High blood pressure is something that five out of ten people are suffering with today. As life progresses and as the world becomes more advanced there will be more and more problems that a person will have to deal with. From a simple car horn to a disgruntled or rather angry unsatisfied employer all these things cause tension in our body which in turn contributes to high blood pressure.

Think of your body as a boiling pot, only when you heat the pot will the water inside start to boil. Similarly your body is also like a boiling pot and it gets heated up with tension and stress.

When the body heats up the blood starts to boil and move faster throughout the body, this causes the heart to start producing more blood and due to this you start feeling hyper and in rare cases out of breath. There are many side affects to high blood pressure which may include blackouts, breakdowns and in the worst cases also diabetes. There are several causes of high blood pressure of which some are given above. High blood pressure can primarily start with just a whole lot of stress. Stress is the root to many problems with high blood pressure being a major problem. Stress relief is the best way to keep your pressure in check for the first stages and for advanced stages only medical help can help you.

Symptoms And Causes Of High Blood Pressure:

This article will guide you about what are main causes and symptoms of the high blood pressure in men and women that make you aware about this problem.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure:

There are various common causes of high blood pressure, some of these causes are mentioned below.

1. Stress:

Stress is the most basic cause of high blood pressure, the more stress you have to deal with in your daily life the more possibilities are there for you to start suffering with high blood pressure. There are several side affects to stress so try and keep a day or two off a week so that you can connect with yourself and deal with your stress. To deal with your stress will help you to deal with your early stages of high blood pressure. Stress is one of the main causes to high blood pressure.

2. Weight:

Weight is another factor that can cause high blood pressure. Excess weight can put a lot of pressure on the body, especially the heart which is the blood centre and the life support of your body. Without blood there is no way the body can function. And when the body is overcome by weight then the heart functioning is disrupted causing strain and in turn causes high blood pressure.

3. Hereditary:

Another major cause of high blood pressure is at times a hereditary problem. When your parents have suffered with maybe diabetes or high blood pressure itself then it is extremely possible for you to get it by chance to. For a long time this particular problem lays dormant in your body and can be instigated by high levels of stress and diabetes can be instigated by unbalanced diets and sometimes high intake of sweet substances.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms:

There are various and numerous signs symptoms that can help you understand when you are facing the problem of getting high blood pressure and given below are some of these common symptoms of high blood pressure for your further health.

1. Aneurysms:

Aneurysms are sometimes formed in the arteries of a person suffering with high blood pressure. This normally occurs in the carotid artery which is the main artery that helps to pump blood throughout the body. These are like small bulges that slowly block the flow of blood and may lead to your heart or kidney stopping overtime. Getting medical help and getting your blood pressure checked is necessary immediately.

2. Hypertension:

Hypertension is another sign of high blood pressure, hypertension is caused with extreme stress, if your body goes through too much stress everyday for too long then at some point you will break, without the right help and relaxation you can breakdown like as mentioned in the beginning of the article. This breakdown can cause a multitude of things from stroke to heart failure. So try to keep a few days of relaxation away from your daily life so that you can de-stress.

3. Bad Headache:

A bad headache is also tell tale signs of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often accompanied by severe headaches. Among all the heart attack symptoms this is the most irritating ones. People with high blood pressure issues are also corporate employees or students and have to go to work or schools or colleges. Sudden headaches can prove to be really disturbing for them. And these are not just minor headaches which come and go away.

These are severe headaches which will make you feel as if your head is gonna blast. It is really a pain in the rear and can ruin your mood as well.This is because due to high blood pressure your blood is rushing to your brain and back again at a faster speed making your brain work faster than normal causing a strain that no one can get rid of that easily. It normally stays for more than a few days and can only be treated with doctor prescribed medication.

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4. Nausea:

Nausea is also another symptom, as explained above the blood rushes through the brain making you feel nauseous and sometimes may cause you to faint when the pressure becomes too strong. It has been noted that in some cases people black out on the road while going somewhere causing them to be hit by a car or other vehicle due to high blood pressure.

5. Nosebleeds:

If you start bleeding from your nose and this problem persists for quite a few days then high blood pressure is a high possibility. High blood pressure causes the nose to bleed as the blood is travelling at a greater speed and more blood is manufactured by the heart than normal. If you don’t bleed during this time the excess blood can cause heart failure, therefore this symptom is both bad and good.

High blood pressure more specifically is called ‘the silent killer’ as it is the gateway to many other diseases like diabetes and liver failure, along with these problems high blood pressure also causes hypertension, clots, stroke, and in major cases death.

Death is the final factors of high blood pressure therefore get your pressure checked immediately today so that you know for a fact you are safe. If your blood pressure is above normal then you know what to do. Stay safe and be healthy.

6. Weak Heart:

Having a weak heart can often trigger the issue of high blood pressure. If a person has a weak heart condition then it is pretty obvious that he might also be suffering from high blood pressure problems. The weak heart condition makes the symptoms more vibrant. This is one of the most important high blood pressure causes. For removing the high blood pressure symptoms one must first cure his heart condition and also avail daily checkups if possible.

7. Bad Blood Vessel Structure:

A bad blood vessel formation can often be a high blood pressure cause. The improper formation of blood vessel is totally a bad luck and there is no proper cure for this. If the blood vessels are not the right place then the blood cannot circulate properly throughout the body. This will prove to be extremely harmful for you. It is one of the most important causes of heart attack and can often make one sick. It might prove to be really bad for the heart itself.

Following are some of other signs and symptoms of high blood pressure. One should go through these signs properly to get the know the subject a lot better.

8. Blood Spot In The Eyes:

If these is blood spot in the eyes, then it can be said that you have a high blood pressure. This is also called subconjunctival hemorrhage. People having high blood pressure issue will know about this. However the floaters in the eyes are not related to blood pressure of which people seem to have a misconception. The blood spot in the eyes is also not related to the optic nerve. It is basically because of high blood pressure. However, there might be some other internal problems or which blood spots may appear. It is best if you consult a doctor.

9. Facial Flushing:

Another popular symptom of blood pressure is the facial flushing. This generally happens when the blood vessels in the face dilate. A lot of high blood pressure patients will experience the red burning feeling in the face. This high blood pressure symptom is pretty common and happens to almost everyone irrespective of the gender.

10. Short Breath:

It is pretty common. Often people with high blood pressure problems can run out of breath pretty easily. This is very common among women and old people. This particular symptom will restrain the person with high blood pressure from doing any straining physical activities. One cannot enjoy open-heartedly with high blood pressure on their side at all times. Short breath can also lead to a number of other health problems. The symptom is also common among heart patients since all of this is related to proper supply of oxygen and blood circulation.

11. Dizziness:

Among all the high blood pressure symptoms this one is the most common one. A person with high blood pressure problems will feel dizzy throughout the day. Loss of sense is also sometimes accompanied with this particular symptom. It is pretty natural and can happen to almost all patients with high blood pressure.

Dizziness can be really harmful as it sometimes creates false sense such as fake sounds, or visions. Sometimes the surrounding of a person with dizziness symptom will seem to be revolving or spinning which will make your head turn round and is followed by senselessness.

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12. Stroke:

One of the most dangerous and harmful blood pressure symptom is stroke. When the flow of oxygen-rich blood cells to the brain is blocked, stroke occurs. If one survives the stroke attack then one of the reasons behind the occurrence of the stroke may be high blood pressure.

There may be other harmful outcomes as well such as partial paralysis of the face, arms, legs, etc.

13. Speaking Difficulty:

A person with high blood pressure may face a lot of difficulty in speaking. These may be accompanied with short speech and is one of the most common symptoms of high blood pressure and is often seen in aged people. Men and women find this really embarrassing as there is nothing they can do about it.

14. Peripheral Artery Disease:

This is a disease, where the plaques are formed in the leg arteries. This particular artery disease might also affect the blood flow to the legs leading to pain the joints or even frozen leg. One can loose all kinds of sensation in the legs which may further turn out to be a kind of temporary paralysis. There may be camping of the legs, pain in the buttocks, etc and many more. These are generally all the symptoms of high blood pressure associated with the legs.

15. Eye Damage:

High blood pressure may hamper the vision as well. There may be severe eye problems and even eye damage due to the spread of the internal symptoms of high blood pressure throughout the body. High blood pressure is a killer in this case since it can lead to permanent blindness as well. There may be vision changes as well. This happens because the blood vessels in the eyes burst out. One of the worst symptoms of high blood pressure may be eye bleeding.

16. Chronic Kidney Disease:

This is yet another harmful diseases caused by high blood pressure. This particular high blood pressure symptom proves how harmful it can be. When the blood vessels in the kidney narrow it may cause kidney failure as well.

these were some of the best symptoms and causes of high blood pressure. A high blood pressure patient can have a number of health related issues one should take care of himself or herself before things go out of hand.


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