The infamous Joker of the 2008 Batman series, Heath Ledger, was a recognized Australian actor and director famous for his best role as the joker because of subsidiary hits like Casanova and Brokeback mountain. Starting his career with Australian television, Heath had a good life in his Hollywood success until a tragic set of events left him at a loss of life. Under the heavy influence of the wrong dose of prescribed medications, Heath finally breathed his last breath on 22nd January 2008. Always remembered in our hearts, Heath’s sudden demise had left us all crestfallen, yet we couldn’t ponder how the world had lost a talented, handsome young man. In remembrance of the infamous Joker, here is an article on some of his offset, off-camera pictures that might interest the Ledger followers.

Heath Ledger without Makeup With Images:

1. Picture Ready:

Heath Ledger was a man who loved to be on camera and never missed out on the chance to pose for a picture offshoot or on the shoot. As you can see, the only makeup he ever needed was when he had to play the joker.

2. Behind The Scenes:

There have been plenty of pictures of Heath Ledger behind the scenes putting on his costume or making the final touches to his persona, but this one is the best as it captures the true meaning of pulling off a great look without makeup.

3. Conversion to Character:

The Dark Knight movie was probably the only place where Keith Ledger ever actually had to apply extensive makeup to his already perfect face. He was nominated to be the best joker of all time, and he indeed lived up to the persona.

4. Award Goody:

Male actors have never really needed as extensive makeup as female actors, but there is still much work needed to make their faces adequate for the camera. Still, for Heath Ledger, who loved being in the spotlight, there was no situation too hard for him to cope with a sophisticated no-makeup look.

5. Movie Still:

In one of his early films by the name of A Knights’ Tale, Heath Ledger captured the hearts of many with his stellar performance and his ability to look great on camera at all times. You can see how a minimal amount of makeup is necessary for him to look brilliant on camera.

6. Award Show Visit:

At the Berlin film festival, Heath Ledger was spotted looking suave with not one touch of makeup on his face flaunting his masculinity for the camera.

7. His Best Look:

This all-natural, no-makeup look of Heath Ledger sums up his entire persona of a boy next door with a touch of masculinity. As you can see, this brilliant actor needed no makeup to look great both on and offset.

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8. The Younger Days:

In his younger days, Heath managed to pull off a complete boy next door look that he slowly grew into, making him a heartthrob for the ladies worldwide. With his boyish haircut and killer smile, heath ledger managed to joke his way into our hearts.

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9. Boy Next Door Look:

The boy next door is a classic no-makeup look that elaborates on the true attractiveness of any man, and as you can see, Heath Ledger would pull off this look well.


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