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9 Best Hippie Hairstyles

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When we think hippies, we think of free love, peace, music and colorful nomadic people who lived laid back lives getting high on spirituality. But with that lifestyle emerged the style which re-surfaces time and again riding high on the feel-good retro factor. Here are the best hairstyles that defined the happy hippies.

Hippie Hairstyles:

We enlisted below 9 best Hippie Hairstyles with pictures, choose your best one and try it.

1. Waterfall Braids:

Hippie hairstyles 1

This is a fuss free braid that is perfect for any length of hair. It works best on straight to wavy hairs. Small bunches of hairs appear like waterfalls cascading down ones head. It’s a classic bohemian look that suits the hippie culture.

2. Braided Hairband:

Hair band that appears to be woven with your own hair- that is the look this style aims to achieve. It’s ideal to neatly tuck in all your asymmetrical bangs, just like Jennifer Aniston did for one of her Red Carpet appearances at the Oscars.

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3. The Milkmaid Up-Dos:

Taking the previous hairstyle one step forward is the milk-maid up-do. Quite simply it involves gathering all your hair and braiding it up to form a bun. Hippie styles are laid back so make sure the final look has a looser binding. One can also frame their facial features by letting out careless tresses just like Jennifer Lawrence has in this picture.

4. Classic French Braid:

Hippies were indeed a braid-y bunch. Try out the classic French braid and give it a little twist. One can try them on an ombre color palette just like Beyonce and make it stand out. It can work wonders even on a jazzy outfit.

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5. The Messy Pony-Tail Braid:

Careless strands of hair, peeking out of an elegant braid spells hip loud and clear. You don’t need very thick hair to pull out this voluminous number. Just make a high pony and braid your hair down. To add volume, just evenly loosen the braid along the length just like Blake Lively in this red carpet appearance.

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6. The Iconic Head-Bands:

Any hipster style is incomplete without the iconic head bands. Whether your hair is poker straight or curly or even wavy, a headband effortlessly makes it hep. So you can use metal headbands like Nicole Ritchie or use crochet headbands in Aztec prints. One can simply wear a strip of lace or satin to achieve this look.

7. The Floral Wreath:

For the hippie style everything is as natural. So a simple floral wreath can transform your look from plain Jane to hippie Jane. The rule of thumb is to choose your flowers to suit your mood. Just like in this picture, let the lower end of your locks be curled up to give it a more softer and laid back feel.

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8. The Heavy Fringe:

Hippie hairstyles 8

The fresh out of the bed look totally agrees with the hippie style. The heavy fringe takes us back to the Beatles era. Mix them together and what you get is hippie shag. If you have wavy hair and deep fringes this hairstyle wont even need combs- it’s that effortless! For others there’s always hair mousse, just like Kiera Knightly in this picture.

9. The French Fishtail:

The herringbone or fishtail braid is the most popular braid in the fashion circles around the world. It’s perfect for those with thick long hair. It tames the volume effortlessly and the pattern itself makes this hairstyle all the more beautiful. One can leave it as it is or fold it up into a messy side bun. One can also start the braid from the nape of their neck and leave the hair at the crown carelessly loose. Actress Venessa Hudgens has pulled off this look perfectly.

The Hippie hairstyles has a lot to do with looking beautiful naturally. So accessorize your hair with flowers. This will not only make the hair look prettier but its fragrance will make your presence linger that much more.