The company Herbalife was founded in 1980. It sells products through multi-level marketing that are used for various purposes. Herbalife Diet Plan is also known for the quick and easy weight loss program with the use of various protein shakes the company offers. These products are available in most of the countries and can be easily ordered online too.

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All the products of the company are herbal in nature, low in fats and calories, naturally made and designed to cause weight loss when used with proper dietary guidelines. It maintains the needs of the body and balances protein and fibre intake that also take care of the organs and overall functioning of the body physically. Here is how the Herbalife diet plan should be followed.

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Herbalife Diet Plan For Quick Weightloss:

Step # 1

You start with the replacement of breakfast with Herbal Life protein shake. It is available in seven different flavours to choose from. Make sure you choose one of your choices as it will make up for two meals a day which cannot be cheated on.

In a blender, take a cup of soy milk or non-fat milk and add two scoops of the shake powder. Add a cup of the fruit of your choice like berries, bananas or peaches and blend to form a smoothie.

Step # 2

Herbal Concentrate needs to be included in the breakfast routine. This concentrate is a herbal tea blend that increases the metabolism of the body thus leading to an increase in energy which also helps burn extra calories.  The kit also includes a multivitamin complex tablet that needs to be taken after breakfast.

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Step # 3

Lunch is replaced with a shake made from Herbal Life Meal Shake. For the shake, two scoops of shake mix need to be added to a cupful of soy milk or non-fat milk with and a cup of fresh fruit. Blend all of these together in a blender. Men having weight more than 200 pounds need to add another scoop of the meal mix. This also comes with a multivitamin complex tablet that needs to be taken with water.

Step # 4

Since meals are replaced with healthy shakes, you tend to feel hungry more often and this hunger needs to be satisfied with healthy snacks. Store in foods with high protein for healthy snacks at home and work. You can also opt for fresh vegetable salads and raw vegetables.

Step # 5

Dinner should be kept normal and simple. It should be high on protein and compulsorily include steamed vegetables and salads with vinegar dressing. Fresh fruit for dessert is preferred and another dose of the multivitamin tablet is taken.

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Step # 6

To keep the body hydrated it is essential to drink plenty of water and other fluids. Drink fresh juices to prevent unnecessary sugar intake. Alternatively having citrus fruits like oranges instead of their juice also adds to the fibre intake which is healthier.

With this Herbalife diet plan, it is essential to resist the temptation of having extra calories and fats. Exercising, brisk walking and other means to burn calories should be adopted for effective weight loss and also to meet the changing needs of the body.

Let us know if you still have any doubts or concern about the Herbalife diet plan. We would love to assist you with the best solutions and answers.


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