There is no better way to celebrate festivals than with brightness, colour and happiness. A rangoli is something that has all of it and has hence become a major part of Indian celebrations. The most popular and easy to make designs for all occasions such as pujas or religious festivals have been laid out in this article, each one of which is bound to blow your mind.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Hinduism:

1. The Floral Rangoli:

This is the most commonly chosen outline for Rangolis because of its unique versatility. The pattern can include one flower in the center and many small ones surrounding it. Or it can include an intricate flower network whose colours are varied and eye-striking. Either way, this happens to be popular in all parts of India among the Hindus, who are highly fond of floral patterns.

2. Diya Rangoli Design for Puja’s:

The exclusive rangoli to celebrate Diwali nights is here. Extravagant and pointing towards the symbol of light, a Diya on the floor for Diwali rangoli is a great idea. To make it, leave the center stage for the Diya, while you decorate the surrounding with bright red or orange colours. You can make flowers or geometric patterns to give it a natural vibe.

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3. Peacock Saves The Day:

The rangoli can be white or green, the two colors of the peacock. However, to make it more colorful sticking to green would be a better idea. Start by making the face of the peacock and then finish off with detailing its feathers behind.

4. The Red and White Rangoli Design:

Unlike the previous colourful ones, this rangoli motif is rather simple and makes use of only two colors. This could be a very traditional rangoli for families who don’t believe in too over the top decorations.

5. The Detailed Rangoli Design:

The fifth one of the Hindu rangolis is a masterpiece and takes home the award of being the finest on this list. From a portrait of the worshipping Gods to intricate designs for the decoration of corridors, there are many ways to bring this rangoli to life- the only essence common through all of it is the attention given to the details.

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6. The Ganesha Rangoli Design:

A large part of Hindu Rangolis is taken up by our favourite God Lord Ganesha. Every year, lakhs of Indians make him with their hands as rangolis and worship him with devotion. Make a rough outline of how Lord Ganesha looks like and then fill inside with bright colors usually green if you’re making a leafy one.

7. The Dotted Rangoli Design:

This is an alluring motif but takes a lot of time to design since each structure is constituted of numerous dots that make up the design of the rangoli.

8. The New Year Rangoli Design:

New years is celebrated in different states as per their regional culture, which is why this rangoli is famous among all Hindus as per their own types like Bengali, Punjabi or Marwari New Year.

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9. The Circular Holi Rangoli:

Nothing better than celebrating the festival of colors with a bright circular rangoli that has all colors laid out separately in a circular way.

It can be assumed that by the end, you have made up your mind on which design and pattern seem apt for your style and taste. So for the next festival, get ready with the layout and surprise everyone with your masterwork of colors.


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