Top 9 Height Increasing Shoes and Their Benefits For Men In India

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Do you know how increase your height by wearing shoes? Are you in search of height increasing shoes? Most of the people who have short height prefer elevator shoes as well as height increasing shoes. This depends largely on the manufacturer and the style of the shoe, but typically lift shoes add between 2 and 4 inches. Every additional Inch will offer you Confidence by Comfort plus Style.

height increasing shoes

Are you looking for some height increasing shoes in India, then these shoes are some of the best ones out there. One can easily fall in love with any one of them and wear them to make themselves look stylish and increase their height at the same time.

Best Height Increasing Shoes For Men In India:

Given below the list of best height increasing shoes for men which are very comfortable and well known branded shoes, available in India.

1. Tek-Tron Talent Derby Safety Shoe With Steel Toe:

Tek tron Talent Derby Safety Shoe

These are brown Safety Shoes and its upper Material is made up of Leather. Sole Material is made up of PU. Prepared Of real Soft Leather, 200 Joules Isi Steel Toe Cap, Leather Thickness- 1.8 to 2 Mm, Impregnated Non-Woven Insole, Padded Collar Lining, Non-Woven Breathable Synthetic Vamp Lining, Water And Oil Resistant Sole, Inner Campbrell Laminated With Foam, Injected Polyurethane (Pu) Sole, Double Density Direct Injected P.U, Outsole Tread planned For Maximum Slip confrontation.

Apart from the specifications, there is one more important fact that one should know about this shoes, that is they are the best ones out there for increasing height. There is nothing better than them and when it comes to shoes for increasing height, people demand this one the most. It is the first thing that comes to people’s mind, when they think about shoes that increase height.

2. Allied Houston Safety Shoes:

Allied Houston Safety Shoes


These are black colored Safety Shoes and the upper Material is made up of Leather while the sole material is prepared from PU. Its SKU Code is ALHO12. The features are complete Grain Leather Upper, Inner Lining is Breathable Non Woven Fabric, Double Density PU Sole; Anti Static, Puncture Proof, Abrasion Resistant, Oil Acid and Slip Resistant Sole, with Ankle Padding along with Steel Toe.

The boot is different from the one discussed above. The front displays an oval pattern and the boot is quite big as well. This boo will suitable for those who have hardy and big feet. The shoe comes with zero flaws and can be undoubtedly claimed as one of the finest selling shoes in the market for increasing height right now. The shoe looks so cool, that anyone will easily fall in love with this one. This is one of the perfect height increasing shoes for men in India.

3. Winter Taller Boots:

Winter taller boots

These black shoes are available in all sizes with Lace. The Upper material is made up of Full grain leather and the lining material is prepared from Pig Leather. Sole material of this martin boots with round toe style involves rubber. Its popular element is Sewing Thread along with cylinder high 10-20cm by Soft dough leather style. This motorcycle boots for men increases height around 8cm / 3.15inches. The boots are stylish and quite fashionable at the same time. They are comfortable and some of the best boots for riding bikes. The shoes serve more than one purpose and maintain your status. One can easily fit in these boots are some companies make a free-size for these shoes, that means that they are designed to fit almost everyone between 9-12 foot size.

People with smaller foot size generally don’t prefer wearing these kind of shoes. It has proved to be effective in increasing height and it can be said that they are one of the best selling height-increasing shoes in the market of india that are quite stylish as well. The color of the shoe is quite beautiful and it actually complements the design. This is one of the finest shoes for increasing height that you will ever find. The shoe is so cool, that anyone will easily fall in love with it. The shape and size makes the shoe look quite comfortable, which it is in reality. The shoe can make one feel good about themselves and one can pretty easily show it off as well.

4. Tek-Tron Brown Leather Long shoes:

Tek tron Brown Leather Long shoes

This is another brown Safety Shoes having Leather upper material as well as PU Sole Material. Its SKU Code is 39TTTL01. The features are as follows; ready from Genuine Soft Leather, Impregnated Non-woven Insole, Leather Thickness- 1.8 To 2 Mm, 200 Joules Isi Steel Toe Cap Padded Collar Lining, Injected Polyurethane (pu) Sole, Non-woven Breathable Synthetic Vamp Lining, Water And Oil Resistant Sole, Inner Campbrell Laminated by Foam, Double Density Direct Injected P.u, Outsole Tread planned For Maximum Slip confrontation.

The color of the shoe is quite beautiful and it actually complements the design. This is one of the finest shoes for increasing height that you will ever find. The shoe is so cool, that anyone will easily fall in love with it. The shape and size makes the shoe look quite comfortable, which it is in reality. The shoe can make one feel good about themselves and one can pretty easily show it off as well.

5. Sporty Elevator Shoes:

Sporty Elevator Shoes

This Sporty Elevator Shoes-K19A03 is of 5,490/-. Its color is blue canvas with 7 cm height. This shoe contains unseen heel inside and appear normal plus stylish from outside and can create a person look taller via 2.75 to 5 inches. This isn’t like anything that you have seen before. The shoe is so cool and shiny, that any brand would want to market this product. The shoe sports two different sets of colors on the inside and the outside. This can be one of the finest and one of the most beautiful ways to increase your height. You can give your height a little extra boost by showing off your cool shoes at the same time. There is literally nothing better than that!

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6. British Carved Elevator Shoe:

British carved elevator shoe

This is for men to get taller 7cm / 2.75 inches and available in all sizes. Having lace, this black embroidered  shoe have cortex lining material and Upper material id from Leather first layer of skin by Solid color Pattern. Best for spring and autumn and some features are Rubber sole material, pointed toe style, and Soft dough leather style. These ambassador shoes will be perfect for men who work in corporate institutions and have to deal with clients quite frequently. The shoe is quite beautiful and quite unique at the same time. There is literally no way one can avoid looking at these shoes. Keep them clean and all eyes will be on you.

7.  CALDEN – K333011:

CALDEN K333011


This black shoe offers 3 Inches taller height with Super Lightweight. Features are Bicycle toe and Soft leather upper, slip on, Hidden elastic gore. Convenient Lace-less design, Heel height: 1 1/4″ and Shaft height. 5 3/4″ and High quality leather upper and rubberized bottom. If you prefer leather shoes, then it is expected that you go for this one. This shoe sports an unique design and will look great on almost anyone who wears them. The shoe will make a person look unique and this one of the finest collections from this brand. The shoe has been designed and made with love and care and it is expected that the wearer does the same. This is another height increasing shoe from a branded company which is also designed for men.

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8. CALTO – G5828:


The features Tapered leather oxford, Semi-square toe style and Hidden elastic gore. Its weight is 18 oz, elegantly stitched for extra durability and style, Full grain high quality leather upper, full grain high quality leather upper. It contains Rubberized bottom also having Dress Style height increasing footwear. CALTO is one of the best shoe manufacturing names in the business these days and this one is actually one among the many beautiful products manufactured by the brand.

9. TOTO – H252112:

TOTO H252112

This shoe black show contains handsome cap-toe, Classic style lace-Up, Goodyear welt construction and Soft leather upper plus elegantly stitched for extra toughness plus style. High quality upper leather, stylish, imported and made up of high quality leather.

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Benefits of Using Height Increasing Shoes:

It Increases you Height Invisibly:

these shoes increases you height invisibly which is one can t’ make out whether you are wearing height increasing shoes or not. Because from outside appearance it looks like any other normal shoes.

It has Medical Benefits:

these shoes can be beneficial for your back and knees. It is useful for body’s postures, making you look good and steady.

It Comes in Different Forms:

these shoes come in various styles and types and are also available for different occasions. People prefer in going with the trend these days so are these shoes, also there are casual and office wear shoes available.

Painless Method:

There are various products in market available these days, which assures you to gain height in few days or month but not all promise which advertisements give are true, there are various side effects of these products which can harm a person s’ health. But these elevator or height increasing shoes gives you result quickly and it is not at all harmful for health. It is safe for everybody.

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Easily Available Product:

The elevator or height increasing shoes are easily available in markets and showrooms, even the online market have huge demands for these shoes. These are available for everyone one and for every size.

There are many famous personalities who hide their actual height behind these shoes. These elevator shoes have got various good reviews in recent times. Many have found this product very effective as a person s’ height defines his or her personality and no one wants to be ashamed of their height when they are at a party or on a date, these shoes has the main factor which is no one can make out from it appearance that these are height increasing shoes as the soles and the extra heels are inside the shoes. Mostly short men prefer wearing these shoes in order to look taller than their partner. No one has found the ill effects of these shoes yet because it depends on the person s’ use that how much those a person use it.

In this article, you have been provided with relevant data about some of the best shoes that will help in increasing height. The shoes discussed in this article are well-available in the market in India and one can purchase them without hesitation. If you’re willing to buy some height increasing shoes, then it is recommended that you go for any one of them (or more).