Fashion has kept on changing with new trends every month. The outfit which is in trend today becomes out of trend next month. Similarly the trend of women jeans also keeps on changing with time. Short pant jeans, long jeans, skinny jeans, pant type jeans, etc. all had their own span for revolving around the minds of the women. But among all, one thing remained common that is the material, jeans.

The fashion of jeans has now brought a new pattern in the fashion world, the high waisted jeans for women.

Different High Waist Jeans Fashion 2018:

Let’s have a glance of few selected women s high waist jeans in India:

1. Simple Light Blue Jeans:

A commonly worn pattern of jeans with high waist design is this. A simple but elegant look is achieved with such pattern. It is widely carried for routine purpose and on picnics. It suits better on any colour top or t-shirts. This jeans can be skinny or bit loose the way you prefer and find it comfortable.

2. Net Look Black High Waist Jeans:

A black high waist jean with a fashionable touch can be seen with a net attached at the knee portion of the leg. The girls who are very fond of wearing a trendy and unique design select these jeans for their party look. The slight cut offs at the hips give it a sensual look. It gives your legs a perfect sexy look to be carried.

3. Folded Front Jeans High Waist:

Want to have a slight blunt look with your high waisted jeans! Go for a design to show your bold look where the ends of the jeans are folded to give your belly button the main attraction point. The high waisted skinny jeans are widely carried in the pubs and discos.

4. High Waisted Capri Look:

The black high waisted jeans here are given a molded look by making its length a bit short from below. It is generally called a high waisted capri giving your look a delicacy and which is widely worn for official purpose, party and picnics. It is also a comfortable outfit for tracking.

5. Plain Skinny High Waist Jeans:

A plain high waisted skinny jean with slight high ends gives a lovely look to your personality. A skinny jean giving a perfect shape to your sexy legs for parties, on dates, etc. when worn on high heels. Available in various colours, the plain design makes it more attractive on lining tops.

6. Cut Fold High Waist Jeans for ladies:

The cut pattern on jeans is quite in fashion these days especially among the college teens. A blue Coloured white bash jean is given several cuts with the help of blade to show your skin on the legs. The jeans are also having a fold which gives a bold glance. It is appropriate for any themed parties and picnics.

7. High Waisted Creasey Jeans:

The best high waisted jeans in trend these days are the Creasey dark blue jeans with spotty design. The jeans are widely carried by the women for office, picnics and outdoor activities. It gives a glance of military pants which gives you a strong look. As it is not skin tight, it gives several creases which helps to hide your heavy leg parts.

8. Designer High Waisted Side Slice Jeans:

A sexy and sensual look can be achieved with a jeans design with several side cuts. The ripped women’s high waisted jeans are widely carried on skin tight tops to show the sexy part of your personality. The blue color adds to its beauty. It is generally carried out on the red carpet by the celebs and bold girls in the pubs and discos.

9. High Waist Short Jeans for Girls:

A quite trendy design of black high waisted jeans is the shorts. The skin tight shorts give a sensual look to the wearer showing your delicate legs. It is widely carried in the offices, parties, pubs and on night outs. The black colour gives a marvelous bonding with any colour top over it.

10. White High Waisted Jeans:

White colour has its own place in the outfits no matter whatever it is. Similarly the white high waisted jeans give a pleasant look for summers at the beaches. The simple jeans are plain which can be carried with tight tops and a loose flawless jacket to make it more elegant. It is an official wear too.

11. Military Design Jeans High Waisted:

Want to wear an army designed outfit! Does it attract you! Here is a high waisted skinny jeans design with a military pant look. The design gives a strong impression to the viewers. It is widely carried for night outs, travelling and tracking. Wear it to show your bold side.

12. Printed Waisted Jeans:

Love wearing something printed or inspired with shapes! Women’s high waisted jeans with dark and light black and grey shades give a stunning look for official wear and for picnics. The design is also popular among the college charms. Go add to its delicacy, a long cut top gives an amazing touch.

13. Purple Jeans High Waisted:

Love experimenting with jeans if different colours for a colourful look! Here we give you a wonderful and widely selected jeans pattern of purple in colour. The high waisted jeans for women in purple give a delicate and unified look to the wearer. It nearly attracts the eyes of the viewer.

14. Medium Length Adjustable Jeans High Waisted:

A two in one jeans pattern gives a funky look to the collegians. The black high waisted jeans which can be adjusted as a capri and a full length jeans or both at a time is quite in trend. It is highly worn on music concerts, tracking, picnics, etc. to give a jolly look.

15. High Waist Pink Shaded Black Jeans:

The pink colour is quite in fashion these days. A girlish high waisted jeans for women shows the blushing look of the women with blackish shades on it. It is widely worn on parties, night out and stunning pubs. The bold look received attracts the viewers to try it for a change.

The various designs of the high waisted jeans with a wide range of colour give it more customers for a vintage wear. The white high waisted jeans with cuts and small attractive charms are highly worn as a designer wear with long net kurti for a stylish look.

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