Himalaya is one of the most trusted brands dealing in health and beauty care where through their extensive use of herbal power, Himalaya provides its customers a wide range of organic nature friendly products. Starting from acne clearing to now shampoos for hair care, Himalaya has now extended its wings to almost all sector of beauty care.

Having an unbelievable trusted relationship with its customer base, Himalaya products now come in a varied range, specifically catering to the specific needs of its consumer base. While some are for dandruff, the others are for drying hair, while some are for hair breakage the others are for hair smoothness.

Different Types of Himalaya Shampoos in India 2018:

Here is a list to all the worthy Himalaya shampoos that you might want to opt for.

1. Himalaya Anti- Hair Fall:


Himalaya’s first worthy mention is this beautiful anti hair fall shampoo made with a customized 2-in-1 formula where hair breakage is lessened through hair conditioning and root nourishment. Himalaya believes the root to all hair breakage problems are the roots themselves and therefore through hair texture refinement and anti fungal action, the hair is restored and cared for.

2. Himalaya Anti Dandruff Soothing And Moisturizing:


Dry hair during the winters become unmanageably rough and dead and during the hairs, this same dry hair would start to frizz and turn into knots thereby you having to take the heat both the seasons. This is why Himalaya came up with the anti dandruff soothing and moisturizing where moisture is locked in the hair giving it a supple shine.

3. Himalaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo- Volume And Bounce:


Fine or thin hair consistency often results in weighing down of hair where the thinness becomes more eminent and distinguishable. The same happens with thickened locks where through product buildup the hair starts to weigh down. The volume and bounce range makes sure your hair retain its body and shine. It provides supple volume to your hair and adds a particular bounce to it.

4. Himalaya Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care:


Himalaya’s range of gentle daily care shampoo is an everyday shampoo which deeply cleanses and nourishes the scalp so that dandruff problems can be kept at bay. Apart from this the gentle daily care provides a protective sheath over your hair to save it from the daily scorching sun rays or pollution therefore protecting the hair from damage.

5. Himalaya Herbal Extra Moisturizing Protein Shampoo:


Now the protein range of Himalaya shampoos integrates within themselves proteins to secretly work out a luscious look for your hair while the same time trying to fix your hair from damage. The extra moisturizing with aloe vera and licorice focuses mainly on dry hair and scalp giving it a soft and moisture filled glow. The licorice in the shampoo would help in hair growth.

6. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo:


The no tears Gentle baby shampoo by Himalaya works wonders on a baby’s hair. This is specially formulated for baby’s where there soft scalp will get the much required nourishment from chickpea and hibiscus so that their hair can grow and strengthen themselves from the very start.

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7. Himalaya Herbals Protein- Softness And Shine:


The softness and shine uses amla or gooseberry extracts paired with sunflower and lotus essence that works to make your healthy and soft. The softness and shine primarily focuses on grooming the hair while adding a soft shine to it.

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8. Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo- Repair And Regeneration:

Blending in herbs and natural ingredients the repair and regeneration from Himalaya is a powerful shampoo that would eradicate hair damage by working on the inner layers and follicles so that hair texture is improved and repaired. The regeneration part handles stunted hair growth due to split ends or hair weakness.

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9. Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Gentle Clean:

The anti dandruff gentle clean simply makes sure your scalp is void of any residue dirt or product or pollutant that you might have picked up during the course of the day. The gentle clean targets the dirts and molds in your scalp and removes them making you feel refreshed and light.