Pendants are one of the most dazzling ornaments of jewellery intended for both males and females. Nowadays, the heart shape in the pendant is becoming more and more popular, and due to its huge popularity among boys and girls, they are coming in a huge variety of designs and styles, but it is simply up to you to find the right one, that will suits you the best.

Designs of Heart-Shaped Pendants with Photos:

Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the best heart pendant because of the countless designs and patterns available on the market. Here we will help you by introducing the top 9 heart pendant designs.

1. Crystal Heart Pendant in Silver:

As we all know, the crystal is widely used in jewellery items, yet it also makes a special place in a heart pendant. The crystal heart pendant is an ideal piece of jewellery to add shine and beauty to your personality.

2. Puffy Heart Shaped Gold Pendant:

The puffy heart-shaped pendant is a common design in heart pendant designs, but the design never goes out of fashion, even being a common style. Various sizes and shapes can be easily found in this design. The puffy gold heart pendant is a perfect gift to give your beloved.

3. Silver Heart Arrow Pendant:

If you want to try something new with the simple heart pendant in silver metal, then the heart arrow pendant will be a perfect item for you. The silver heart pendant with an arrow draws the people’s attention towards your pendant and will make you the show stopper of the show. This locket pattern can be a perfect heart pendant for couples.

4. Double Heart Pendant with Chain:

Why have one when we can wear two hearts together? The double heart pendant is a unique style of wearing a heart pendant on your chain. A wide range of designs and patterns are available for this heart pendant for couples. So, Get the two hearts together in one chain and showcase the tone of your style statement.

5. Mesh Design Gold Heart Shaped Pendant:

The puffy heart-shaped pendant influences the design, but the pendant has a different style and mesh design. Men and women can also wear the designer gold heart pendant. Adorn yourself with this mesh heart pendant and let people say about its beauty.

6. Heart-Shaped Pearl Pendant for Girls:

Pearls are considered to give a rich and classic look. Pairing a heart pendant with pearl beads can be ideal for people who want to show their luxurious and classy look to others. The pearls’ shine and the heart’s design can enhance the beauty of the chain around your neckline.

7. Engraved Heart Pendant with Names:

Engraving a heart pendant with words or names is something special that you can give to your loved one. Such pendants allow you to create personalized pendants. So, engrave the name of your loved one or some special words on the pendant and let the pendant speak the words of love.

8. Flower Heart Pendant Design:

The flower heart pendant is a cute jewellery ornament for special occasions. The highly finished heart pendant with a crystal flower gives you a touch of elegance in your style.

9. Silver Chain with Key Heart Pendant:

The key heart pendant is a beautiful piece of jewellery having a perfect blend of modernity and class. The beautiful key heart pendant can be worn on any special occasion or event. Get the key heart pendant on your neck chain, and you will be ready to flaunt a new style.

The heart is a symbol of “love and pleasure”, and that’s why the heart pendant is a perfect item to gift your loved one on their birthday or anniversary to show your love and care for them. The heart pendants can be used to make a complete necklace worn on special occasions. If anyone is eager to look different and stylish, these heart pendants can satisfy this need. So, if you want a lush look in your personality, you can pick any of the heart pendants, and you will be all set to catch the eye of the people around you.


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