Previously untouched by outside forces due to its rugged terrain, progressive change has put Himachal Pradesh on the map of famous tourist destinations in India. The state especially holds dear for mountain lovers. With its picturesque hill stations, abundance of natural splendor and best known handicraft work, Himachal Pradesh should definitely be on one’s itinerary of places to visit. We have
enlisted below some best Himachal pradesh tourist places to visit.

Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Shimla:

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is a much loved and most famous tourist destination in all of India. Referred to as the queen of all hill stations, Shimla is a honeymooner’s paradise and a blissful retreat for vacationers. Its scenic terrain is punctuated with temples and palaces and colonial style buildings. The old and imposing Christ Church with its stained glass windows forms one of the major landmarks of the city while The Mall, Shimla’s main shopping center is a must visit for everyone visiting the place.

2. Dalhousie:

Dense forests, snow-capped mountains, sprawling greenery, water sport activities, shopping bazaars and handicraft shops are just a few of the things that make this hill station come alive. There are plenty of things to do when in Dalhousie. You can either bask in the splendor of Bakrota hills and Dainkund Peak or take home some mementos from Tibetan Market. The choice is yours. It is one of the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

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3. Dharamsala:

Home to the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is a flourishing hill resort. Studded with trekking trails, temples, lakes and museums, the beauty of this city knows no bounds. Crowning of the list of tourist attractions is Triund Hill which involves a refreshing one day trek through Rhododendron forests from where breathtaking views of Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley and distant views of the Shivalik hills will leave you spellbound. It is no wonder then that Triund Hill is known as the Jewel of Dharamshala.

4. Palampur:

Palampur surrounded by pine forests and tea gardens offers one of the coolest dwellings. Water is full and plenty in this green hill station, the source of which are numerous streams that flow from the mountains. For adventure seekers, Palampur is the ideal place to be where you can go trekking or paragliding.

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5. Kinnaur:

When Kinnaur opened its doors to outsiders, what they saw was an avenue of never-ending beauty. Lush green forest ranges, fruit-filled orchards, magnificent fields and picturesque hamlets covered this district in all their splendour. Now a leading tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur appeals to both the young and old alike.

6. Chail:

Situated at an altitude higher than that of Shimla, Chail is renowned for Chail Palace, the summer retreat of the Maharaja of Patiala during the British Raj and the highest cricket ground in the world. For the more daring, Chail offers stimulating adventure activities ranging from rock rappelling to flying fox and rope walking that is sure to get one’s heart racing.

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7. Manali:

A once quiet village, Manali has been transformed into a bustling tourist hub. Seen as the perfect destination for those wanting to get a taste of the Himalayas and witness snowfall, it is more a honeymooner’s paradise.

8. Khajjiar:

Nestled amidst green meadows and dense forests, Khajjiar has been nicknamed the Mini Switzerland of India. Its lush pastures, thick pine forests and tranquil lake create an almost romantic ambience. Horse riding through the green terrain has its own appeal where one can take in the fresh mountain air. Other places of interest include the Khajjiar temple and Dauladhar mountains.

9. Kullu:

The valley of Kullu is famed for its majestic beauty of pine and deodar forests and sprawling apple orchards. Kullu offers tourists plenty of sight-seeing and adventure. If you want a taste of the outdoors, you can go trekking, or skiing or white water rafting on the Beas river. The place is also swarming with temples and wildlife sanctuaries. The best treasure you can take home however is the handloom Kullu Shawl that is distinct to this region.

These are the famous places in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists swarm at these places in summer like flies on a sweet dish. Himachal Pradesh can be called a refrigerator for people who can visit it to actually chill with their families during the hot stingy summer. The places mentioned above are the so called tourist hotspots so don’t get shocked if you run into your friends or acquaintances out there during the holidays.

But what if you are a nature lover and actually want to spend your holidays devoid from the social beings or if you are adventurous but the only adventure you find out there is venturing through the thick crowd of tourists. So for you people here is the list of some of the lesser known and the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh where you can venture into the woods, feel the chilly air and mesmerize your eyes with scenic beauties of mountains, valleys, woods and rivers and be covered by the blanket of Mother Nature yet there would be hardly any tourists as most tourists follow more and explore less

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10. Malana:

These days’ tourist places are more crowded than any place of worship and with the rising tourism in Himachal Pradesh there is hardly a chance of a less known tourist spot. Malana is one such village where tourists are not yet flocking. In the 21st century it is hard to believe that a village is completely off the grid. The people here are one with nature, their own culture and their language that too with utmost innocence. For budget travelers and nature lovers and crowd haters this village is worth visiting.

11. Jalori Jot:

Jalori Jot or the Jalori Pass is a place for adventure seekers and trekkers. The pass based in the Kulu district of Himachal Pradesh is yet unexplored and has different trekking routes. If you don’t need a warm soft bed or a well cooked meal then you can hire a tent, make a camp fire and sleep beneath the stars and well have fun amongst nature and then feel the chilled eerie night in the woods.

12. Hampta Pass:

Hamta Pass Trail is yet another destiny for any crazy trekker or adventurer. Situated in the heart of the Himachal Pradesh it is a great route through Rohtang Pass that is if you don’t prefer to follow the rest of the tourists through the common vehicle route and don’t mind trekking a bit.

13. Chindi:

For those people who have watched the movie ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ and loved the scenic shots of the hobbit’s village then well you can get to see the same view in Chindi and one of the best things about it is there are apple orchards so for those couples who would love to intensify their romance in a theatrical way then Chindi is the place for you

14. Barot Valley:

For the solitude seekers and deep thinkers Barot Valley is the perfect vacation spot and an inspiration for poets as well as writers. Other than an array of houses in the beautiful valley the place is kind of desolate and hence a perfect spot for tourists. Tie up your laces walk through the beautiful valley and don’t forget to visit the beautiful uhl river which is situated in the valley itself.

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15. Tirthan Valley:

Tirthan valley is away from Kullu of about 70kms and 75km from Mandi. You can also reach via Manali, which is about 105kms away. This valley also has to be reached by trekking and is situated inside the Great Himalayan National Park. The valley is beautifully dotted with alpine grooves and deciduous forests. It is the best place to fish, camp and simply watch the night sky. Since this is a path to the Great Himalayan National Park, you will see some animals like Himalayan Brown bear, vultures, red fox etc. The place is often regarded as the camping spot and the trek in itself is a beautiful experience.

When Should You Visit:May-October is the best time to visit.

How to Reach: Start trekking from Gushaini, which is the entrance point. This point has a rich species of flora and fauna. You can take the local buses from Kullu, Mandi or Manali to Gushaini.

These were the some of the best things to do in Himachal Pradesh. Do you have doubt, which is the best time to visit himachal pradesh? The climate conditions stay pleasant all year long in Himachal Pradesh, except some towns which face heavy snowfall during winters. But the state receives maximum tourists during summers as compare to Winters. May it be nature lovers, trekkers, adventurers, married/un-married couples, Himachal Pradesh tourist places are the places where thrill and romance meets natural aesthetics and makes a holiday the most memorable one.