20 Simple Ways You Can Get Rid of Bad Breath (halitosis) Fast

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What is Bad Breath?

Bad breath, which is a common problem in many adults and few kids,can be publicly defaming and can lead to social boycott sometimes. It is annoying and disheartening too! But did you know it is a serious problem? Bad breath, medically called as halitosis, is a sign of unhealthy oral practices. Bad breath might not be a medically serious condition but it is one of the signs that the mouth is not as clean as it should be. It also makes one realize the importance of having a fresh breath while talking to people and staying in public. Once you understand the significance, the next is to work towards methods that can actually help you in treatment of bad breath and to know how to prevent bad breath.

Bad Breath (halitosis)

Bad Breath Causes and Symptoms:

  • Food ingredients: Some food ingredients with pungent flavours or odours when consumed may retain their flavor in the mouth leading to bad breath. Food ingredients like onion, garlic and other spices. Also, these get carried in one’s bloodstream after digestion and further get into the lungs and cause bad breath.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption: Smoking and alcohol consumption can be the reason behind bad breath. These two habits bring with them bad odour. Certain types of illnesses caused due to consumption of tobacco also can be the reason behind bad breath.
  • Improper dental hygiene: Dental hygiene is exceptionally important and when you lack that, bad breath can occur. If you don’t gargle your mouth after every meal and brush your teeth twice a day, there is every chance of plague formation and food particles getting stuck in the gaps due to which bad breath occurs. If you don’t brush and floss daily, food particles remain in your mouth, causing bad breath.
  • Dehydrated mouth: When you don’t consume enough water that your body needs, the saliva which plays an important role in cleansing the mouth dries up causing bad odour. Also, due to certain medical conditions like diabetes, mouth can get dehydrated causing bad breath.
  • Medication: Certain types of medicines when taken to treat illnesses can cause bad breath. Even otherwise, certain supplements that we take like iron supplements also cause bad breath due to pungent odour.
  • Cold or Cough: Usually when you have cold or cough, due to excessive production of mucus and bacterial growth, bad breath is produced.

Usually it is difficult to assess the odour of your breath. While some people can make out the difference in their own breath, some don’t even know that their breath smells bad. When you get to know yourself or when someone’s gestures give you a clue, you will start worrying about how to cure bad breath. It is embarrassing sometimes to seek medical help for bad breath when you don’t know bad breath solutions. Well! That is why to help you in prevention and best treatment for bad breath at home, we compiled more than 20 best herbal remedies and best treatment for halitosis at home that you can pick and use right away!

It is best to adhere to some simple home remedy treatments for bad breath. This guide will tell you how to get rid of bad breath by using home remedies and all you need to do is follow them with due diligence.

Herbal Home Remedies to Quickly Reduce Bad Breath:

Here is a special take away for you detailed information on herbal home remedies for halitosis that are easy, simple and quick!

1. Fennel Mouth Wash:

Fennel seed for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Fennel, the saunf that we chew after meals comes with great anti-odor properties. With its pleasant flavor and aroma, fennel can fight bad breath and add good odour to your mouth. Fennel seeds come in various combinations and in different flavours to match to different human likes.

Preparation Instructions:

You can choose to chew fennel seeds as it is or make a natural or herbal fennel seeds mouthwash and use it on daily basis. Here is how to make the mouthwash:

  • Take a handful of fennel seeds and break the into pieces by rubbing them inside your palms.
  • Now add these fennel seeds to a generous amount of boiling water.
  • Let it come to a boil and reduce the flame.
  • Now add some mint leaves and some cinnamon sticks.
  • Let it come to a boil and then switch off the flame.
  • Strain the mixture and store it in a bottle.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Gently pour some of the stored fennel mouthwash into your mouth
  • Gargle well for a minute and wash your mouth
  • Do it twice or thrice a day to reduce bad breath

Side Effects:

  • There are no possible side effects of using this mouthwash.
  • Fennel seeds are natural ingredients and they are used as herbal remedy for bad breath, therefore, this remedy is extremely safe for daily use.

2. ACV Solution and ACV Mouthwash:

Apple Cider Vinegar for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Apple cider vinegar, popularly called as ACV in the food industry is an amazing herbal remedy for bad breath. The acidic nature of ACV helps in clearing unwanted tartar and the stickiness in the mouth preventing it from smelling bad. ACV is an easily available kitchen ingredient today as most households use this ingredient to enrich their dishes. So here is the best ACV based home remedy for bad breath.

Preparation Instructions:

There is no specific preparation instruction for ACV mouth wash as the ACV is readily available in market in packaged bottles. You just have to buy it and use it as it is.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Take a glass of water and add one tablespoon of ACV.
  • Mix well and consume this solution after every meal.
  • You can drink it up in small quantity before meal as well but if you don’t like the vinegar flavor, you can just dilute it even more.
  • If you are unsure of drinking the solution, you can mix half tablespoon of ACV to a small glass of water and gargle it for a few seconds. You can repeat it until you feel that freshness in the mouth

Side Effects:

  • There are no possible side effects of drinking ACV. In fact it acts as a stomach acid and helps in digestion.
  • The mouthwash too is harmless.

3. Fenugreek Mouthwash:

Fenugreek for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Fenugreek which naturally tastes bitter is rich in anti-fungal agents. Although most of us know that fenugreek is a vital ingredient in homemade herbal beauty products, it also plays a vital role in reducing bad breath.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Heat some water and let it boil
  • Now add a handful of fenugreek seeds to the boiling water
  • Let it become warm and then strain the solution to a glass.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Take a glass of lukewarm fenugreek water and gargle it for a few minutes.
  • Repeat it until you feel freshness in the mouth.
  • Continue doing this on daily basis until you get rid of bad breath problem.

Side effects:

Fenugreek is a natural food ingredient and has no side effects. However due to its bitter taste, some people may feel uncomfortable to gargle this water.

Since it is just gargling the water, it is ok.

4. Cardamom Tea:

Cardamom Tea for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Cardamom, the most essential natural spice that is used in sweets and certain rice items, naturally has a good aroma. Cardamom also has a great ability to reduce bad odour, especially bad breath. With its exclusive aroma, it can also kill the bad breath causing bacteria.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Heat water and add regular tea powder and sugar to your taste
  • Once the tea starts boiling, add a couple of cardamom seeds without the peel. (Most people prefer adding the peels to their bottle of tea powder for that aroma.)
  • Now, once the tea decoction looks good, add milk and wait for it to boil for a few seconds.
  • Once it is ready, just strain the tea and serve.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Although most people just chew away a cardamom to add good odour to their mouth, some people prefer having tea with cardamom flavor.
  • Have the cardamom flavor tea every day to enhance your breath and prevent bad breath.

Side Effects:

Cardamom is a herbal ingredient and therefore, there are no side effects it can cause. However, too much consumption of tea can cause acidity or heartburn. Therefore, consume only two cups of cardamom tea per day.

5. Chewing Parsley:


Parsley, one of the herbs, gets its colour due to the chlorophyll presence and this chlorophyll has the power to freshen the breath. Parsley itself has a good fresh aroma and when chewed as it is, it can give a good freshness in mouth.

Preparation Instructions:

You may grow fresh parsley or buy some from the fresh veggies store.

Usage Guidelines:

Parsley, which is an exclusive ingredient used in the continental and Italian recipes, has a power to de-odorize the mouth. You can choose to add more of parley in combination with mint to your recipes.
Just take a couple of mint leaves and parsley leaves, add them to your mouth and chew them. Enjoy the aroma they release as they crush under your teeth, while bad breath is driven away.

Side Effects:

Natural herbs and herbal extracts do not have any side effects and so is parsley.

6. Cinnamon Mouthwash:

Cinnamon for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Cinnamon, the most vital ingredient used in most authentic Indian and other recipes, has the power to DE-odorize. More than just killing bath breath, cinnamon has the power to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. Most research surveys have shown that people, who used cinnamon based herbal remedies for combat bad breath, have seen positive results in a very short period.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Get the best quality cinnamon and grind it to make a fine powder. Or you could just buy a branded pack of cinnamon powder.
  • Take a tall tumbler of hot water and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it.
  • Now, squeeze a lemon into the solution and also add a teaspoon of honey to make it taste better.
  • Honey and lemon together make a great combination for cleansing.
  • Store this solution in an air-tight container.

Usage Guidelines:

Take a generous amount of this solution and gargle well for a few minutes twice everyday
Continue doing it until you get rid of bad breath.

Side Effects:

Cinnamon, honey and lemon are natural ingredients and in combination they don’t really cause any side effects.

7. Chewing Cloves:

Cloves for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Cloves, the most important spice ingredients that enrich the taste of many authentic dishes, also are a great remedy for bad breath. Cloves are known for their healing mechanism, especially for tooth aches and gum pains, but not many know that they can fight bad breath too.

Preparation Instructions:

Buy a pack of good-quality cloves and store them in an air-tight container.
You could keep honey handy too!

Usage Guidelines:

  • Take a couple of cloves and chew them well twice every day to combat bad breath.
  • If you don’t like to chew cloves, you can take two of them and keep them in the side of your cheek inside your mouth. You can keep swallowing the juices it releases, basically like a chewing gum. Once the juices are swallowed, you can just spit out the pulp of cloves.
  • If that is still impossible, dry roast some cloves and mash them with a spoon. Add a few drops of honey to it and just lick it away to combat bad breath. This also helps in fighting cold, cough and other bacterial infections that may be causing bad breath.

Side Effects:

Cinnamon, honey and lemon are natural ingredients and in combination they don’t really cause any side effects.

8. Baking Soda Mouthwash:

Baking soda for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Baking soda, which is a vital ingredient in baking cakes and making some Indian recipes, also is known for its cleansing properties. Some people use baking soda to cleanse their upset stomach too. Now, did you know baking soda has the power to combat bad breath? Well! Baking soda has the efficiency to clean teeth, gums and the tongue with its natural cleansing mechanism.

Preparation Instructions:

Take a glass of water and add half a teaspoon of baking soda to it.
Stir well and let the baking soda dissolve in water.

Usage Guidelines:

Take the baking soda and water solution and gargle well twice daily to reduce bad breath.
For best results, continue until you get relief from the problem.

Side Effects:

Baking soda has no side effects. It in fact cleanses very well.

9. Tea Tree Solution:

Tea tree oil for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Tea tree, whose essential oil is used in making herbal products like soaps and other cosmetics, is also an amazing remedy for bad breath. A lot of research studies have been conducted before this has been declared. Tea tree naturally has a very pleasant and fresh fragrance and a remedy with this will surely drive away bad breath.

Preparation Instructions:

Tea tree’s essential oil is readily available in the market. Although it is slightly pricy, it is worth it!

Usage Guidelines:

  • You can directly pick toothpaste from the market with tea tree oil as its main ingredient and use it as it is.
  • You can continue to use your regular toothpaste and add a few drops of the tea tree essential oil to it and brush with it.
  • Also, you can pick a mouthwash with tea tree oil base and gargle with it to reduce bad breath.

Side Effects:

  • Tea tree extracts are not harmful in anyway. However, the other ingredients in the products that contain the tea tree oil as the core base may cause any side effects.
  • Please check every ingredient before buying and using any product, even if it is a herbal product.

10. Salt Water Mouthwash:

Salt water for Bad Breath (halitosis)

Salt which naturally has scrubbing properties is good in cleansing mouth and removing tartar or stickiness along the teeth line. Salt also has efficiency to cleanse the gums when gargled. Salt also has the power to dilute and remove the food particles that are stuck to the teeth and in the gaps of the teeth. Salt has minimal antiseptic properties which not many know about!

Preparation Instructions:

  • Salt is readily available in the market. You may use rock salt for best results.
  • Buy a packet of rock salt and grind it to get a fine powder.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Heat 2 glasses of water.
  • Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of salt and mix well
  • Once the salt dissolves in the water, use it to gargle.
  • For best results, gargle twice a day for a few minutes each time.

Side Effects:

Most toothpastes have salt. When that can’t be harmful, how can just salt water be harmful. This is absolutely safe.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Quickly:

Is bad breath embarrassing you? Worry not! We compiled 20 most promising and effective ways for fighting bad breath within no time. Get rid of halitosis and freshen your mouth!

  1. Green Tea: If you are worrying about how to stop bad breath, then the easiest way is to sip green tea regularly. The anti-bacterial properties in green tea and the high levels of antioxidants helps in flushing out the toxins and bacteria in the mouth that usually accumulates and causes bad breath. A cup or two of green tea after meals is recommended as a best remedy for bad breath.
  2. Cardamom: The strong flavour and aroma of cardamom is a perfect match where bad breath treatment home remedies are concerned. Chewing on a piece of cardamom is all you need to do for the purpose.
  3. Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits are acidic in nature and is a straight source of Vitamin C. this is primarily the reason why the citrus fruits can work as an excellent mouth wash. The acids and the antioxidants present in the body immediately flushes out the bacteria and prevents more from building. Plague and other dental problems are kept at bay too and so does bad breath.
  4. Celery: Herbs such as celery contains a certain flavor to them which when incorporated in your diet can help you keep the bad food breaths in check. Often your food intake such as garlic or onion adds to the bad breath and the use of herbs such as celery or thyme can cut the bad breath caused by onions and such.
  5. Apple: Apples are rich in fibers and natural enzymes a property that is much needed for you to combat your onion breath. Sticking to raw food or fruits can help you keep your breath fresh as the natural enzymes kill the bad breath producing bacteria. One can even opt for apple juices on the go while on a busy schedule.
  6. Cinnamon: The cinnamon much like cardamom is a well known spice and can be used especially for its aromatic smell. Cinnamon in the daily dish can not only create a nice flavor in your taste buds but can also help you fight the stubborn bad breath that has been the reason for quite a few embarrassing moments.
  7. Rosemary Leaves: Natural remedies for bad breath has always been linked to herb consumption that not only adds flavor to your daily dishes but also allows bad breath to restrict itself. Rosemary can either be used in the dishes or simply used in the form of a tea in its dried form.
  8. Yogurt For Bad Breath: Fresh yogurt too is a good way of relieving your mouth of bad breath. This is especially helpful if you can add a concoction of mixed berries to the mix which is also a rich source of antioxidant. Use this as a desert after a heavy meal to cut the food breath away. Yogurt is one of the best natural home remedies for bad breath problem.
  9. Nut Paste: Nuts are a good source of protein and vitamin in your body and apart from caring for your body, nuts have a sweet healthy taste that would help you keep your oral hygiene at point. One can either pop in the nuts just like that or simply add a diversity of nuts into the mixer and make a paste of them.
  10. Mint: Much like the other herbs, mint leaves too are a good source of fresh breath that not only cool the inside of your mouth but also allows you to breath and stay fresh. Either juice out the mint leaves or simply add them to your daily meal. Most of the indian people follow this home remedy for remove bad breath.

Additional Tips To Avoid Bad Breath Permanently:

Drink Lots Of Water: Water again is one of the liquids that helps in cleansing away the bacteria and accumulated food residues in the mouth that forms plaque and cause bad breath. Having good amounts of water thus helps in treatment of bad breath. It is suggested to drink 10-12 glasses of plain and filtered water each day. It is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to reach the goals.

Floss: One of the potent home remedies for bad breath includes thorough flossing every morning or night that would work on the inner gaps between the teeth and would force out the accumulating food that sticks in between and causes bacteria production. Flossing would eliminate the chances of food accumulation and would help you keep a fresh breath and healthy mouth. This simple remedy to get rid of bad breath.

Tongue Clean up: You must be wondering how to remove bad breath using a tongue cleaner. Your tongue accumulates saliva, dirt from your mouth and also the remnants of the food tasted and at the end of the day the accumulation can be clearly seen in the form of a white layer spread across the front. This is a primary source of bacteria production which results in bad breath. Before hitting the bed every night, therefore make sure you clean your tongue properly.

Food Habits: Your food habit has a lot to do with how your breath smells. This is not only limited to the basic onions and garlic but also can be blamed on over consumption of dairy products such as cheese and butter. The same goes for coffee. All these products contain a certain body helping bacteria that retains themselves in the mouth and later causes bad breath.

Denture Problem: Often sleeping with your denture covers your mouth a bit too well, creating a cooped up situation within your mouth. The lack of air in your mouth too adds to this and soon you wake up with horrible breath. This is why one should always remove the dentures and clean them regularly before soaking them in water for the night.

Brush Before Bed: Before hitting the bed every night make sure your mouth is clean of the accumulated food and bacteria that ruins the dental hygiene of your mouth. A good brush especially with a fluoride toothpaste can help you eliminate the germs and bacteria and clear out the inside of your mouth removing bad breath.

Keep An Eye On Digestion: Digestion also has a major role to play when it comes bad breath. faulty digestion causes more bacteria and germ in your system which primarily can be linked to bad breath.

Waking up early in the morning, your senses are livened as you gear up for a new day. however, the pungent breath has always left you somewhat unhappy as you go about your day. instead of having to bear with bad breath, why not simply try to eliminate it using homemade remedies. These are cost efficient and organic and will help you cleanse your mouth of the horrid breath.

Now that you know the symptoms, causes and herbal remedies for bad breath, medically known as halitosis, just use these remedies and get rid of bad breath quickly. If you find this article useful and helpful, comment below with your thoughts!

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