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9 Best Herbal Lip Balms Available In India You Should Try

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1. Herbal Lip Balm Plant Life:

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It is been used since 1994. It soothes, protects lips, cuticles and first aids minor cuts also. It reduces cold sore outbreaks with organic herbal extracts. It has high anti-viral properties with pure essential oils. It has natural oils like Olive, Eucalyptus, Pepper mint, Tea tree oil etc. Vitamin E is obtained from tocopherol. It has three different flavors with same ingredients.

2. Emami Vasocare Herbal Lip Balm:

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It relieves and nourishes lips which protects and moisturizes it regularly. Oils used in this are Aloe Vera, tulsi, olive and chamomile. It was existed in three different varients like tangy citrus, fusion bubble gum and original.

3. Earth Herbal Lip Balms:

Herbal Lip balms 3

Earth mama lip balms are incredibly smooth with natural yummy flavor. It is pure natural and special feature is it is safe for pregnant mamas. Free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, petroleum and toxins. It is obtained in three different products like mint herbal, lavender and coconut. Lips will be smoother and moisturizers also.

4. Kumba Made Herbal Lips:

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Kumba made herbal lips uses all natural products. The ingredients used in these products are 98% organic ingredients which are certified. It is available in four different flavors such as lime, almond, mint and Shea butter. Ingredients used are olive oil, chickweed, Aloevera, beeswax etc. As it is available in four different flavors only four ingredients will be different when compared to each other.

5. Zi Zai Herbal Lip Balm:

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This balm is formulated by Chinese to clear heat, moisten yin and to nourish the lips. In place of bees wax candelilla wax is used and this got derived from shrub. Ingredients contains natural cocoa butter which creamy texture for luxurious lips to make smoother. Some oils used are olive oil, avocado oil and unrefined cocoa butter etc.

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6. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm:

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This balm is highly active moisturizing which repairs chapped, cracked and dry lips. It protects from dry winds of winter, drying effect of cold which makes the lips smoother and healthier. It uses all natural products like oils and extracts. Some oils like jojoba, almond, wheat germ etc. It acts as antioxidant and skin nourisher. It gives best results by using twice a day.

7. Khadi Natural Lip Balm:

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Khadi is one of the natural products available globally. Ingredients used in this are all natural oils. Each oil has its own importance. Khadi lip balm naturally heals and protects chapped and dry lips. It helps in prevention of dryness, cracks and repairs sun damage. It enhances lips, supples and hydrates. It has lot of variants flavors like lychee, sandal, saffron, coca, mint, rose, grape, peach etc. Each flavor has its own richness in it. Free of petroleum, artificial colors etc. It contains beeswax in all its flavors.

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8. Gargi Moisturizing Lip Balm:

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All lip balms have same formulated ingredients in them. Even though there will be something difference in them. Gargi is one among all herbal products. It is uniquely formulated which prevents chapping and drying of lips. It herbal extracts maintains regime to soothe, protects and hydrate lips. It long lasts and feels comfortable. It has eleven flavors like orange, chocolate, vanilla, peach, grape, apple, rose, raspberry, coconut etc.

9. Himalaya Herbals Natural Intensive:

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This lip balm is mostly used in winter season. Because in winter seasons lips will be cracked due to cold weather. It heals cracked and sore lips. Oils included are almond oil, olive oil and apple seed oil. Combination of cherry protects lips from drying. In this Vitamin E and Vitamin A are obtained by olive and almond oil. Honey acts as natural antiseptic and nourishes.

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