Are you tired of spending thousands on facials? Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time to go to a salon or want to splurge too much money. How about trying some fruit facials at home following the trend of celebrities, giving you the feel of a spa. This article has discussed different types of fruits that can be used for facial, step-by-step, and benefits.

We all did grow up hearing about the health benefits of fruits. But by using facials that have fruits incorporated into them, you can make your skin healthy and add a glow to it. Go through this article to know what fruits you can include getting your skin’s best version. Read on!

Benefits of Using Fruits for Facial?

Fruits help prevent oxidative damage in your skin as they are rich in antioxidants. In addition, you will reduce acne by using fruits rich in Vitamin A, for example, cucumbers and pineapples. Here are some benefits of using fruits for facials:

  • The enzymes present in fruits like Papaya, watermelon, and lemon help bring back life into your face by acting as power products.
  • They also make your skin look fresh and plump by nourishing it because fruits are packed with moisture.
  • Fruits help improve your skin’s elasticity by keeping it hydrated, reducing the appearance of premature wrinkles and saggy skin naturally.
  • Fruits also help tighten your pores by eliminating all the dirt and excess grime on your skin.
  • Fruit facials can be very helpful in bringing life back into your skin with their hydrating properties. Watermelon and avocado are some of the perfect fruits that keep you hydrated.
  • Fruits like oranges are a great option to tackle acne and nourish your skin with the help of vitamin C present in it.
  • The anti-tanning agents present in fruits like strawberries and kiwi helps get rid of uneven tan lines naturally.
  • Natural fruit facial at home can help your skin get the shine and glow you want by sustaining the skin layers.

Best Fruits to Use for Facials?

You can get a fruit facial at home without having to spend too much money on the salon. We have presented you with a list of fruits that you can use to do a natural fruit facial at home.

1. Grapes:

Grapes protect your skin from oxidative damage and stress because of their high antioxidant content (1). In addition, the antioxidants present in grapes might help treat skin disorders and infections and protect from UV radiation naturally.

2. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit seems to improve hydration to your skin and lightens it and is one of the common ingredients found in many cosmetic products (2). You can also boost the texture and shine of your skin by using a grapefruit for your skin.

3. Papaya:

The antioxidant properties of Papaya come from Vitamins A, C, and E (3). These antioxidants reduce any premature signs of aging by protecting the skin barrier function naturally. You can prepare a papaya facial at home for glowing skin.

4. Fig:

Figs are an excellent option for a fruit facial when you want to balance your sebum content and balance skin’s hydration by reducing epidermal loss (4). You will also be able to deal with issues like acne, freckles, and wrinkles by including figs into your skincare routine.

5. Apple:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is the quote we have heard time and time again. Apple helps stimulate cell renewal by smoothening rough and dry skin with the help of polyphenolic compounds and alpha-hydroxy acids (5). It also helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes and lighten age spots naturally.

6. Banana:

Bananas are one of the commonly found fruits irrespective of the season. These fruits help reduce irritation by soothing inflammation on your skin (6). In addition, you can eliminate dirt, cleanse pores and reduce product residue when you combine banana with fullers earth. So prepare a banana facial at home by combining it with fuller earth and reap the benefits.

7. Tomato:

Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene which helps protect your skin against damage from UV rays (7). You can prepare a fruit facial with tomato in combination with any other ingredients.

8. Strawberry:

There are reasonable amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and polyphenols present in strawberries. These elements help reduce the risk of premature aging and cancer by protecting your skin from harmful UV damage naturally (8).

9. Cucumber:

The healing, soothing and cooling properties, along with phytochemical and therapeutic potential, make cucumber an ideal option for skincare (9). It also helps reduce the effects of sunburn and wrinkles with their antioxidant properties.

10. Lemon:

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of lemon make it an excellent ingredient in many skincare products (10). If you have oily or combination skin or want to treat acne, lemon is your best friend. It helps improve your skin’s smoothness and texture by increasing collagen production. It also helps reduce wrinkles with the help of its anti-aging properties. Orange is yet another citrus fruit, and an orange juice facial at home can also be a good idea for acne-free skin.

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Step By Step Procedure To Do Fruit Facial at Home:

This section presents you with the details you need to follow to do a natural fruit facial at home. Follow these steps and get naturally glowing skin without having to put a hole through your pocket.

Step 1 – Cleansing:

  • Before you start applying any facial, it is necessary to clean your face thoroughly.
  • You can soak cotton in raw milk to wipe your face since milk is a natural cleanser or wash it with mild soap.
  • Now slowly make circular motions to cleanse your skin.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face after cleansing.
  • You can see an instant shine to your face if you use milk because it removes dirt and grime from the pores.

Step 2 – Exfoliation:

  • Exfoliation is the next and essential step for a good fruit facial.
  • Take one tbsp of lemon peel powder or dried lemon peel. And one tbsp of oatmeal.
  • Place the two ingredients in a bowl and add water or rosewater.
  • Now combine the ingredients to form a smooth paste.
  • If you are using lemon peels, you can use a mixer and water to make a pulp out of it.
  • Add oatmeal and prepare a paste.
  • Gently apply the paste to your face and neck evenly.
  • Use circular motions with your finger while you are applying the paste.
  • Use the scrub to exfoliate your skin for about two to five minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face.
  • Use a soft towel to pat your face dry.
  • Yogurt and oatmeal, milk and oatmeal, water, and baking soda are other alternative ingredients to prepare a homemade scrub.

Step 3 – Lightening:

  • To lighten your skin, you can rub some honey on your skin.
  • Honey helps lighten your skin tone by acting as bleach.
  • Let it remain on your skin for about ten minutes.
  • Later wash it off your face thoroughly.

Step 4 – Open Up Your Pores:

  • Before applying a fruit facial to your face, it is necessary to steam your face to open up your pores.
  • Boil water in a pan.
  • Use the hot water to steam your face.
  • Or you can also use a steamer if you have one.
  • This process will help open up your pores and allow the fruit facial to get into your skin.

Step 5 – Fruit Facial:

  • Mash a ripe tomato into a smooth paste.
  • Add a few drops of lemon into the mashed tomato.
  • Refrigerate the mixture for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Later take the mix out of the fridge and add one tbsp of honey to it.
  • Gently apply the mixture to your face and neck evenly.
  • Let it remain on your face for about 15 minutes.
  • Use plain water to wash your face.
  • You can also use a ripe banana with lemon juice and honey alternatively.
  • Combine them to form a smooth paste, apply it to your face, and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Step 6 – Moisturize and Nourish:

  • Slice a cucumber into small pieces and make a paste out of it.
  • You can use a blender to prepare this paste.
  • Gently apply the mixture to your face and neck evenly.
  • Let it remain on your face for about ten minutes.
  • Use cold water to wash your face.
  • Use a soft towel to pat your skin dry.
  • Your fruit facial is done.
  • Make sure not to forget to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

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Facial Care Tips to Follow Before and After:

In the above section, we have discussed how to prepare fruit facials at home. In addition, we have mentioned the before and aftercare steps you need to follow when you are getting a fruit facial done.

Before The Facial:

  • Before you get your facial, make sure your face is clean.
  • It is better to wash your face with a cleanser before getting a fruit facial.
  • Make sure to remove makeup from your face.
  • Use a mild or light moisturizer for your face. Use a water-based moisturizer if you have acne-prone skin.

After The Facial:

  • Ensure to wash your face to eliminate any remnants of facials and pat it dry using a soft towel.
  • It is advised not to rub your face too much because it might undo the effects of the facial and cause redness.
  • Once you are done with the facial, lie down and relax, allowing your skin to breathe. This process helps your skin take in all the goodness of the facial ingredients.

Several factors contribute to adding glow to your skin, with a proper skincare routine being the top factor. However, if you find getting a facial costly, several cost-effective options are available in the market. You can either use those or prepare a facial pack with natural fruits that you can use to get a similar glow. We hope the information we provided in this article can be helpful for you!


1. What Are The Other Ingredients That You Can Add To Fruit Facials?

Along with all the fruits mentioned in this article, you can get additional benefits by adding the following ingredients:

  • Honey: It regulates the PH level of your skin, reducing the blemishes and wrinkle visibility.
  • Yogurt: You can treat acne and rosacea by using probiotics like yogurt in your fruit facial.
  • Oatmeal: You can reduce the signs of premature aging by including oatmeal in your facial.
  • Milk: Milk helps make your skin clearer by acting as a conditioning agent.

2. What Are Some Of The Fruit Facial Kits Available In The Market?

Some of the popular fruit facial kits available in the market that helps you get glowing and healthy skin:

  • Himalaya tan removal orange facial kit.
  • VLCC papaya fruit facial kit.
  • Vaadi herbals skin lightening fruit facial kit.
  • NutriGlow Papaya fruit facial kit.
  • Roop mantra fruit facial kit.
  • Jovees fruit mini facial kit.
  • Nature’s essence fruit facial kit.

3. How Frequently Can We Get Facial?

Although a facial can be beneficial, overusing it can cause more damage than good. Therefore, limit getting a facial to once a month to avoid any skin damage and reap all the benefits.


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