The most popular and gaining popularity is the home office concept. Nowadays many big corporate and small entrepreneurs started working from home as you can work in flexible hours as per your convenience and comfort. For this, in a home or apartments or even in garages people are designing home office as per its requirement. The home office is being considered as the dearer way of starting an office as you can have a set up in the place you are residing so no extra investment is required.

Modern Home Office Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and latest home office designs with photos. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Inspiring Home Office Design:

As you need to face challenges in work, the person should be motivated to overcome any situation. Eye-catchy and stylish interiors of a home office can inspire to face hurdles and achieve success. The cross beam table with glass top and elegant looking white chair with glass windows could be perfect interior home office designs.

2. L Shaped Home Office Design:

The place looks extremely beautiful and in one small corner, you can create a lovely looking office without troubling other house members. This home office idea can be built with this L shaped desk can in any small place with all the amenities required for working.

3. Portable Home Office Design:

As the work demand people have to shift from one to another. Here come perfect portable home office desks which can be easily ported if required. The unit is designed wherein all the equipment can be placed required at the home office.

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4. Simple Home Office Idea:

The small place of a house can be churned into a functional place. This home office looks very simple but designed to take care of every office needs. The seagrass rug, long curtain and plaster wall lends a minimalist look to the place.

5. Modular Home Office Furniture:

These are lovely and unbeatable cool looking modular home office furniture which on its own makes a style statement when placed. The modular is designed in a structured way so that all the necessary office items can one kept in one place.

6. Compact Home Office Design:

The home office should be designed keeping in the mind its functional usage and all the items are easily accessible. This home office is designed in the similar lines having a small table, a cool looking cabinet and shelves on top of the table with a comfortable chair and a small window to keep you cool. This is the best idea for home office designs.

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7. Small Corner Home Office Idea:

The cool idea of turning the unwanted place to a useful place and make it appear amazing. This could be the best idea of utilising the space beneath the stairs and turning the small place into a home office. You can smartly decor the table with some cool paintings and get a desk and chair which blends with the rest of home decor.

8. Folding Home Office Design:

These types of folding home office ideas are very convenient to use as they can be folded back once the use is over. The cool-looking desk is mounted with wall and small sleek cabinets down to it, with a tall chair, gives a perfect working environment.

9. Elegant Home Office Design with Feng Shui:

It’s being believed that if the home office is designed with Feng Shui ideas you get closer to natural beauty and the environment is filled with positive vibration, you feel relaxed and comfortable thought the day and moreover the office looks elegant and stylish, unlike other home offices.

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Working in an office environment is different from home offices as you work in cubicles which are more flexible and are designed as per your work requirement. But you can still design your from the home office in a structural way and make it comfortable according to your needs.


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