Hijab, also known as the veil or headscarf, is traditional wear mostly worn by Muslim women while men outside their family surround them. It is a cloth covering the chest and the head portion, which Muslim women also wear to adopt some standard of decency. Hijab is generally found in various materials like linen, cotton, chambray, jersey, etc., combined with polyester, rayon, nylon, etc. Priory, the hijab used to be simple and black; however, these days, you can find modern hijab styles available in the market that adds to the charm of dressing.

Beautiful and Best Hijab Designs with Images:

Here are some of the most adopted hijab outfits that would make a place in your collection.

1. Simple and Traditional Hijab:

The simple full hijab styles with a traditional touch are still widely worn by women. The hijab is made of black cotton material, which is left out plain with crochet borders. This kind of hijab is generally worn regularly by women.

2. Pearl Lace Hijab:

The pearl lace hijab collection has been the widely opted hijab for women to have a spicate look. Made from chiffon material, the burgundy hijab is given a border of pearl in off-white for a different look. The hijab can also be more decorative with pearls on it fully instead of borders.

3. Hijab with Floral Charm:

The satin hijab given here comes with a charm on the right-hand side. The plain satin hijab in grey is given a floral charm in silver with a bluish-grey gem that gives an elegant charm to the viewer suitable for light occasions.

4. Pagdi Style Hijab:

A new hijab style that is getting popular these days is given a modernized touch. The hijab covers the head portion, which looks similar to the pagdi. It is worn in a folding way giving dual layers on the head top and bound from behind.

5. Layered Hijab:

Layered is considered the best hijab style, giving your face an enchanting look. The hijab is made from chiffon material with prints or diamond work. Simple to wear, the hijab comes with several layers not only on the head but also on the chest.

6. Arabic Style Hijab:

Arabic hijab design is considered one of the beautiful hijab styles worn, similar to how women in Arab countries wear it. It covers the complete head and is given a triangular shape on the chest side. Made out of chiffon material, the hijab comes in printed form for casuals.

7. Pashmina Hijab:

Pashmina is one of the simple hijab wear. The hijab in this is given a shawl-like material and outlook. The hijab covers the head completely, while the other end of the material is left falling from the shoulder neck to the front, which comes with material charms below.

8. Printed and Folded Hijab:

Hijab dress styles got a new outlook when the hijab was worn by folding and twisting patterns. The hijab was made in cotton silk material that contained prints on it and hanging charms in the material at the end of it.

9. Hijab in Kashmiri Work:

Kashmiri woven patterns give beautiful hijab for women. The plain hijab in chiffon is given floral designs made with the help of colourful threads on the head. The hijab is popular for small parties or special occasions.

10. Bridal Hijab:

Bridal hijabs have been very attractive. The latest hijab styles for the bridals are made from silk and decorations that include pearls, decorative stones, and lovely borders to give it the best look. The chest and a side portion of the hijab are given plain texture, while the top is decorated.

11. Woolen Hijab for Babies:

Want to give your toddler a shabby-looking hijab! Woolens have given cute hijab styles for the babies. The hijab is made with woolen strips on the top, with chiffon material below. Charms are attached to it with curvy red borders to make it more adorable. It is capable of covering the head and neck portion of the baby.

12. Turkish Hijab Style:

Turkish hijabs have been popular for the decorative styles they provide you with. Their hijab-wearing styles give them a diamond-shaped face different from others. The plain hijab for a Turkish look is given diamonds on the head portion forming a broad border style. The hijab is best for attending special functions, parties, etc.

13. Hijab with Crochet Borders:

Hijab styles for parties are given a new design, whereas the plain hijab is given a crochet border. The plain hijab with the simple shining border can cover the head and the neck, whereas the head top is given a border made from crochet material in floral designs. For further decoration, pearls are also attached.

14. Crowning Hijab:

Even a simple hijab would be alluring when it gives a crown-like design on the top. These have been easy hijab styles, where you need to wear a simple plain hijab and combine it with a decorative crown-like ring on the top that would have some portion on the forehead that gives a crown-like look.

15. Dual Color Hijab:

This hijab design contains a dual colour effect. The hijab that covers the head comes in printed form in a light colour, while that around the neck comes in plain black. Made from cotton silk, the hijab is worn with a side rolling design on one side, while the other is given small plates. This hijab is also worn for official purposes, outings, etc., for an official appearance.

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16. Embroidery Hijab:

The hijab fashion style gave an iconic view when giving the top portion of the hijab with embroidery work in golden thread. The hijab is made with a similar design as the gown in silk for a complete match without falling on the chest area. It covers the head and the neck while it falls on the back side. The embroidery on the top is made with golden thread, making it ideal for marriage functions, etc.

17. Golden Bordered Hijab:

The hijab pictures gave a new touch to the beauty of women when given the hijab was a golden border. Quick to carry for weddings or other similar occasions, this hijab gives the wearer a simplified yet stylish look. It covers the head completely while giving a triangular look on the chest side, forming an L pattern.

18. Kebaya Hijab Style:

The Kebaya hijab-style images would surely remind you of the cap designs, given a modified look. The Kebaya styles are given a headcover only, whereas the hijab is given designs of flowers, borders, crochet work, etc., to give it a stylish look. It only covers the head to the shoulders behind.

19. Panjang Hijab Styles:

Panjang types of hijab are an edited look of the simple hijab, given curves on the chest, forming a cone-like design. The hijab also has a loose hold over the head and surrounding the face. Made from cotton or silk, the hijab comes in printed designs.

20. Desain Hijab Style:

The design hijab styles come with long coverage of the body. It covers the head portion, forming a tight slant tying on the neckline, and it goes down to the waist with loose-fitting like a frock. It comes in a single colour, with a dark border in contrast, and a similar goes for the head with a slant border.

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21. Gambar Hijab:

Gambar is a simple hijab that gives a wave-like outlook from the head to the chest portion. Made from silk, it is given the black border covering the chest and shoulders. Below the hijab, a different colour band is also worn for a firm outlook of the hijab.

22. Pelangi Hijab Style:

Pelangi hijab styles have been quite popular for their colourful effect. The material in chiffon is given a multi-colour look which gives required flaws to the wearer. The hijab is given a twisted turban look on the head, which is tied. It covers the neck and gives a loose hanging curve on the chest portion.

23. Cap Hijab Look:

The collection of cute hijab styles for kids is given a glorified look with a hat on the top. The normal hijab is given a cap on top of it, with material that flows over the shoulders with length covering the chest. The hijab is made out of cotton and is given stickers to make it fun to wear hijab.

24. Jilbab Cantik Hijab:

This hijab outfit is slightly hard to put on as it requires bindings forming curves and triangles. The hijab is given a slanted design on the chest portion, which is left flawing, while the head is given a hilltop look with a triangular border containing thread work on the end.

25. Pleaded Hijab:

Pleaded hijab has been quite popular over casuals like jeans to give a contrasting look. Made from cotton material, the hijab is traditionally worn with plaids hanging on one side of the shoulder after layers on the neck.

26. Mod Hijab for Kids:

The hijab for kids is given a new look that gives them a loose hold over the forehead with the help of a cap-like design. The hijab is given a crown-like look decorated with pearls in white and chiffon material on the neck. This is a firm ready-to-wear hijab.

27. Iran Hijab:

This kind of Iran hijab is easy to wear and gives a swanky look to the teens. The hijab is given silk material rolled over the head and a twist on the shoulders where one end is left behind while the other is taken on the front giving an open look. This hijab design is the loosest one among all the others.

28. Fancy Hijab Design:

Want to have that trendy look for a special day! Here is a hijab style 2018 that is an ideal match. The hijab is made from shining brocade material, which is given a high look on the top and decorated with embossed prints and some stone work to make it more special. The left-over portion of the hijab is left falling on the back side.

29. Ring Hijab:

The trendy designs in hijab are here given various charms to make it more capturing. The hijab in chiffon material here is given a simple shining border, which is further woven into rings on one side to give it a belt-like appearance. The hijab is also given dual layers on the top for firm hold, while it is left loose on the chest side with flaws.

30. Magenta Hijab Designs:

This kind of hijab collection is made from losing and soft georgette material. The hijab is given a firm fitting on the top; however, it looks loose and swinging. The portion on the chest is also given a similar pattern which looks fluffy on all the sides. The hijab is quite cool to carry for parties and theme parties.

The simple hijab designs now have a fantastic look with different colours and decorative designs on them, too, with the help of various charms. Additionally, various styles also wear the same, giving it a unified touch. They can also be worn loose and tight, giving out various waves. The market is full of hijabs designed similar to the gown or dress you would also wear.

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