Top 9 Height Growth Supplements

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Who doesn’t want to be tall? Unless, of course, you’re one of those giants who already have too much height. But here I’m addressing the shorties like me, who wish to increase their height. What how so we do this? – eat healthy, exercise and use growth supplements.

Human growth hormones have recently had a lot of successes and has thus, become the product to have in the market. But, how do you know which growth supplement to use and which one to ignore? Each has certain pros and certain cons and to choose the one best suited for you, you need to compare these all.

height growth supplements

Here is a list, comparing the 9 best supplements in the market for height growth.

 Natural Supplements for Height Growth:

1. Growth Factor-9:

Growth factor 9 is one of those height growth supplements which help increase height by injecting human growth hormones in the body orally. It comes at a cheap price and is luckily lacking in any peculiar side effects that make you a little unsure of supplements in general.

2. Speed Height Capsules:

These capsules use Ayurvedic recipes to increase the secretion of the growth hormone in your body and is thus, considered superior to the other synthetic growth hormones that are likely to have more side effects in the long run.

3. Hashmi Heigh Tole-X Supplements:

High Tole-X, is a growth supplement which has a very concentrated formula. Thus, it leads to quick height growth. It stimulates your body cells to start multiplying and thus, helps it grow. It has a few side effects and does not come cheap. But the service it provides more or less compensates these cons, because it not only makes your body taller but also stronger!

4. Nature Made Stress B-Complex Capsules:

Stress B-Complex capsules by Nature Made, contains Zinc. Zinc is essential in body growth. It thus, tries to improve your height by orally supplying your body with the necessary minerals and chemicals. It also contains vitamin c and is completely gluten, yeast and starch free. It also has no artificial colours.

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5. Growth Factor+ Tablets:

Growth factor+ stimulates your body’s growth hormones and is of immense assistance in increasing your height. It doesn’t have many side effects and is not overly expensive and thus, fits your bill for a perfect height growth supplement. However, like the other supplements its results vary from person to person.

6. Long Looks Nutrient Capsules:

Long Looks, as the name suggests believe that height is imperative for beauty. It thus, provides you with supplements that contain the necessary minerals and chemicals to help your body grow and your height increase. It is not too expensive and not at all harmful. Even if it doesn’t lead to height growth, it doe shelf strengthen your body.

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7. Growth – Flexv® System:

The Growth-FlexV® Pro System has been designed to help individuals increase their height well after they hit puberty. It works well for both genders and is a natural method of obtaining height growth. The supplements it provides helps the body grow, for it is only a myth that the human body can’t grow in height after a certain age.

8. Somatropinne HGH:

Somatropinne HGH is a synthetic human growth hormone the intake of which helps increase your height. It isn’t cheap and has its side effects but it gets the job done. It gets you taller.


These capsules are the most popular capsules in the HGH market. Its popularity makes its price a little steeper than the rest but it also expresses its effectivity.

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