Hipster hairstyle is typically a traditional haircut which has been adopted by the current generation in a modernized way. This type of hairstyle is best suited for young boys and girls as well as middle-aged men who won’t like long hairstyles or hairdos which make one look younger and brings that cool getup.

Best Hipster Hairstyles with Images:

To know more about the types and hairstyles related to hipster style, this article would be the right place, where the top 9 hipster styles are pointed out with images.

1. Retro Hipster Hairstyle:

Guys who like to retain their traditional fashion statement like when we think about haircut then this hipster haircut can be the ideal hairdo for men. This type of hairstyle is best suited for as a casual as well as semi-formal style.

2. Medium Length Hairstyle for Girls:

This hairstyle also goes very well for girls as well as middle-aged ladies. This hippie hairstyle is recommended for medium length hair. The front part of the hair has the step cut style which is followed behind with straight cut.

3. Slick Back Dry Hairstyle:

Guys who like not well combed yet having a unique haircut, then this is the best-recommended hairstyle. The front part of the haircut is combed backwards giving the slick back dry hipster look as well as hipster fade haircut.

4. Wavy Side Part Hairstyle for Men:

This wavy hair look is best suited for young to middle-aged guys with a semi-formal suit well as a casual outfit. The front part of the hair has the side part which on one side curls and gives a wavy pattern and the other side has the diminishing look.

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5. Spike Hairstyle:

A spiky hairstyle is the most wanted haircut among young guys due to cool look. The front crown part of the hair is cut evenly and a gel is applied to the get the spiky outlook. Hairspray can be used to create spikes.

6. Classic Hairstyle:

This classical hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle when we think about hipster hairstyle for guys. In this type of hairstyle, the front crown part is combed well-using hair gel and the side part has the diminishing pattern.

7. Side Part Hairstyle:

This side part undercut hairstyle is the most wanted hairdo among young boys as well as college going guys. This haircut also has the side part design which has the undercut hairstyle and the other side has the diminishing look.

8. Chin Length Hairstyle:

The hairstyle can also get interesting by giving a cool look through different hairstyle. In this hipster girl hairstyles are given a new outlook by having long hair which falls to the chin level. If you are a tall girl then this one will be a bouncing hairstyle for your look.

9. Man Bun Hipster Hairstyle:

Man-bun is the next most commonly seen hairstyle among young boys. This bun style design is suggested only for guys who like to have long hair but still don’t want to fall over their face and shoulder, and then this hairstyle is the perfect hipster long hair.

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Hipster hairstyle is definitely the most wanted hairdo among guys as well as among girls But not all hairstyle can choice everyone. Choosing the correct hairdo but consulting with hairstyle specialist as well as gaining knowledge about hipster style is suggested. This article would definitely help in choosing the best one suited for you!


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