If your wedding day is nearing, it is time that you explore and shortlist the best makeup and hairstyle ideas for several events. Within the same, the D-day bridal hairstyle is quite crucial. So, here we are to help you out with the best Hindu bridal hairstyles ideas trending this season.

This wedding looks and hairstyle ideas are so gorgeous and beautiful that without any doubt they make the best of any bride’s looks. Let’s get started and explore the best-trending hairdos and looks this season!

10 Beautiful Hindu Bridal Hairstyles Ideas with Pictures:

Tradition and culture, when amalgamated with fashion, make a gorgeous combination. Here is the proof. Our latest picks of the best Hindu bridal hairstyles ideas are here.

1. Hindu Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair:

This is a perfect choice if you have medium hair length and prefer an elegant, simple, timeless look. The Hindu bridal hairstyle design featuring the simple tie-up detail looks classic and sophisticated due to the traditional hair accessories. The hairstyle for the bride can be done quickly and looks amazing with straight or wavy hair texture. It can be replicated in a variety of pre-wedding festivities such as engagements or mehndi.

2. South Indian Hindu Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Most often, South Indian Hindu bridal hairstyles are synonymous with braids. However, with an elegant choice and a variety of braid hairstyles coming up in this wedding season, we have this stunning look. The long hair length hairstyle looks feminine and charming with hair accessories. This look is popular in states such as Kerala and lovely for receptions or mehndi festivities.

3. Puffy Braid with Jasmines:

This is among the most common bridal hairstyle for any Hindu wedding. If you are someone who believes in traditions and customs religiously, then this long hair braid with the help of hair extensions can be the right fit for you. You can find similar hair attachments and floral accessories in the market, which are used to pin the hair. This is in no doubt the most common, traditional, and elegant look.

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any hair type can try this hairstyle. You need to apply hair extensions to achieve this look.
  • Preferred Face Shape: Round and oval face shapes can best fit this look well.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is good to go with this versatile hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s can look effortlessly youthful in the bridal look.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional saree only can look good with this look.

4. Contemporary Bridal Hairstyle:

Here is the most trending hairstyle option for weddings today. This Hindu bridal hairstyle idea is very trendy and looks quite classic. It is a rolled-up and messy hair braid. The floral accessories are attached all over the hair in this style. You can alternatively pick the decorative or hair accessories you like for this look. It is quite easy to do and would look top-notch!

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair type can go well in this hairstyle without a doubt!
  • Preferred Face Shape: Diamond, oval and heart face shapes are the best fit in this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during winters and monsoons only.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their early to late 20s can try this look well.
  • Matching Outfit: A lehenga or long gown in contemporary modern fashion can go well with this look.

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5. Conventional Bridal Look:

If you are bored of the same old traditional braid with flowers at your wedding, you can go ahead to choose the contemporary yet conventional look. Here is one such option. This hair braid with a side bun variant looks quite elegant and poised that we cannot take our eyes off it. This Indian bridal hairstyle is best for modern-day brides who are looking for a change.

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight or wavy long hair is good to go in this hairstyle. If you have short hair, go ahead with putting on a hair extension.
  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can go well in this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style during the summer and spring seasons.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women below 35 years can try this hairstyle ideally.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional saree in dark colours can go well in this makeover.

6. Rolled Up Bridal Braid:

Here is another favourite contemporary bridal hairstyle. This look isn’t easy to achieve and requires professional help to do it in the best possible manner. The hair, after being brushed well, is rolled and twisted in separate sections in the form of a braid. Although it takes a bit of time to achieve this look, without a doubt, the result is quite fascinating. Attach flowers of your choice in between to enhance the overall beauty. Try this hairstyle during any pre-wedding festivities.

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy and curly hair would look best in this hairstyle.
  • Preferred Face Shape: Heart, round and square face shapes can go well in this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is good to go to try this hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their mid to late 20s can look great and beautiful in this one.
  • Matching Outfit: Lehenga or half saree can be the best for this style.

7. The Simple Bridal Hairdo Idea:

Are you a sucker for simple looks? We get you! Here is one such option for brides like you! All you need to do is a neat, polished and puffy hair bun and secure it with beautiful floral attachments of your choice. This is no doubt looks super elegant, classic and regal.

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair texture is best to try this Hindu bridal hairstyle.
  • Preferred Face Shape: A round and oval face shape can be an apt choice for this one.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during summer weddings for the best of comfort and elegance at a time.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their early 30s can prefer this hairstyle.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional saree only can go well in this look.

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8. Elegant Twisted Flower Bun for Brides:

Another favourite and trendy bun hairstyle, which charms all of us with its elegance and classic trend, is this hair bun. This hairdo is quite intricate, with tiny streaks of hair rolled around, adding up to the beauty and level of excellence. A professional can do this style better, given the level of patience and excellence this one needs. What are your thoughts about this one?

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any hair type can try this style quickly.
  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval, diamond and heart face shapes can suit best to this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer, spring and autumn can be the right time to try this out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the late 20s to look effortlessly beautiful and vibrant.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional pure saree can add up to enhance overall beauty and elegance.

9. Traditional Flower Net Look for Bride with Long Hair:

Those wedding hairstyles for long hair who love getting a makeover and like a rich and luxurious sense of fashion can try this traditional flower braid out. The flowers are woven intricately around the braid, which appears in the form of a net. We quite love the way it looks on any bride and surely is going to take over the appearance to the next level!

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with long and straight or wavy hair can best suit this one.
  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can totally try this style.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during any season of the year, given the versatility of this hair looks.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s are the best fit for this look.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional bright coloured saree can match this hair makeover.

10. Messy Loose Bridal Braid:

If you want a contemporary marriage look and want to chuck out the traditional braid attire, this messy loose braid may be the right option. White flowers are added near the crown of hair and flowers of your choice can be kept in the mid-section. This is unique to see, and also gives an overall charming and lovely appearance.

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Medium to long hair length can try this style, without any hair extensions.
  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval, square and round face shapes can fit in well.
  • Best Season to Try: Winters and monsoons are the right time to try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women below 35 years of age group.
  • Matching Outfit: Traditional bridal saree can be a good fit for this look.

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11. Traditional Bridal Braid Hairstyle with Roses:

This South Indian traditional bridal hairstyle is our top favourite. Made with exquisite and exotic roses all over, this requires hair extensions for a long braid, attached with the floral accessories. It is one of the traditional forms of hairstyle the bride wears on her big day. So if you are someone who follows these looks religiously, why not try it out?

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture can quite try this look effortlessly.
  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can look good in this versatile hairstyle.
  • Best Season to Try: Monsoons and winters are the best time to carry this look off.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their early 20s can look lovely and beautiful.
  • Matching Outfit: Any traditional saree can go well with this look.

12. Modern Easy-Peasy Bridal Hairstyle:

Modern-day brides wish to look much more stylish and fashionable, with a unique form of trend. Here is one such option. Neither do we see a traditional long flower braid nor a hair extension here; the women out there are rocking entire attire with their short, bubbly hair. All you have to do is do a messy hair braid and insert your choice of flowers in the mid-section. If you are a gutsy bride, try this out!

Possible style ideas:

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any short hair length can try this style.
  • Preferred Face Shape: This style suits those who have an oval, diamond or round face shape.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers is the right time to try this easy-breezy look!
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their late 20s can suit this style well and carry it off in charming fashion.
  • Matching Outfit: Simple traditional saree can go right in this style.

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Additional Tips:

The bridal makeover is no easy task. One needs to start the preparations for a much early period. Here are a few tips on our part to get you on a smooth path!

  1. Take care of your hair from three to four months prior. Make sure your hair is healthy and well hydrated. Apply oil to your hair thrice a week.
  2. Massage the scalp at regular intervals to give it good blood circulation on the scalp.
  3. Natural therapies such as onion, garlic, or olive oil can help with hair strength and a healthy look.
  4. Try not to wash your hair on the day of styling. It may not give you the desired look.
  5. Add on as many as floral accessories you wish to, to enhance your overall appearance after the styling process is finished!

So, given these top trending Hindu bridal hairstyles, what do you think? Which is your favourite one and why? Let us know your thoughts! We love to hear back from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to make sure the braid style for a wedding stays for long?

Ans: Once you begin to braid hair and start the floral attachments, use a generous amount of hairpins and elastics to make sure they are fitted well. Further, use a hair spray for an overall good and healthy look.

Q2. Does the flower braid for the bride suit everyone equally?

Ans: There are different forms of bridal braid look with flowers. One can opt for the wedding day. Depending on the colour of your saree, your preference, your face shape and time of the event, you can choose the colour of flowers and type of braid.

Q3. What is the secret to a healthy and shiny look on the bride’s hairstyle?

Ans: One needs to take good care of the hair six months before the wedding. The secret is nothing but constant and consistent care. Proper hydration, moisturization, and healthy oils are required for a shiny look.

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