How To Use Hibiscus For Hair Growth?

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Hibiscus is also said to be the “flower of hair care.” The parts of the plant are used in various ways to prevent hair problems like split ends, dandruff, and dryness, dullness and hair damage. It is also beneficial for volumizing the hair and preventing premature graying.

Benefits And Apply Hibiscus For Hair:

There are various methods in which the flowers and leaves of the hibiscus plant can be used to promote hair growth. Oils, conditioner, masks and shampoo can be made at home in easy processes to give the hair the benefits of the hibiscus plant. Since it is a natural ingredient, it is definitely safe for all kinds of hair and gives good results with regular use. Read on for the different ways in which the plant can benefit your hair.

Hibiscus for hair growth is always a good idea to trust on. The hibiscus leaves and flower has the petals itself that can be put to use quick and easy. The flower is beneficial for your hair and it can induce hair growth in ways most natural remedies fail to. Basically if satisfying results in the end are what you are looking for, hibiscus will work wonders. From bald patches to quick aging of hair, it can reverse all the issues that your keratin conditioner cannot. In case you cannot find the flower itself, there are so many hibiscus enriched powder that will work on your problems just as great and the benefits of the flower are many. Let us get into the scene and discuss one after the other.

Benefits And Apply Hibiscus For Hair

Benefits Of Hibiscus Flower For Hair:

  • The flower is known to get a better and healthy looking hair in less time. This is because hibiscus boasts of its high composition of Vitamin C and amino acids. The flowers are very lathery and can thus be formulated into shampoos without many hassles.
  • The plant leaves and flowers are both known to prevent your hair from growing gray before you are of age that is we are talking of premature graying.
  • Hibiscus will never lead to allergies since it is good for all skin types.
  • If your roots and strands need strengthening, you can trust hibiscus with the same.
  • It deep conditions your hair making them smoother in no time.

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Hibiscus For Hair:

Below we have some hair packs that are very helpful for healthy hair and hair growth.

1. Making Hibiscus Oil For Hair Growth:

For the oil, grind 6-7 hibiscus flowers and equal amount of leaves. In a small deep pan/ container boil about 3/4th cup of any oil of your choice (preferred oil is coconut). When the oil is very hot, add the grinded mixture to it, cover with a lid and put the flame off. Let the oil stay covered till it cools. Apply use warm/cooled oil on scalp and cover with a towel for half an hour, then wash using hibiscus shampoo or any mild shampoo. The oil rejuvenates the scalp and facilitates blood flow, thus helping the hair growth.

The oil can be stored with the hibiscus leaves and flower paste in a small bottle for regular use. Make sure you do not store a lot of it; else the oil loses its essence.

2. Hibiscus Hair Masks For Hair:

  • Take a few hibiscus leaves and grind to make a fine paste. Do not use water unless required. Mix the paste in half bowl unsweetened curd. Apply evenly to the roots of your hair and leave for one hour. Rinse using warm water and use a mild shampoo. This strengthens the roots, makes hair strong and promotes hair growth.
  • Take 2-3 teaspoons of amla powder and add equal amount of grinded hibiscus leaves paste to it. Mix thoroughly to form a smooth mask and apply on the hair. Wash with lukewarm water after half an hour. It helps make follicles strong and increases hair growth.

3. Hibiscus Leaves Shampoo:

Crush 10-12 leaves of hibiscus. Use bigger leaves instead of the smaller ones and add a few drops of any preferred oil to it. Use this to clean your hair instead of any shampoo. It will not only cleanse the scalp but also support hair growth.

Alternatively, you can also make the shampoo using 10-12 petals of hibiscus flower, 4-5 small leaves of hibiscus and 5-6 drops of olive oil and make a coarse paste by grinding them. Leave it for at least 15 minutes before applying on the scalp as a shampoo. Make sure that you rinse off thoroughly to prevent bits of leaves and flowers from getting stuck on the hair.

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4. Hibiscus Hair Conditioner:

For the conditioner, grind 7-8 hibiscus flowers with just enough water to make a thick paste. Since it is meant for deep conditioning, ensure that your hair is not completely wet, but the scalp is clean. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave for an hour. Rinse thoroughly using warm water. The conditioner deeply penetrates the scalp and evokes dead follicles and improves the growth of hair.

These methods are easy to try and non-tedious too. Just make sure that whatever part of the plant you use is clean and there is no dust or soil on it. It is also important to know that one time use may not give effective results, so use the formulas for at least 3 weeks regularly to know the difference and feel the benefits.

5. Hibiscus And Onion For Hair:

When you are looking for hibiscus flower for hair, let us warn you, it might be hard for you to look for side effects. Although amongst the many benefits you will find, one will the combined grace of hibiscus flowers along with onion. What you need to do to begin with this one is take a fresh onion and quickly peel the skin off. Let the juice dry a little and then put the onion in a grinder to extract the pulp. Dry this of the juice yet again. You now need to add the juice of hibiscus flower that you can easily get by grinding it. Mix the two in the right proportion and you deed here is done. Apply this on your hair and let it dry. Wash off soon with cold water.

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6. Ginger And Hibiscus Leaves:

People do complain a lot about their hair fall, particularly women who want to do something about it but none of products out in the market are quite helpful. So, the next natural remedy we have laid out for you is ginger. To begin with the hair pack here, you need a ginger root along with hibiscus as well. Crush and grind the two separately to extract their juices and combine them in a bowl. Make sure the proportion is even, since even the slightest difference could leave your hair smelling of ginger all day. Apply this solution now, close to the roots mostly. Make sure that the root isn’t unattended and you cover every strand. The hair pack will be dense and now flow around, so if you use this pack and let it dry regularly; it will bring about quick re-growth of your hair right away.

7. Hibiscus And Curry Leaves:

Add coconut oil to some curry leaves, hibiscus leaves and grind them to a paste. Massage the paste now to brag of a great hair nourishment remedy which is easy to make. Soon enough you will see results that will get your thick hair back!

With these DIY tips from our side, we hope we managed to get to you about your hair problems and how hibiscus for hair leaves help to push them away for good.


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