Herbal slimming teas are not only made up of camellia sinensis plant, they are also made up by the combinations of dried buckthorn, rhubarb root and senna. Usually all diet teas contains hoodia gordonii, senna, kola nut and some offer ginger and citrus extracts of different flavours. Hoodia is a thirst suppressant and a natural appetite. Guarana, senna and kola nut are natural stimulants that resides in every slimming teas. Guarana contains caffeine and senna contains components that stimulate the colon, encouraging elimination.

There is no doubt that tea is a famous drink of individuals and has been enjoyed for many centuries. Herbal teas are originated from the part of Chinese culture and are known to have a lot of health benefits. Slimming teas are generally an herbal health drinks that encourages weight-loss with no side-effects. These are taken as an easier and an amazing option by today’s generation. The property of slimming tea helps in shedding off several pounds. Even dieticians also recommend drinking herbal slimming tea during the day.

Teas made of using different herbs have the advantages from different types of teas. There are many slimming tea available in market, but choosing a single one is difficult. So to make your choice easier, choose something that has mixture of oolong, wuyi cliff, sencha and pu-erh. Drinking slimming tea has side effects which include severe stomach cramps, dizziness, vomiting, dehydration and irregular heartbeat.

Slimming teas should be taken only three to four times a day and that too with a healthy diet. Apart from some side effects, slimming tea have a lot of benefits. These benefits of slimming teas are credited to perk up overall health. Some of the very positive benefits of drinking slimming tea are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Herbal Slimming Tea:

1. Herbal Slimming Tea For Weight Loss:

The first and foremost benefit of herbal slimming tea is that it helps a lot in losing weight. In today’s world where we are all extremely dependent on the internet and automatic services physical stress is almost zero, obesity has become a common phenomenon. When we are so busy that we are simply devoid of the time for physical exercising and work outs green tea can still do wonders. The high contents of ingredients such as catechin can break down these fatty cells and thus help us lose weight.

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2. Gum And Dental Care:

Talking about herbal slimming tea we should definitely mention that green tea is very good when it comes to dental care. This even includes the problem of bad breath which is also known as halitosis. This is because there are certain substances present in green tea which helps a lot in reducing bacteria formation inside the mouth thus reducing the smell. It also takes care of inflammation in the gums.

3. Cholesterol Control:

Cholesterol and its versions can harm your health in several ways and the most important effect which it does is to the cardiovascular organs. This also increases the danger of stroke in the body. As a remedy for cholesterol slimming herbal tea can be of great use since cholesterol can also be caused due to increase in weight and symptoms such as these.

4. For Youthful Skin:

It is a strange fact that herbal tea for slimming or what we simply know as green tea is very good for the skin and to maintain the youthful glow of it. This can be used easily as a toner to freshen up your face or even to exfoliate the skin. For this you can simply infuse green tea leaves in water for half an hour, refrigerate and simply use as a toner. On the other hand you can mix green tea extract with yoghurt and massage your face too.

5. Anti- Allergic:

Among all the other benefits of herbal slimming tea a very important one is also that it prevents any kind of allergies on the skin and also the respiratory system. There are certain compounds in green tea which can easily protect against dust and such other allergies. It however does not do any effect when it comes to allergies caused due to food.

6. Hair Care:

Green tea is very good when it comes to hair care too. This is because the consumption or the application of green tea is very good and also enhances blood circulation and opens all the closed pores. This also includes the hair tentacles and follicles and thus enhances hair growth and in turn also reduces hair fall.

7. Diabetes Control:

Green tea helps in controlling and managing type II Diabetes because it releases an enzyme in the body which in turn prevents excess release of glucose in the body. Now this also helps in managing the insulin circulation in the body with the help of controlled glucose and thus manages the sugar level altogether.

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8. Blood Pressure Manager:

It is a fact that green tea contains caffeine and this is definitely not good for blood pressure. There are however factors such as the very low content of caffeine which makes it good overall for diabetes, cholesterol and the body. This in turn can be consumed in limited amounts thus for goodness to the body.

9. Pregnancy:

Green tea is extremely popular among pregnant women because it helps in relieving from symptoms of hypertension and also keeps in regulation insulin levels. Also green tea is rich as an anti- oxidant and thus can be consumed for good. However green tea since it contains caffeine should not be consumed in too much quantity.

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More Health Benefits Of Herbal Slimming Tea:

  • The ingredients present in slimming tea helps in weight loss naturally.
  • It helps in toughen the immune system.
  • It increases energy level.
  • Slimming tea helps in digesting foods full of fat. They have highly ranked compounds that help in absorption of fat.
  • Slimming teas are made of herbs that boosts metabolism and helps to cut cholesterol levels.
  • It controls the appetite. Drinking slimming tea surely makes you take less quantity of food and allow your body to take out fat rapidly and easily.
  • Slim teas clear up body channels by detoxifying and purifying body. These teas are antioxidants that let your body free from toxins and chemicals.
  • Once the toxins and chemicals are removed from body, body’s metabolism will improve and the body will then be capable to burn fat.
  • Herbal slimming teas are also used for coronary heart diseases.
  • Slimming teas also bring down blood sugar levels.
  • Drinking this tea melts cellulite and shrinks the stretch marks naturally.
  • They offer strength to our cellular function and protect us from various diseases.
  • Tea contains fluoride for healthy teeth and thus stays away from tooth decay.
  • A single cup of tea can avoid strokes and arthritis.
  • Herbal slimming tea deal with obesity from the root.
  • Brings down the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and even cataracts.
  • It’s considered as nature’s tranquiliser for its soothing properties.
  • They improve the skin complexion and also treat skin problems like eczema and acne.
  • Consuming herbal slimming tea is much safer than diet pills. Though most diet pills contain green tea as key ingredient but they are not as healthy as slimming tea.
  • Slimming tea makes brain function better. As this tea removes harmful toxins from body, the brain become more capable to function better.
  • The therapeutic and soothing property of slimming teas contributes towards a healthier and longer life span.

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Till now most of us are already aware of the benefits of herbal slimming tea or simply green tea. Here you can get to a little more about the lesser known facts and benefits of the herbal slimming teas.


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