Heartbeat tattoo designs are an all-time favourite among couples since it is a symbol of love, and devotion, in addition to confidence and self-expression. From celebrities like Selena Gomez and Angelina Jolie to common folk, a heartbeat tattoo is the most commonly found body art which reminds them of their inner strength. Furthermore, you can add to the tattoo, whether a phrase or simple elements like a heart, to make the tattoo more personal.

In this article, we have curated a list of inspirational heartbeat tattoo designs you can look into before choosing the right one to incorporate into your body art. Read on!

30 Special Heartbeat Tattoo Designs:

Before choosing a heartbeat tattoo for yourself, take your time and scroll through the list we have provided, which might give you the necessary input.

1. Heartbeat Tattoo On The Arm:

Even though simple, a heartbeat tattoo can carry enough symbolism by itself, making it a popular choice for tattoos among people of all ages and gender. This heartbeat tattoo on the forearm can be a celebration in the memory of someone special. The lines used in the tattoo look like a brush stroke, unlike the thin-lined ones we usually find. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can also get it done in other colours.

2. Small Heartbeat Finger Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are becoming extremely popular among people who want minimal body art that doesn’t occupy too much space; this tattoo design can be an excellent option. The wearer has gotten a cute heartbeat pattern engraved on the ring finger. Because of the placement on the ring finger, it might have a significant meaning to the wearer. In addition, the use of thin lines in the engraving of this tattoo makes it stand out beautifully.

3. Heartbeat Line Tattoo On The Ribs:

This heartbeat tattoo design is perfect for you if you are a fan of the deep sea and high waves. The waves depict the deep blues and their majestic nature, while the heartbeat represents the wearer’s passion for the deep blues. Though this tattoo looks gorgeous anywhere on your body, the ribcage also works well because it allows you to cover or show off as per your preference. Additionally, the use of thin lines creates a unique finish.

4. Heartbeat Tattoo On Hand With A Bicycle:

This heartbeat tattoo with a bicycle in the centre has a deep meaning to the wearer. The wearer’s love for reading is one of the apparent meanings associated with this heartbeat bicycle tattoo. Whether you are a person who loves to ride around or are a professional bicyclist, this tattoo idea can be an excellent option. The tattoo is engraved in bold and thin lines, creating a perfect visual.

5. Heartbeat Airplane Tattoo:

Suppose you are passionate about travelling, and it is your dream to travel the world. In that case, this heartbeat aeroplane tattoo can be an ideal option. The tattoo represents your heart’s desire to travel to all the places in the world. This tattoo looks beautiful, and the best places to engrave this tattoo is on the forearm and back of the neck. You can use different colours for the tattoo, though it looks fantastic in black.

6. Heartbeat Tattoo With A Heart:

It is a known fact that a heartbeat comes from a beating heart. However, adding a cute little heart, either at the start or the end of the heartbeat, can add to the beauty of the pattern. You can make the heart stand out by getting it done in red ink against the black ink for the heartbeat. Or you can also get the entire tattoo in black. The place you can get this tattoo engraved depends on the length of the design.

7. Simple Heartbeat Tattoo With Roman Letters:

A simple tattoo can express more emotions can one can imagine. This simple heartbeat tattoo design is made all the more unique and personal with the addition of the date of birth in roman numerals. The entire tattoo’s speciality is based on the wearer and not anyone else, making the tattoo a customized one. You can make changes as per your need, whether using different coloured ink or different date of birth.

8. Heartbeat Faith, Hope, Love Tattoo:

We all need to draw inspiration from one thing or another to go on in life through thick and thin. This is where this beautiful heartbeat tattoo design plays a vital role in making it happen. Though the tattoo looks similar to the others, it is engraved in bold lines that end in a cute little heart. Another unique feature of this tattoo is the addition of the words Faith, Hope and Love, whose first letters are done in bold letters highlighting the design further. The best place to get this tattoo engraved is on the forearm or near the wrist.

9. Heartbeat Tattoo With A Name:

If you are looking for a heartbeat tattoo with a Date and name, here is your inspiration. Unlike the previous tattoos, where there is only a heartbeat, this one has heartbeats with cute little hearts in between. In addition, the tattoo is personalized and customized with the addition of the wearer’s name and date of birth or the name and date of birth of the person who is essential to the wearer. You can place the name above or below the heartbeat per your preference.

10. Heartbeat Paw Print Tattoo:

Many of us must have had our first pet, our best friend, who was there for us through thick and thin. This heartbeat paw print tattoo design is a perfect option for people who had a pet and lost it over time and want to commemorate the bond. The pawprint and the heartbeat indicate how close the pet was to your heart and how much you cherish them. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black, you can use colours to make it more vibrant and lively.

11. Heartbeat Tattoo With Words:

Are you looking for a heartbeat tattoo design that keeps you inspired? This design pattern with a quote can be a top-notch idea. The heartbeat is long, extending from the inside of the elbow nearer to the wrist. The addition of the phrase “I’m the hero of this story” indicates that you are the leading person in your story and not anyone. It might look like a simple phrase, but it gives you enough confidence during tough times.

12. Heartbeat Tattoo Designs On The Feet:

This heartbeat tattoo design is a perfect example of the wearer’s love for their favourite sport being gorgeously represented. The heartbeat is engraved on the side of the foot, on top of which a ball is engraved, which you can decide as per the sport you love the most. This tattoo is further beautified with a white shade along the heartbeat lines.

13. Mountain Heartbeat Tattoo:

This is a unique heartbeat tattoo design which looks similar to mountain ranges in addition to the beats of a heart. The addition of a cute little star in the centre gives the onlooker the impression that the wearer is the star of their life. The heartbeat starts with a semicolon and ends with a full stop which further gives meaning to this simple pattern. The best place to get this tattoo engraved is on the forearm with thin lines and black ink.

14. Husband Name Heartbeat Tattoo:

This one can be a good choice if you want a personalized heartbeat tattoo. You can get a customized tattoo for yourself by just adding a name to the beautiful heartbeat. For example, the name can be that of the wearer or anyone close to the wearer. The name is extended by adding a heartbeat sign on either side of a heart, making the pattern more beautiful. You can either get the tattoo done in black entirely or use colours to highlight the heart creating a unique effect.

15. Heartbeat Tattoo On The Wrist:

This is another heartbeat tattoo design that is straightforward yet elegant in its look. The entire structure is rustic, giving the pattern a unique finish. The tattoo looks classy with thin lines, crisp corners, and black ink. However, you can add red to the heart and the black heartbeat to create a complimenting effect. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the wrist, where you can show it off.

16. Simple Heartbeat Tattoo Images:

If you want simplicity in a tattoo, then this heartbeat tattoo design can be a perfect choice. You can get this tattoo engraved onto your body easily since it is straightforward and doesn’t take too much time. The gap between the two heartbeats is left plain, creating a unique piece of art. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender and age. It looks the best when engraved on the wrist, forearm or leg.

17. Heart Rate Tattoo:

This is a heartbeat tattoo design with a rustic finish if you are bored with the sharp and fine lines used in tattoos. These heartbeat spikes look incredibly realistic and beautiful anywhere you get them engraved in your body. This type of tattoo is preferred by men and women of all ages and looks exceptional on the arm, biceps or even the back of your neck.

18. Heartbeat Tattoo With Name And Date:

Suppose you are looking for a tattoo that helps you pay tribute to or commemorate an important person in your life. In that case, this heartbeat tattoo can be a perfect choice. Adding a name and date of birth adds to the sentimental value of the tattoo design. You can make the pattern memorable by using different ink colours for the title, date of birth and heartbeat.

19. Love Heartbeat Tattoo:

Love is the root of all the relations in our life, and this heartbeat tattoo perfectly represents the same. But, unlike the other tattoos, this one has cute little waves with a red heart in the beginning. In addition, the red heart has rustic lines, which creates a unique look for the wearer. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on your body, depending on the size you opt for.

20. Meaningful Heartbeat Tattoo:

This beautiful heartbeat tattoo engraved inside the heart makes it different from all the others mentioned in this article. Furthermore, it also has a semicolon added which has a significant meaning. A semicolon indicates that the wearer is in solidarity with people with mental health issues. Since the tattoo is small, you can get it done anywhere on the body.

21. Heartbeat Wave Tattoo:

If you are looking for a heartbeat tattoo with small wave formations, this tattoo can be an ideal choice. This tattoo is easy to incorporate and doesn’t take too much time. In addition, it can indicate the importance of water and waves in the wearer’s life. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on the body, though it looks best on the wrist, forearm and neck.

22. Heartbeat Tattoo For Men:

This heartbeat tattoo design is a personalized pattern that anyone can implement by adding the date of birth of an important person in their life. This way, you will be able to commemorate the bond you share with the said person beautifully. If you observe closely, the heartbeat ending looks like a signature, making the tattoo all the more special. This tattoo seems exceptional when engraved near the elbow or on the forearm.

23. Family Heartbeat Tattoo:

Family plays a vital role in providing unconditional love, and this tattoo can perfectly represent the same. Though tattoos are a form of self-expression, they can also be a way to honour the relationship one has with their family. By combining the heartbeat and the word family, this simple tattoo has become timeless. The perfect spot to get this tattoo engraved is on the wrist, near the thumb, or anywhere you can show off.

24. Heartbeat Tattoo Images With A Bird:

This is a heartbeat tattoo design with a unique feature: the addition of a cute little bird. The heart is done in red ink, with a small heartbeat symbol in bold black lines and ends with a realistic-looking bird. The spiritual and physical freedom in the wearer’s life is represented as a bird tattoo. The combination of red and black ink creates a perfect blend, giving a unique output.

25. Real Heartbeat Tattoo With A Paw Print:

One of the most popular heartbeat tattoo designs that can represent the wearer’s bond with their pet is the one that has a paw print. Unlike the previous one, this tattoo has the paw print engraved inside a bold heart with heartbeat symbols on both sides. The highlight of this entire design is the bold heart and the pawprint inside it. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black, you can use red for the heart to make the tattoo realistic.

26. Arrow Heart Pulse Tattoo:

The ideas of struggle and triumph are naturally represented with the help of an arrow because they are used as weapons and tools. The space between the head and bottom of the arrow has the beating heart symbol in addition to a small mountain. The wearer’s love for nature and travel is beautifully represented with the help of this mountain. You can use black ink for the entire tattoo or colours to make the design more realistic.

27. Yin And Yang Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas:

The representation of the yin and yang philosophy is done with a circle separated by a curved line into two halves. The inward energy that is dark is represented by ying, whereas the outward positive energy is represented by yang. A heartbeat around the yin and yang forms a beautiful circle. Furthermore, there is also the phrase ‘circle of life’, which means that what you give is what you get back.

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28. Heartbeat Tattoo Meaning:

VOLONTE is a french word which means wish or will in English. This tattoo has the word volonte written in block letters with a red heartbeat right across the word, where most of the word has a direct line. Since the letters are engraved in black, red for the heartbeat creates a complimenting effect on the wearer. The best place to carve this tattoo is on the forearm, chest and back of the neck.

29. Heartbeat Tattoo Design With Footprint:

Are you looking for a tattoo that represents your love for your baby? This heartbeat tattoo design can be a perfect choice. In addition to a heartbeat which looks like scribbling, there is also a cute little footprint which can be the wearer’s first child making the tattoo more personal. There is also a name beside the heartbeat tattoo, creating an authentic output.

30. Music Heartbeat Tattoo:

Suppose you are a musician or even a music lover. In that case, this heartbeat design with musical patterns can be a perfect choice. This tattoo is not unique but also has a deep meaning, which depends on the wearer. Though most people prefer tattoos in black ink, you can further beautify the tattoo by adding a shadow effect. Furthermore, you can add shine to the tattoo by adding a few bright colours.


Irrespective of age and gender, a heartbeat tattoo design looks exceptional on anyone and can be engraved anywhere. These kinds of tattoos remind the wearer to be strong even if they are knocked down by problems giving you hope. Since tattoo enthusiasts are finding inspiration from several areas, why not try one from the list of heartbeat tattoos we mentioned above? Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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