for tattoo lovers; a few changes can be made with creative ideas to make the design look unique.

7. Thick Dark Heart Mehndi Designs:

This henna design has intricate art. This design is a mixture of hearts and arrow patterns to make the design look attractive. This design is majorly for girls who love heart-shaped mehndi designs. This can be applied at home to make the day feel special for the special ones.

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8. Joint Heart Mehndi Designs:

This is a famous wedding mehndi design with hearts. It has two half hearts on both hands, and the rest is covered with tiny flowers. Fingers have given a finishing with leaves and dotted flowers; to see the complete design, both hands need to be joined. This symbolizes two hearts coming together with the wedding.

9. Heart Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This is a unique and adorable design for the hands. It is a combination of hearts and peacock feathers. This beautiful design has so many heart sequencing, with the big and small heart-shaped designs used for all the fingers to give an appealing look. This design will surely attract everyone.

10. Latest Heart-Shaped Mehndi Design:


In conclusion, heart-shaped mehndi designs offer a romantic and elegant touch to any occasion. Their versatility allows for customization and personalization to suit individual preferences. Whether applied on hands, or feet as temporary tattoos, heart-shaped mehndi designs are a beautiful choice for expressing love and celebrating special moments.


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