Most of you haven’t heard about high-top haircuts. The modern-day and classic high-top haircuts are all about contemporary style statement with the extra dose of stunning and distinct looks. They are unique and are yet enthralling; we bet you haven’t come across any like these hairstyles.

High-top haircuts have one thing in common – and that is, all have a great volume of hair in them. So, if you are someone who wants to try out this new haircut, be sure to make your hair voluminous first. Also, these haircuts all look very unique in their own ways.

9 Best Haircuts for Men with High Hairline:

This list goes through each and one of all those best-looking high-top hairstyles, in order to show you how great they are.

1. Medium Textured High Top Hair:

If you’re looking for high top fade haircut, then this might be your best option. This haircut features the sides that are undercut giving it a whole skin fade appearance. The top part of the hair is textured using a hair product, known as a pomade. Absolutely looks very fashionable and great. This is definitely one of the best-looking high-top fade styles.

2. High Fade High Top Hair:

This hairstyle features curly high-top fade. This haircut includes sides that are highly faded, which disconnects the top from the sides. While the top hair has been styled in sleek and finish by using pomade. Definitely a really good-looking high-top fade with part-styled hair.

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3. High Low Work of Art High Top Hair:

This is one of the most fantastic high-top hairstyles you’ll ever find. The whole hair is divided into parts, creating a high low part. The high part is the top part hair, while the lower part is used for creating an artistic style that will really make heads turn. This haircut is indeed very unique looking.

4. Elongated Top with Artistic Haircut:

This is one of the great-looking high-top fade designs type hairstyle one can get. In this haircut, the sides are faded, while the top of the hair has a boxy type look. The lower part of the hair has been worked for an artistic look. The total look has a real unique feel to it.

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5. Mohawk Style with Hanging Dreadlocks Haircut:

This is an awesome-looking fade haircut which will give the person not only a mohawk-styled hair, but also the dread-lock will also be hanging. The sides are faded as well, giving a very neat and clean look. This is a very nice-looking haircut.

6. Tapered Edges and Front Haircut:

If you’re looking into high-top haircut styles, then you may want to look into these styles as well. This haircut looks very cool and trendy as usual. The top hair has curly edges that go together with the front and side edges of the forehead. This haircut looks nice with a well-shaped beard as well.

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7. The Arabic Style High Top Hair:

This is such a very nice-looking braids-type haircut that will really make you look very stylish. The sides of the hair have a high fade, while the top has a nice styled shape with natural curls. This cut will mostly be beneficial for curly hairs, and this cut will look good with beards as well.

8. Curly Top with Surgical Line Haircut:

This haircut is definitely very unique, one of its own type. The top of the head has really nice curled hair, while the sides have a high fade around the head. Another thing that really stands out regarding this haircut is its L-shaped surgical line over the side of the head. This haircut really is the epitome of creativity.

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9. Fresh Classic High Top Haircut:

If a short high-top fade is your most liked style, then you can try out this different cut. This afro cut has low side fades, along with tapering edges to the top, where the whole top head is totally surrounded by the african afro styled hair. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who loves to try out the afro cut.

Therefore, we can see that there are so many types of different high-top hairstyles that you’ll find nowadays. All of them look great and definitely will increase your style factor. Trying out a different haircut will always award you with some different experiences every time.

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