High heels are the heart beats for many women. The magnetic attraction of high heels turns every heads towards it when it touches the floor. Women get a splendid attraction and feeling of being high with the wear of high heels on their special outfits. When we are at work or on a special event, why not give our appearance a twist with heels that not only give our height a change but also make our etiquette a remarkable difference. Neon colors that have recently made a boom on the fashion of feet accessories look mind blowing. Women not only change their shoes but make a change in their appearance. The colorful heels high light on the feet and make an eye popping impression. Some specific outfits needs perfect shoes or sandals to make the appearance completely the best.

Latest and Magnificent Designs of High Heel Shoes for Men and Women:

Here are the best high heels shoes for ladies in fashion.

1. Kitten Heel Women Shoes:

Kitten heels are considered the best foot wears style which the women love a lot. The mixture of comfort and style, they are the best high heel shoes that look cool for parties and events at business work. The kitten heels are not too low or too high but a perfect height that is appropriate for the place.

2. Round Close Toes Pump Women Heel Shoes:

Women shoes high heel pumps are the fashion iconic foot wears that are famous among ladies and also attract a lot of men. Popularly known as high heels alone these pumps make you 2 to 3 inches higher than the actual height of the lady. They are normally low cut around the front but designs can also vary with round close toes shape or open finger toes. Different patterns with the body of the shoes make you choose not less than 5 to 6 pairs of high heels for yourself.

3. Stiletto Heels Peep Toes Neon Pink Shoes:

Stiletto ladies high heels shoes are considered the highest heels among women feet wear. These heels are normally the pencil heels. They make your height reach 8 inches higher. Women can face walking problem and might even get leg injuries but the proper way to walk with the stiletto heels will bring fire to your appearance. The high heels make your feel stand upright form from the surface and needs extra care while walking.

4. Wedge Heels:

Wedge heels are suitable for women with less height. The wedge heels shoes come in two varieties such as the heels shoes and the sandals. The flush high heels can be seen in the wedge heels, the sole and the heel are totally one. While the sandal wedge heels have a rather more open space in the upper part of the heels. The wedge high heels shoes for ladies can give you a better platform compared to pencil heels.

5. Cone Heels for Women:

The high heels shoes for women come in the cone heels style too. The cone heels are wide at the sole and very narrow at the surface. The cone shape of the heel makes the proper balance on the feet wear. The cone shapes heels may be high pr too high but it makes it easy to walk on them. The design of the sandals can be made exclusively stylish with strips or belts to tie on the ankle.

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6. Boots with Platform Heels:

Platform high heels shoes are the most comfortable and easy walk on feet wear for women who love to walk on a height. The platform heels are available from short to tall size. The important thing about the platform heels is that the shoe under the sole is thick and the same makes the lady get a height. Women feel comfortable walking with platform heels as the feet wear helps not to slant the toes to the side ways and covers the whole leg sole with a base. The platform heels come in sandal form as well as in boots style.

7. Ankle Boots High Top Shoes:

Ankle boots high heels shoes for men are less in the market. But men who love to wear heels can get themselves the ankle boots with high tops. The leather black buckled shoes look fantabulous men. The mate and shine combination highlights the feet with a glam. The extra height on the ankles also gets an extra attractive look to the feet.

8. Bottom Red High Heels:

Women with red feet wear have a bootie style on the toes. The tip of the toe with a tap on the floor with a blood red sandal on the feet is high on the fashion. Making a statement style the red high heels shoes look splendid on a red gown or any matching outfit. A pump heel red sandal with a bow on the toe looks mind blowing superb style for a party wear or red carpet event.

9. Fashion White Heels for Men:

Men with a love for making a statement t style even for their foot wears can choose a fashion white heels that look marvelous for a dynamic impact over the opposites. The white and black print on the leather shoes and the pointed front looks incredible for men on high. Tie string design and black heels on the back of the shoes, looks spectacular on men.

10. Silver French Heels:

The French heels in sandals and shoes for women are very famous among short heels for women. The silver high heels shoes for women can be stupendous with the French heels that are not too high and not too low and a perfect height for a simple sober appearance. Popularly known as Louis heels or the Pompadour heel sandals the French heels look somewhat like the spool heels that have curve in the heels and also are of the same not too high heels in size.

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11. Luxury High Heel Snake Skin Shoes:

High heels shoes for men superb designs in the leather shoes best for office wear and regular wear looks fantastic. The black of the shoes look incredible and look fabulous on men with lesser height and go great with these shoes. Some men who need an inch difference in their height can undoubtedly wear the designer formal shoes with and extra soul high heel on the penny for an increase in their height.

12. Diamond Studded Golden Heels:

Golden feet wear for women looks amazing and while the sandals are studded with diamonds the shoes get a boost. Golden pumps are high on fashion. The incredible design of sparkling diamonds look brilliant when worn on special occasions on red carpet events or wedding occasions. The highest heel considered gives an extra enhancement to the statement style of the high heels shoes.

13. High Heel Evening Boots:

High heel shoes for women with an extra style of covering the entire feet and a bold dark color such as maroon or magenta over the pencil heels look magnificent. The high heel evening boots look perfect for a late parties or events with bold image needs. The pointed toes and the high hang penny and the high covered ankles look classic and rich.

14. Cuban Heel Shoes for Men:

Cuban high heel shoes for men are an extra ordinary style for men to choose and out of the blue style for their foot wear. A zipped ankle and high heel on the back give a spectacular look. The pointed front and the smooth texture on the top gives and eye catching impact on men’s feet.

15. Black Corset Heel Booties:

Black high heels shoes for women with admin – blowing style of corset on the top looks magnificent. The corset heels are somewhat like the mule heels shoes. The only difference between the corset heels and the mule heels is that the mules are covered till the top ankle with the closed leather design of the shoe while, the corset high heel shoes are open from both sides on the top ankle and is closed with the corset design. The heels may vary from high to low height that in any way suits the feet glam.

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16. High Heel Show Boots for Men:

Show boots for men need to be with high heel shoes as it is needed inevitably to show a height so that the audience can visibly see the show clearly. A proper height to the show men will definitely give a success to the show. A black pair of shoe with a sure heel height wills do the rest.

17. White Chunky Heels:

White high heel shoes look the all time favorite and show stopping style for women foot wears. The chunky heels look dynamic when the shoes are high and the sole is thick with the chunky style. The chunky styled heels are wide and square in shape. They come in short height to medium higher size. Such high heels look sporty thick and eye catching just like the stiletto heels. It also becomes easy to walk on thick heels.

18. High Heel Sports Shoes:

Men sports shoes have a general height for a better sporty act. The shoes with extra heels are given to the soul in the platform base and the entire sport shoes get a higher look. Men can wear such heeled shoes for playing a better sport. The back of the soul is given a thick surface for the same.

19. Comma Heels:

It is very unusual and a very different style of high heel designs in shoes. The comma heels are new to the fashion world and is regardless very attractive on the feet. The widely known as the punctuation mark “comma” sign is designed for the heel of the shoes. It is quite hard walking on such heels. Women need to walk slowly and with pace to walk on comma high heel shoes.

20. Fantasy High Heels:

The fantasy heels for women have the glamorous style statement in its designs. The designer look of the fantasy high heels looks dynamic and gives an eye popping impact. The wildcard heel style crazy designs are outstanding and always bring attraction toward it. The special dressing needs a special design to the foot wears too. There are so many designs in the fantasy heel style. Women with extra fashion weirdness will sure love to wear them otherwise it is not every ones cup of tea.

Apart from the above described heels we also have varieties of high heels that catch the eyes for a glam in our style. The espadrille shoes look fantastic the same way as any other heels. The fabric upper part of the shoes is designed uniquely. The espadrille shoes have the fiber sole and have both type of heels such as the wedge heels or the flat. The traditional style of feet wear in the Oxford has the academy look in its design. The oxford style high heel shoes are generally flat at the base and a remarkably little more height on the back. To get funkier in the style the cool said heels known as the cut out heels go great. The designs of the heels have cutting to make it look specific and classic. Strappy shoes with high heels also make a brilliant impact on women. Typically worn for ballroom dance, the heel shoes give the dancer a perfect support to the floor. They are grounded to the surface and are easy that way to dance freely. The vertical lift available by thee strappy heel shoes look fabulous on wedding occasions as well.

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