Cold remedies for kids: Children are exposed to various bacteria in their day to day routine and tend to fall sick based on their immunity. Of all the illnesses, flu, which is otherwise known as common cold, is the most obvious health illness in kids aged below 10 years.

Be it from a friend who just sneezed into the air or some cold drink that triggers it, common cold in kids, especially babies is unavoidable. Most parents quickly pick an over-the-counter medicine for cold and give it to their kids to avoid further severity. Although this is not debatable, there are numerous home remedies for cold for kids that are often unnoticed. Here we have compiled cold symptoms in kids, causes for cold in kids, and effective home remedies that can help you in quickly getting rid of cold in kids. So, let’s get started!

Causes and Symptoms of Cold in Kids:

Common cold or flu as it is medically called is a communicable disease. It spreads from one person to another through air or touch. Here are the symptoms of cold in kids.

  1. Cold in babies or kids below 10 years age usually starts with running nose or with sneezing. Running nose is caused due to excessive mucus secretion. Sneezing happens as a defense mechanism by the body to push out the bacteria.
  2. While most kids experience cold and cough as a combination, some only have severe cold.
  3. In some kids, severe cold may lead to sore throat where there is a change in voice noticed. Nose becomes stuffy or too runny making it uncomfortable for breathing.
  4. Sometimes, severe cold may also lead to fever which may also cause headache
  5. In certain cases of cold in kids, the appetite may go low and the child may feel very tired.
  6. Sometimes, cold brings with it ear pain as all the senses are interconnected.
  7. If cold is caused by bacteria, then the symptoms are severe. However if it is caused as a result of an allergy, the symptoms subside in a short time.
  8. Every child is unique and he/she may experience cold as an illness differently.

Cold Prevention in Kids:

On a lighter note, most people say that cold is something that goes away in week with medicine and takes 7 days to go without medicine. Jokes apart, there are certain ways of cold prevention in kidsand we have put them all together for you to quickly pick and use.

  • Preventing cold is not easy but it is not tough too. Teach your child to cover his/her nose while sneezing.
  • Let your child eat vitamin C rich foods that prevent cold.
  • Avoid cuddling your child when you are unwell and make sure you don’t let someone with cold cuddle your child.
  • Teach your child the importance of cleanliness. Washing hands, covering nose when there is dust or smoke and drinking lots of water can help in prevention of cold.

No matter how much you do to prevent your child from catching cold, it sometimes just happens. So, don’t worry, here are some tips on what to give kids for cold and how to get rid of cold in kids through natural ways

Best and Effective Home Remedies for Cold in Kids:

If you believe that cold can be treated only with allopathic medicines, you are wrong! Here are four most effective home remedies for cold in kids:


The most ancient home remedy for cold, especially for common cold in kids has been steam! Yes! Steam helps in unblocking the nostrils and helping the oxygen reach lungs at a faster pace, thereby, clearing any mucus that is obstructing the air flow.


  • Take a medium size utensil that is heat friendly.
  • Add a generous amount of water to it and let it boil.
  • Now switch off the flame and carefully transfer water to another bowl.
  • If you wish, you can add pure turmeric powder to the hot water.
  • Let the child sit down comfortably and use a towel to cover himself in such a way that the face gets the steam properly.
  • Let the child inhale the steam coming from the boiled water.
  • If this sounds like a big work, you can buy a small vaporizer from the market. Add some water to it until the specified mark and switch it on. Just let the child breathe in the steam.

In both the ways, it is always suggested that elders administer the steam process for safety of the child.

Any possible side effects:

Steam does not have any side effects. However, when the vessel or the electric steamer is too close to the child’s body, they may cause small burns as the heat is more. So, be cautious and distance the child while giving steam.


Honey is the most natural ingredient that has special efficiency to cure cold and coughs in children. It is used as an amazing home remedy for respiratory infections in kids. Honey can either be given as one small spoonful or add it with other ingredients to make it an effective remedy. Usually for cold in kids, honey added to lukewarm water is helpful. Since cold causes dehydration, giving honey helps in boosting energy instantly. Honey is good for digestion and creates hunger as most of the times hunger goes down when kids have cold.


  • Take a medium size utensil that is heat friendly.
  • Add a generous amount of water to it and let it heat until it is relatively warm.
  • Now, take a small glass of warm water, add a small spoonful of honey to it and give the solution to the child twice a day.

Any possible side effects:

  • There are no side effects of using honey for cold in kids. However, in babies and children below 12 months, this process is not recommended as in honey can cause botulism in kids which is actually a stomach-related problem.


Description: Turmeric, the natural antiseptic which is used to quickly heal cuts, is also an amazing ingredient to treat cold in kids. Its antiseptic properties make it efficient to fight infections, especially common cold and cough in kids. Turmeric water steam and turmeric milk are two best home remedies to fight cold in kids.


  • Boil milk and let it come down to lukewarm temperature.
  • Take a glass of lukewarm milk and half a spoon of turmeric to it. Mix well and let the child have it every night. This helps in fighting the cold related bacteria and gives good relief.
  • You can give turmeric water steam to your child. As mentioned above under the “Steam,” follow the same process and add half a spoon of turmeric to the boiled water and let the child breathe in the turmeric water steam.

Any possible side effects:

  • Although turmeric is a natural ingredient, sometimes in some kids, it may cause heart burns when added in larger quantities with milk.
  • Also, make sure you use the pure form of turmeric as most turmeric packets you get in the market these days have chemicals in them.

4. SOUP:

When kids have cold and cough, their appetite falls down making them feeling weak. Soups are a best way to make kids feel better when they have cold. Soups also are rich in nutrients and give body the nutrition it needs. Also, with the water content in them, they help manage dehydration caused due to cold.


  • Take a mixture of vegetables or chicken and pressure cook them with a generous amount of water.
  • Add salt, pepper powder, some corn powder and let it come to a boil.
  • Strain the mixture and garnish it with some coriander and serve hot.

Any possible side effects:

Soups usually have no side effects, unless your child is allergic to some vegetable.
If your child is allergic to any vegetable, avoid putting it in the soup.

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Quick Picks: How to Treat Cold in Kids in Additional Ways?

  • Rest is the key for helping your kid fight cold and uneasiness. Cold and fever usually go hand in hand and normally cause the child to feel lethargic and ill. Plenty of rest allows the child’s immune system to effectively fight off the bacteria causing the cold. While the child rests the white blood cells spread throughout the body eradicating any form of disease causing germs.
  • A cold also may cause congestion in the chest which may cause coughing. Inhaling moist steamy air is the best way of melting the mucus in the chest thus allowing your child to breathe freely. Take a bowl and boil some water, then put a towel around your Child’s head and allow them to breathe in and out deeply thus inhaling the steam from the water.
  • See to it that your child has plenty of water during the day as the fight to destroy the germs in the body can leave the kid severely tired and hydrated. Water will help to reduce the fever and keep the cold in check. Water is a general detoxifier that naturally cleanses the body and allows unwanted germs to be relieved via the urinary tract.
  • Salt water can help your child get rid of the sore throat that is common during a cold. The reason is that a cold causes cough and continuous coughing will most certainly cause a sore throat. Therefore sprinkle a moderate amount of salt into a glass of Luke warm water and ask your child to gargle with it. These will soothe the sore area of the kids throat.
  • Along with water extra fluids such as juices can be also given to the child to further strengthen the immune system and in time the child will start feeling better.
  • Cold often leaves certain children nauseous therefore propping up the head is a good way of removing the nausea. Doing this along with the above methods will help your child get rid of the cold in a matter of days.
  • Another means of smoothening a congested chest is by using vapor rubs. Heat a cloth in the vapor of boiling water and apply generously on the congested areas. Coughing up mucus is natural after this is completed.
  • Cold in kids can be avoided by giving them warm milk with a bit of turmeric every night before going to bed.
  • Boiled and cooled water is always better as it kills any possible bacterial presence.
  • Teach your child about cleanliness etiquette like using a napkin while cleaning the nose, washing hands after sneezing or coughing, covering nose while sneezing and when there is dust.
  • Not consuming too cold items
  • Eating leaves of basil (Tulasi) often for natural care

Cold in kids can get worse with days passing, so when you see the first symptom, administer the home remedies so you can avoid antibiotic usage when it worsens. If you found this article useful, comment below with your thoughts.


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