Protein is composed of amino acids, which are essential for proper growth and development of a body. The human body can manufacture certain amino acids that are needed for producing protein. But, some amino acids need to be obtained from external (vegetable or animal) protein sources. On average, the RDI or recommended daily intake of protein for men aged 19 to 70 years is 56 grams, and for women aged 19 to 70 years is 46 grams. Excess protein is changed into energy. In this article, we are discussing about the high protein diet plan.

A diet that has at least fifty % protein in it is called a high protein diet. Many people are opting for a high protein diet for losing weight. This diet along with high protein content needs to have moderate carbohydrate as well. However, you need to do regular exercise to reduce blood fats. This diet also helps to maintain lean tissue that is required for burning the fat, to be used as fuel.

How Protein Exactly Reduces Appetite:

It is still a mystery to the scientists how protein works for reducing appetite. As per the researchers, protein causes the brain cells to receive a lower level of hormones that are appetite stimulants. With fewer insulin spikes, the sugar level fluctuation is also low. So, you can feel fewer cravings. According to the American Dietetic Association, proteins function well to satisfy the hunger pangs than carbohydrates or fats.

Foods For High Protein Diet Plan Chart:

The foods that will discuss below are some of the best foods that provide your body with a sufficient amount of protein and you will be able to consume them quite easily as most of them are easily digested. Some of the foods rich in high protein are as follows. You have to add these food items in your diet menu for high proteins along with other benefits.

Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast:

A 100 gm of chicken breast contains 30 gm of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 g protein per 4.5 calories. If you go for a 69gm chicken leg, you will get 18 gm protein.

Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Halibut):

The protein content is 26 gm in 100 gm of fish. For tuna, halibut, and salmon, the protein content is 22gm. For codfish, it is 20 gm. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gm protein per 4.5 calories.

Pork Loin (Chops):

A 100 gm pork loin chop contains 25 gm protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gm per 5.2 calories.

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Cheese (Non-fat Mozzarella):

The protein content in 100 gm of cheese is 32 gm. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gm per 4.7 calories. The low fat cottage cheese has 5gm protein content per ounce, whereas the protein content is more in low-fat Swiss cheese, which is 8 gm. In Parmesan cheese, the protein content per ounce is 10 gm.


The protein content in 100 gm of tofu is 7 gm. The protein is to calorie ratio is 1 gm per 7.4 calories.

Eggs (Especially the Whites):

The egg whites are very rich protein source. The protein content is 13 gm per 100 gm of eggs. The calorie to protein ratio is 1 gm per 12 calories.

Beans (Mature Soy Beans):

The protein content in mature soybeans is 17 gm per 100 gm. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gm per 10.4 calories. The other beans like white beans, kidney beans, lima beans are also high in protein. These high protein nutrients would help your body muscles grow and lessen your hunger pangs. A lot of people depend on beans for their daily supply of protein and it works for them as well. Hence, it will work for you as well. The best way to provide your body with the right amount of protein is to do it naturally and don’t ever try injecting stuff into your body as they don’t do any good but definitely makes your body worse.

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If you are looking for a high protein vegetarian diet, then broccoli is one of the best foods that you should include in your diet chart. A bowl of broccoli contains high amounts of protein and it is one of the highest protein-rich vegetables out there. The protein content of the food fills the body and assist in muscle building and maintaining the same as well. It is one of the most recommended foods by the dietitians and for all the good vitamins and natural essential and available elements, it is one of the healthiest foods as well. If you are looking for food that can assist with filling up your daily protein requirement, then broccoli is one of the finest things for you.

Cottage Cheese:

This kind of cheese contains casein protein, which is also found in milk and it is digested slowly compared to other forms of protein. Because of its slow digestive feature, it keeps the growth of muscle on a steady point and there is a constant supply of energy to the body. In short, it can be said to be one of the finest forms of protein out there and it is a key element of a protein-rich vegetarian diet. Due to the good supply of protein, a lot of people have cottage cheese before bedtime to provide their body with the right amount of protein while they sleep. Some people have a problem with sodium and cottage cheese is extremely high in sodium but there are always different brands and companies that provide less amount of sodium content.

Swiss Cheese:

It is one of the most delicious forms of cheese out there and for its high protein content is one of the best vegetarian protein diet foods as well. There are a decent amount of proteins in certain foods found in the standard supermarkets but there is nothing like Swiss cheese. The protein content in this food is quite high. It is a good option for people willing to grow muscle quite fast. Sandwiches often contain Swiss cheese and that is why this kind of bread-products form a good source of protein for a lot of people.


The amount of protein in stake is quite high and if you are looking for one of the best foods to provide your body with sufficient amount of proteins, then stake might be the right one for you. The stake is quite helpful for a lot of people and because of all the awesome features of this food, it is something that everyone will be willing to consume on a daily basis. There should be an educated intake of this food as with good amounts of protein, this food contains good amounts of calories as well.

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Ground Beef:

Ground beef is probably one of the finest foods that one can ever find. The food is really helpful for the body and can fill your body with good proportions of protein. Ground beef is a source of essential fats and that is why it forms an essential part of a high protein diet. The food is so good that almost anyone will fall in love with it. According to nutrition experts, ground beef is one of the finest sources of protein and they are a good source of creatine as well.

Pork Chops:

Pork chops are one of the best sources of protein and they are one of the tastiest ways to make up for the deficit of protein in your body. Prom always comes with good proportions of meat and that adds certain vital nutrients to our body as well which is good for the organs also. If you are looking for highly protein-rich food, then pork chops are the right stuff for you. It tastes good and is good for your body as well. It is one of the finest suppliers of meat that provides your body with the proper supply of muscle-building and maintaining nutrients.

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Yellowfin Tuna:

There is more than one type of tuna. The yellowfin tuna is quite popular among the physique-concerned people. This particular tuna comes with heavy amounts of protein and is considered to be one of the finest foods for the fish-lovers who also require good amounts of protein in their body. It is loaded with essential vitamins, vitamin B being an important one. The flesh of this fish also contains potent antioxidant and the selenium in its flesh is something which is required by most fish-lovers all over the world. There are many ways to consume this form of tuna.


Squid will do as well. As per researches, the protein content in an octopus is quite beneficial for the body and can add provide your body with some of the most beneficial elements. The food is so good that almost everyone seeking high-protein meals will totally love it. The frozen octopus is always good for the body as the meat will tenderize due to the subzero process. A number of fish-oriented restaurants are offering this food and that is why it is so good for the body. Along with all that, octopus meat is good for the skin as well and the octopus body parts are sometimes used for certain rare and unique medicinal purposes.

In this article, certain essential elements of a high protein diet are mentioned. You can take some of this stuff and arrange accordingly to make a diet that suits you the best. Or you can always take the assistance of experts in this field.


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