A Facial is something that every woman loves to do to keep her skin young and radiant. But often it is seen that the women are too lazy to visit the parlour mainly due to hectic schedules, the possibility of an appointment to match their time and of course the main issue – money matters. Here’s a simple way to do it!!! Just get a Herbal Facial Kit home and facial at home at your convenience time. Pamper your skin in your free time.

It is very simple to use the Herbal Facial Kit:

How To Apply:

Step 1: Cleanser

  • Use the cleanser to clean your skin of all the impurities. Wipe off with a wet sponge.

Step 2: The Exfoliating Scrub

  • Apply the scrub all over your face and neck. Massage lightly for around 5 – 10 minutes, in an upward motion from the neck circular motion on your face. Moisten your fingers as you apply. Use a sponge dipped in water and wipe off. Pat dry

Step 3: Spa Massage Cream

  • Apply the cream to your neck and face. Massage well for 10 – 15 minutes and wipe off before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Face Pack

  • This is a very important and crucial step. Apply the pack well on your face and neck leaving your eyes. Over your eyes place, cotton wool dipped in rose water or you can even use cucumber slices. Leave it till it dries up and then wash off with cold water and pat dry.

Step 5: Rejuvenating Cream

  • The last and final step is the rejuvenating cream.

How To Use:

There are different Herbal Facial Kits for different kinds of skin. Check your kind of skin before buying the product. Use the herbal kit twice for the first time to get good results. Then it can be used once a month. Do not forget to do a patch test before commencing actual usage.

Best Herbal Facial Kit Brands For Oily and Sensitive Skin In India:

Here are a few Herbal facial kits that are highly recommended,

1. Lotus Herbal Skin Radiance Facial Kit:

This Lotus herbal facial kit is suitable for all skin types. The cleanser of this pack cleanses deep in the pores and the scrub exfoliates the dull top layer of the skin. It has the property of lightening and nourishing the skin. The pack tightens the facial skin and makes you look young and radiant

  • Use: Massage well with each of the sachets for at least 10 – 15 minutes and wash off with cold water before moving on to the next one. Use it twice a month for excellent results.
  • Price: INR 175/- 5 sachets x 10 gms. Each

2. Shahnaz Husain Herbal Facial Kit:

Image Source: Shahnaz Husain

This Shahnaz herbal facial kit gives a total professional herbal facial treatment. It reduces dark spots and blemishes. It comes with 7 products instead of the usual 5 products. The 7 products are – Professional Power Bio-Hydrating Cleanser, Exfoliating Scrub, VegPeel, Professional Power Nourishing Cream Net, Professional Power Skin Tonic, Anti-Pigmentation Gel and a Covering Cream.

  • Use: The VegPeelwhich is a powder to be mixed with milk and used after the Scrub. The strokes for this is first circular and then anti-circular motion. The Skin Tonic, Gel, and Cream are leave ones. They should not be wiped off.
  • Price: INR 380/- for 63 gms.

3. VLCC Herbal Facial Kit – Skin Glow Facial Kit:

This Skin Glow Facial Kit is a mini-pack for one-time use and is very reasonably priced. It is rich with extracts of saffron, cucumber, mulberry, and nutmeg. The five sachets are cleanser, scrub, massage gel, cream and face pack.

  • Use: The entire process is only 15 minutes – 2 to 3 minutes for each sachet. Just be careful to massage with wet fingers dipped in chilled water.
  • Price: INR 175/- for 5 sachets

4. Khadi Natural Gold Radiance Facial Kit:

This Herbal Gold Facial Kit is economical and has a relaxing aroma. It polishes the skin leaving it radiant and smooth. It is one of the Best Herbal Facial Kits for sensitive skin of women above 30 years. The skin becomes soft with a nice glow.

  • Use: The packet has nice small jars with sufficient quantity which can be used 3 to 4 times. The jars have the step number labelled on them. Use the facial gel after the cream massage.
  • Price: INR 299/-

5. Vaadi Herbals Saffron & Sandal Fairness Facial Kit:

This Vaadi herbal facial kit contains only 4 jars, unlike other products. It comprises  Saffron & Sandal Cleansing Cream, Saffron & Sandal Scrub, Saffron & Sandal Massage Cream and finally the Saffron & Sandal Face Pack.

  • Use: After 3 to 4 regular uses – at least once a month – you can see the results clearly. The skin gets fairer than compared to before. The Creamy texture of the Cleansing and Massage cream makes this herbal facial kit for sensitive skin.
  • Price: INR 250/-

6. Nature’s Essence Herbals Gold Facial Kit:

Image Source: Nature’s Essence

This product is one of the best herbal facial kits for oily skin. It contains a Gold Cleanser that exfoliates the skin, a Scrub to remove the dead layers, a Cream that makes you look younger, a gel that provides moisture and a Face Pack that hydrates the skin.

  • Use: Persons with oily skin should be very careful in choosing and using the product. Use the products very gently and do not massage hard with the scrub. Keep the face pack till it dries as it is an oil clay mask that helps in controlling the oil secretion.
  • Price: INR 675/-

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7. Preservita Advanced Sensitive Skin – Fruit Facial Kit:

Image Source: Lotus Professional

This herbal fruit facial kit is one of the best revolutionary herbal facials for sensitive skin. It is a complex mixture that has preserved the fruits with all its pure nutrients, enzymes and vitamins that ensure optimum skin benefits. The end result is skin that is white, bright and light. The ingredients of the Perservita Advance Sensitive kit are Preservita Toner, Preservita Polisher, Preservita Massage Cream, Preservita Masque, Preservita Bearberry Marmalade

  • Use: Persons with sensitive skin are bound to be careful in choosing and using the facial kit. Massage for about a minimum of 7 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Price: INR 2495/-

8. Vedova’s Herbal Bridal Instant Glow Facial Kit:

Image Source: Vedova’s Herbal

Every Bride wants to look lovely and glowing on the D-Day that is her wedding day. The Vedova’s Herbal Bridal Instant Glow Facial Kit makes the bride look glowing and radiant. It is suitable for all skin types. The Kit comprises 1 Cleanser, 1 Scrub, 1 Gel, 1 Cream, 1 Face Pack and 1 Vitalize.

  • Use: This Vedova’s Herbal Bridal Instant Glow Facial Kit is reportedly safe due to its herbal content. Massage gently for 10 – 15 Minutes so as to bring out the glow.
  • Price: INR 950/-

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9. RevAyur Facial Kit For Dry Skin:

Image Source: RevAyur

Care for Dry Skin is very tough as it starts cracking and can also be painful at times. Dry skin reacts badly to certain products so we have to be very careful in choosing the same. RevAyur Ayurvedic herbal facial kit is specially formulated for dry skin.

  • Use: RevAyur facial kit has 7 tubes with a special formula for dry skin. Use the massage cream gently in a circular motion from the neck in the upward direction for at least 10-15 minutes as a wash with cold water. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Apply the gel gently all over your face and massage with a fingertip till the skin absorbs it.
  • Price: INR 300/-

Herbal Facial Kits come in many sizes as per the usage of the individual. You also have different ones for different skin types. Check your skin type and get the product that best suits it. Have your facial done at home at your convenience time and you are all set to glow and look radiant always.


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