Hillary Duff may be the lesser-known name in the American and Hollywood film fraternity, but definitely not any less popular coming to her looks and chic styles. The actress, singer, and producer have flaunted some of the jaw-dropping beautiful appearances and especially got popular for Hilary Duff hairstyles. Right from messy looks to textured modern looks and edgy, simple, elegant poses, Hilary has done them all in ease and classic styles.

12 Popular Hilary Duff Haircuts and Styles:

Let us check out her new trending and most famous Hilary Duff hairstyles and haircuts for this decade.

1. Beach Waves Hairstyle:

This medium-length highlights hair with beach waves hairstyle is among our favourite recent and new makeover sported by Hilary Duff. She looks breathtakingly gorgeous in this elegant and classic stunning look. The look with mid-length hair is also easy to manage and gives a very chic and edgy youthful look effortlessly.

2. The Grey Hair Bob:

If you did not check out Hilary Duff in the grey hair highlights and bob cut, you must check this out. The picture posted by herself on social media has gained quite a lot of popularity for being among the trending, and lovely hairstyles look. This haircut looks edgy and very unique, also gives a stylish and bold yet sassy look seamlessly. Don’t you think so?

3. Braided Messy Bun:

While the bun hairstyle and hairdo look are trendy, this Hilary Duff braided and messy bun is among our all-time favourites. This chic and contemporary hair makeover goes very well with several events and party occasions and makes anyone appear very elite, sophisticated, and gorgeous. With the mid parted hair and braided messy hair knot, Hilary indeed looks beautiful in here.

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4. Ponytail Look:

Though it looks kinda messy, the tousled look is what makes Hilary even more charismatic. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail at the back, which is secured with hair bands’ help. The front part of her hair is styled as a forehead silhouetting side-swept bangs, which vary in length from the middle to the sides, the hair on the sides reaching her ear. Some strands of hair are let untamed here and there to add to this tousled look.

5. Wavy Hair with Front Bangs:

Duff sports genuine straight hair, which she often curls at the ends to attain a wavy look like this particular hairstyle. Also, she has styled some of her front hair into bangs which are eye-framing. As she has an oval face, this hairstyle looks quite amazing on her, highlighting all her face’s principal attributes. The wavy layered hair adds volume to the overall hair and also highlights the cheekbones.

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6. Pulled Back Updo:

Again, she has utilized her oval facial structure to her advantage. This look sports pulled back hair (which is pulled back using delicate brushstrokes with a soft rounded brush) tied up in a knot behind. Some hairs are let loose above the ears to give this hairstyle a kind of a beachy look and feel, which looks extremely casual.

7. Side Swept Bangs:

This is a proper face-framing hairdo. It features side-parted hair which flows down straight beside the cheekbones till the neck. The cheekbones and the jawline are very well highlighted. The side-swept bangs which this hairstyle sports in the front are side-swept and are eye-framing.

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8. Messy Textures:

Now isn’t this sexy! The hair section that flows down right in front of the left eye is the most unique and striking feature of this hairstyle. As it is evident, the hair has a lot of textures in it. The styling includes keeping the hair straight while maintaining a minimal messy attribute at the ends. This latest hairstyle is such that it silhouettes the entire facial structure.

9. Asymmetrical Medium Cut:

As you would notice, the hair is kept shoulder length but is kept longer at the front and slowly transcends into shorter hair at the rear. This asymmetrical cut is somewhat comparable to medium and long bob haircuts.

10. Voluminous Updo:

Apply some volumizing lotion to your hair and go for this hairstyle to show off the textures which your hair possesses. This hairstyle has two definitive sections – a front section and a back section. The front section is side-parted while the back section is pulled back and is tied up into a messy high pony which then divides into two segments and flows down the shoulders.

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11. Curly Hair:

Hilary Duff naturally has straight hair, but in this one, she rocks an end-curled hair which provides additional volume to her hair. The slightly wavy hair on the forehead and beside her cheekbones helps compliment them and highlight the cheekbones.

12. High Bun:

This high up bun is one of several neat bun hairstyles that Hilary has put up. The hair is stylistically brushed back with some angular strokes of a brush, and thus comes the slight wavy display. This look is strictly for an oval face as this hairstyle concentrates on just the hair and the face stands up for itself!

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