Hijab is a curtain worn by girls and ladies as a symbol of modesty and privacy, which usually covers the head and chest. Hijab protects women from such men that she has been sacred to one man only and is off-limit for all others. Hijab contributes to the durability and protection of marriage and family by eject the chance of extramarital affairs. Today in the trendy world, hijab styles for school girls are getting famous.

Best Hijab Styles For School Girls:

Few of the Islamic academics wearing hijab in schools is mandatory,

1. Plain Turkish Hijab Style for School:

Plain Turkish Hijab Style for School Save

A simple plain Turkish hijab style is awesome for school girls. Though it is a piece of cloth, its aching properly then can change your individuality. You can tie up it almost from your neck and take a rotate from your head as well. Just you should notice the combination of colour.

2. Printed School Hijab Style:

Printed School Hijab Style Save

Printed hijab comes with different prints and colour, paisley, geometrical, floral. A colorful printed hijab with a simple white kurti can make your look charming. School girls are using it not only to show they are extraordinary, even it will save you from pollution as well.

3. Side-Pinned Hijab Style for School:

Side-Pinned Hijab Style for School Save

This is most simple hijab for school is side-pinned hijab style. It is most useful for daily usages. Just wrap it around your head and need to secure with a pin from one side of your head. You can hang the end of the other side of your hijab from the right side of your neck. This outfit’s school hijab style will make you gorgeous.

4. Casual Black Hijab for School:

Casual Black Hijab for School Save

Black is common colour for all. A white or gray colour t-shirt and black colour hijab will make head turn in a crowd. You can add specs with this. These are very independent and easy hijab styles for school. You will never be disappointed with this style.

5. Round Face Hijab Style for School:

Round Face Hijab Style for School Save

If you have round face, you can make it to look even rounder when you wear your hijab. Tying your scarf too tightly around your face and make it rounder. If you want, then you can use under cap also to enlarge your face. These are the cute hijab styles for school girls.

6. Chest Covering Hijab Style for School:

Chest Covering Hijab Style for School Save

If girls are looking to cover up their chest with hijab style, then these are the simple hijab styles for school girls. Wrap the scarf little tightly from back side of your neck and should be loose accordingly in the front side so that you can completely cover up a chest. Also, you can spread any one corner of you scarf across the chest after covering head and neck.

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7. Triangle Hijab Style for School Girls:

Triangle Hijab Style for School Girls Save

It is very usual hijab fashion for school. Just take a square scarf and fold it with a triangle shape. Locate it on your head with a short and long end. Need to pin up it at your neck. Bring the long end from opposite side and wrap it around your head and Put it down. Now grab the short end and pin it to your shoulder.

8. Summer Hijab Style For School:

Summer Hijab Style For School Save

This outfit’s hijab style for school will make you gorgeous. Place a scarf on your head, create short and long end and pin it at your neck. Bring the long end to the opposite side and pin. Now fetch the short end from the back to over your head.

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9. Long Hijab Style for School:

Long Hijab Style for School Save

Girls can choose nice hijab styles for school according to shape of their face. Long hijab outfits for school girls are also famous. Take a long scarf and start to wear it from the right side of you neck with one corner. Take one round over the head and pin it at your neck. Now hold other corner and take one more round, spread it from front to back and pin it to left side of your head.

Hijab designs for school is never boring. It has many designed for school going girls. According to shape of their face they can choose. They will get good colored types of hijab as per their choice, school girls like to wear different pattern and different colour shade in hijab for their regular school outfit.

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