Among the most common health ailments related to muscular issues, back pain is quite prevalent among thousands of people around the globe. It is one issue that causes a lot of discomfort in the body and leads to hamper in the daily lifestyle. To ensure that you start living a healthy and hassle-free life again, it is always better to look for some safe and effective home remedies for treatment. Painkillers and medication provide only temporary relief and have side effects. For an easy way out, the home cures given below is the best you can do.

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The guide has some of the top-notch treatment and should be used regularly. Pick a combination of 2-3 remedies for visible and permanent cure from backache.

Simple and Easy Home Remedies for Backache:

1. Ginger:

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The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in treatment of any pains in the body including the backache. Ginger paste mixed with eucalyptus oil can be applied on the affected area for treatment or else ginger tea can be prepared at home and taken with a little honey each day. This will treat backache effectively.

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2. Poppy Seeds:

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One of the natural products that can be used for home remedies is poppy seeds. Grind well-equal quantities of poppy seeds and rock candy. This powder should be taken in two teaspoons with milk at least two times in a day. It is one of the best things to do.

3. Garlic Oil:

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Prepare some garlic oil at home and use it daily to massage the back. It should be done in a firm way to get the best outcomes. It is one of the top-notch home remedies to use. Make sure you use it twice daily for a permanent cure in a couple of weeks.

4. Basil Leaves:

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Boil about 10 fresh basil leaves in water and strain this liquid. Add a pinch of salt to this and have it two times in a day. Make sure you have it on a room temperature. It should be taken twice for severe pain and once for mild pain.

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5. Wheat:

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A handful of wheat should be soaked in water at night. Early in the morning, it should be mixed with cuscus grass and a little coriander. Now add a cup of milk and bring this mixture to a boil. It should be done till the mix thickens well. Have it two times in a day for treatment of backache in a home remedial way.

6. Honey:

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Mix some raw and organic honey with a cup of warm water. This should be taken each day as a safe and efficient remedy for backache. It is a perfect thing to do and an easy and effortless method.

7. Ice Compress:

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Make an ice bag by putting ice cubes in a plastic bag and then using it as a compress on the backache. This helps in making the area numb and treating the discomforting pain. This should be done several times in a day to get the best outcomes.

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8. Chamomile Tea:

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To relax the tensed muscles not only in the back but anywhere in the body, the best is to drink 2-3 cups of chamomile tea each day. This also soothes the body and the mind for added advantage.

9. Warm Shower:

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Taking a warm shower helps in easing the pressure from the back and releases the stress from the back. It is one of the best ways to get instant outcomes on the pain. One should take a warm shower only once a day for 10 minutes to get the results desired.


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