High blood sugar is an illness which is generally associated with diabetes. This ailment refers to an excess sugar level in your blood which is due to maybe eating too much sweet over the years or maybe because diabetes has been in the family. It is a well-known fact that diabetes is a genetic disease which can be transferred from parents to children or from grandparents to grandchildren as it is completely normal for the sickness to skip a generation. High blood sugar has some serious consequences and requires immediate attention. There is no way to cure high blood sugar once the illness has passed its second stage but there is a chance if you catch the illness in the nick of time.

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High blood sugar has some serious consequences or effects, ranging from blindness to heart attacks, obesity and strokes. Therefore it is recommended that you get your blood sugar levels checked today as the age group that normally suffers with this illness is normally ranging from 28 years to 60 years of age.

Causes And Symptoms High Blood Sugar:

Here is a guide for you about what are the main causes and symptoms of high blood sugar which will help you to know what is your state when you are diseased by that health disorder.

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Causes Of High Blood Sugar:

Blood sugar has a limited amount of well-known causes that people around the world try to keep in mind so that they do not fall sick of this illness. It is necessary to remember the reasons and causes of blood sugar that are mentioned below:-

1. Sweet Snacks:

Eating too much sweet foods is a basic cause of high blood sugar. The sweet substance in the food mixes with the blood and spreads throughout the body by the heart. When you were a child you must be remembering your parents warning you not to eat too much of sweets, This general warning was not only to protect your teeth but to also protect your body. Though sweets taste nice they don’t exactly have any positive effects on your body, more likely they have long-lasting negative effects. Therefore a controlled consumption of sweets may help to keep your blood sugar in check.

2. Irregular Diet:

An irregular diet is another main cause of high blood sugar. Blood sugar is kept in check with the help of a constant supply of nutrients available in the food we eat, therefore an irregular diet will cause an irregular supply of vitamins and minerals which will in turn raise the sugar levels in the body.

3. Diabetes:

Diabetes may also cause a high blood sugar level. Both these problems actually work hand in hand. If you have high blood sugar you will have diabetes and vice versa. Diabetes is actually an advanced level of high blood sugar and therefore is not different from the next. Diabetes raises the sugar levels in the blood and in turn causes you to face this problem simultaneously that is why when you have diabetes a skilled doctor will always check your blood sugar to determine how advanced the illness actually is.

4. Stress:

Stress is the root cause of many problems. Extreme stress can cause strokes and heart attacks. In this case stress also contributes to the buildup of blood sugar in the body along with the blood pressure. People do not understand the intensity of stress and the effects it has on your system, therefore keep some time out for yourself in the week to relieve stress from your system to help deal with this issue. This is beneficial as in the long run at least you will not have a secondary issue to deal with when it comes to blood sugar.

5. Infection:

Very less people are of this, but it is true that if a person is suffering from any kind infection then that person’s blood sugar level may rise. This has been proven by some scientists and according to their report, it is common on both men and women. This can be said as one of the most unknown causes of high blood sugar. If your blood sugar level rises to an unfavorable limit then there might be some horrible outcomes which are also discussed in this article. Blood sugar level problems are one of the major issues these days and people are suffering from it quite often.

6. Carbs:

Carbs are okay for you, but if you take too much and don’t shed anything at all then they will simply settle in your body and block the blood flow procedure. This is one of the prime causes of high blood sugar. Foods such as potatoes contain good amounts of carbohydrates and if you eat them too much, they might turn out to be extremely bad for you. A person won’t be able to identify this easily and there will be times when a person will be suffering from some serious blood sugar issues just because he has eaten too much carbohydrates.

7. Ill For A Long Time:

When you’re finally educating yourself about the different causes of high blood sugar then it is kind of complementary to learn about this one as well. If a person is ill or sick for quite some time, then there are chances that he might be suffering from high blood sugar issues. A person might be going through some serious blood sugar problems if his body is taking saline liquid or he is lying in bed. This might also happen if there is no sign of physical activity at all. This is one of the main high blood sugar causes and this works for everyone. You might be a victim of this as well.

8. Skipping Insulin:

Suppose you have high blood sugar issues and you are under medication for the time being. If you don’t take proper medication, that is if you forget or intentionally skip your dosage of insulin, then you might be suffering from the symptoms of high blood sugar. There is really no specific outcome for this cause as a person doesn’t just keep missing the insulin dosage when he wants to get well early. Still, if one ignores that importance of insulin then he or she might be going through some serious backdrops of high blood sugar. Among all the causes of high blood sugar, this is one of the most important ones.

9. Inactive:

If your body is deprived from all kinds of physical activities (that is you don’t break a sweat at all), then you will be victim of high blood sugar. A person doesn’t just suffer from high blood sugar. There will be times when you will be facing some serious blood sugar issues and this will be just due to the inactive state of your body. When you’re going through the phase of high blood sugar, then keeping the mind and the body active is complementary.

10. Eating Beyond Your Diet Routine:

There are times when an individual cannot just resist the intake of food and it turns out that he or she has eaten all the food that that person should strictly avoid. Some have a sweet tooth and some have a huge appetite and this might one of the most important high blood sugar causes. It is pretty obvious that if you insulin dosage doesn’t make up for the amount of food you’re eating, then high blood sugar problems are just waiting for you.

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High Blood Sugar Symptoms:

There are some generic signs and symptoms of blood sugar that will give you an insight into your body. These generic symptoms are strong signals indicating that you are currently suffering with high blood sugar. Some of these symptoms may be included below

1. Lethargy:

Blood pressure and blood sugar both cause extreme lethargy in the patient suffering with these problems. This lethargic feeling is caused by the irregularity of blood distribution in your body. Along with irregularity high sugar levels also cause lethargic behavior. Extreme lethargy caused by the malfunctioning may cause or lead to heart attacks which may prove fatal for the patient.

2. Blurry Vision:

High levels of sugar in the body caused by any of the above causes you to slowly add to the problem you are already facing in the view of having high blood sugar. Blurry vision is the first sign of having high blood sugar which will then lead to diabetes and then ultimately blindness. Blurry vision usually occurs when you are exposed to strong sunlight and can sometimes be mistaken as a migraine but if you are suffering with constant blurry vision it is necessary that you get your blood sugar tested immediately.

3. Nausea:

Nausea is another symptom of high blood sugar. Blood sugar causes an imbalance in your body which in turn causes you to feel sick due to the sugar in your blood. It is not unlike when as a child if you ate too much chocolate you would feel sick., the same way high blood sugar causes you to feel sick. Nausea is not a very easy problem to get rid off and requires specialized doctor’s advice.

4. Heart Pain:

Heart pain is mild and last for over an hour but be careful as it can easily be mistaken as gas. It occurs in some patients who have a high degree of sugar in their blood. The heart is a constant flow which supplies your body with the blood that helps you to function making it the most important organ in your body beside your brain but at some point when blood sugar builds up beyond normal in your system it starts creating an imbalance in its beating causing mild pain in the chest. So get you blood sugar checked and be safe.

5. Feeling Thirsty:

A person suffering from high blood sugar problems will feel thirsty quite often and this is one of the most sighted high blood sugar causes. People who suffer from high blood sugar often have an urge to drink something (maybe water, or fruit juice, or a soda) that will fill them up and quench their thirst. The throat becomes dry during this time and asking for water is quite natural during the phase of high blood sugar.

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6. Fatigue:

Another important one among all the symptoms of high blood sugar is experiencing the feeling of fatigue. There will be some physical stress attached to your body most of time and this will be due to the overload of insulin or the daily dosage of insulin, with which your body might not be used to. Fatigue is pretty common in both men and women, all who have high blood sugar problems.

7. Shortness of Breath:

One will easily run out of breath. This will happen quite often and it can be said to be one of the most important high blood sugar symptoms. Due to this, a person will be deprived from a number of physical activities and people facing this particular symptom generally have to go through it as it can result in speaking difficulties as well.

8. Stomach Pain:

During the phase of suffering from high blood sugar, the stomach will be one of the rime victims. A person will experience severe pain in the stomach if he or she is having some high blood sugar problems. Stomach pain is quite obvious during this period and an individual will be experiencing this symptom quite often as it is one of the most common high blood sugar symptoms.

9. Strange Breath Odor:

There will be a sudden and surprising change in the breath odor as well. During diabetes you might face some breath odor issue such as your breath might turn from normal to fruity and this has been claimed to be one of the most common high blood sugar symptoms.

10. Dry Mouth:

Asking for water throughout the day is quite obvious if you’re suffering from high blood ‘sugar. As, when you’re facing high blood sugar problems, generally the throat turns dry and a persons frequently asks for good amounts of water.



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