Hair Growth can be a real problem for many. Improper growth of the hair can be traced back to a lot of body problems. However, besides keeping yourselves healthy you can also try natural herbs to enhance the quality of the hair and make them grow normally.

Listed are a few most popular and easy-to-use herbs that are useful in promoting hair growth. Most of these can be used with the basic ingredients available at home and benefit the hair manifold. All you need is a regular routine for the hair for these to work their magic.

Herbs For Hair Growth:

Here are our 8 best herbs for hair growth as follows us.

1. Amla–Gooseberry–( Emblica Officinalis):

Amla is one of the purest and oldest forms of Vitamin C. it helps in hair nourishment, prevents white hair and fading of hair, and also thickens it. Amla is used for application and consumption to improve hair quality. Drinking about 3-4 Amlas juice on empty stomach in the morning makes hair strong and promotes hair growth. It is also used in various hair packs along with other herbs to revitalize the scalp. This is one of the best Indian herbs for hair growth.

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2. Shikakai–(Acacia Concinna):

Alternatively called ‘fruit of the hair, Shikakai benefits for hair are countless.  It has natural pH that enhances the bounce of the hair and also makes it soft. It cleanses the scalp without taking off its natural moisture and enhances hair growth. This is one of the best Indian herbs for hair growth.

3. Ghritkumari–Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is well known for its benefits on the skin, but aloe vera gel mixed with oils has benefits for the hair too. it not only adds body and lustre to the hair but promoted hair growth by strengthening the follicles and improving blood circulation. This is one of the best herbs for hair growth.

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4. Bhringraj–False Daisy-(Eclipta Alba):

The herb is used in the form of powder made of its leaves. It promotes hair growth naturally and effectively compared to most other methods of hair growth. Using Brahmi oil rejuvenates the scalp and enhances blood circulation to it, thus promoting hair growth. It has multiple uses in hair packs also. The herb is one of the most acclaimed ones in Ayurveda and Natura Veda to treat various hair problems. This is one of the best herbs for hair growth.

5. Brahmi Herb For Hair Growth:

Brahmi is well known for its excellent results to treat brain disorders, what’s new is its usage for hair to make them look stunningly beautiful and healthy. It helps retain the natural colour of the hair and maintains its shine and softness with regular use. Brahmi Oil massage is beneficial in enriching the hair follicles and making them strong. This prevents hair fall and replenishes the hair.

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6. Aritha-Soapnuts-(Sapindus Mukorrosi):

It is a beneficial hair tonic that maintains the overall health of the hair and fights hair problems like dandruff and split ends. It works as a conditioner and keeps the hair shiny and bouncy. And it cleanses the hair and scalp and with regular use, brings about growth from the inactive follicles too. This is one of the best Indian herbs for hair growth.

7. Muleti–Licorice–(Yucca Schidigera):

Muleti is used in various hair products made to promote hair growth. It keeps the scalp squeaky clean, hydrated and moisturized as these features are essential for healthy hair growth. It has natural enzymes that rejuvenate the scalp and promote blood circulation. Licorice is also helpful in preventing baldness and premature hair graying. This is one of the best herbs for hair growth.

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8. Horsetail:

Horsetail is rich in silica that strengthens the hair, bones and nails. It restores the overall health of the hair and prevents breakage and dryness. It is a natural hair repair formula that also enhances hair growth because of its hair-friendly properties. The use of the herb is seen in most hair products. This is one of the best herbs for hair growth.

Most of these herbs are readily available at stores and are easy to use. There are multiple ways in which they can benefit your hair and promote hair growth.

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