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10 Natural Remedies and Tips to Get Rid of Bed Bugs & Treat Bites Easily

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Are you having a tough time with itching and red marks on the body but don’t know what is causing them? Well! Bed bugs may be causing that redness and itching on your body. Although it is scary and annoying to know that bed bugs are on your mattress and are feeding on your blood, when you get to know about their presence, it is essential to look for effective measures to get rid of them. How to kill bed bugs? Pest control is definitely one of the promising ideas but is there anything much better and pocket-friendly? Well! Here we have compiled effective homemade remedies and tips on how to control bed bugs at home naturally.

home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Before we get into the tips and ways on how to get rid of bed bugs in your home through natural ways, here is a sneak peek into 10 unknown facts about bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs are combat survivors! They can manage without food for several months.
  • Bed bugs love to travel! Yes! They move place to place. So, if you think there are bed bugs in your mattress, they may have come on a vacation or may go on one!
  • Bed bugs are artists! They bite in patterns – in lines, in a sequence of bites.
  • Bed bugs can be as big as apple seeds! Yes!
  • Lady bed bugs lay about five eggs per day! Now, if you doubt there are bed bugs on your bed, there may be a habitat of them! Beware!
  • Bed bugs can numb your skin while biting! Yes! Their saliva is like a natural anesthesia and you cannot feel the bite!
  • Bed bugs’ origin dates back to thousands of years. After tasting different animals’ blood, now bed bugs only prefer human blood!
  • Bed bug bites can get as serious as causing asthma attacks!
  • Bed bugs are resistant to most of the pesticides!
  • Bed bug bites can be fatal! Although it is rare, there were cases where people died of sepsis which a blood infection caused by a bed bug bite.

This guide below will help you note the most successful ways a lot of people have followed for treating bed bugs in safe and natural ways and getting rid of them permanently.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally:

  • Vacuum The House:  One of the best ways to treat the problems of bed bugs all by your own at home is to use a vacuum cleaner all over the house. From furniture to drapes, everything should be cleaned with a vacuum to ensure a home remedial cure of the bugs.
  • Wash Everything From Time to Time: Another of the good things to do is to clean and wash all the furnishings and bed sheets with an antiseptic liquid. This is an essential step towards removing the bed bugs in a home remedial manner. Along with linens, one should also clean their sleeping garments well. The water used for the cleaning should be extremely hot to kill the bed bugs well.
  • Steam The Mattress: For a safe and home remedial way of cleaning away the bed bugs, you can always use a steam machine on the furnishings and the bed. This will clean away a lot of bed bugs if done every 2-3 days. This will however not remove all the bed bugs and can be used in combination with other ideas.
  • Use Dry Heat: If you cannot wash the things with water, then put all the furnishings and linens in a dryer. The high temperatures of heat will help in killing the bed bugs effectively in just about 10-15 minutes. This should be done once every week to slowly remove all traces of bed bugs.
  • The Benefits of Sunlight: Sunlight is a natural way of treating bed bugs in an efficient manner. Try and put all the bed linings, mattress, pillows and linens in the sunlight. The natural light and heat will kill the bed bugs perfectly and without the use of any chemicals that can have a side effect on the body. This is one of the best uses you can make on sunlight.
  • Natural Insecticides: There are some natural insecticides that can be used for killing the bed bugs in a home remedial manner. You can rest be assured that it is completely safe for the children and quite effective on the problem of bed bugs. It should be well applied on the bed, furniture and all the corners that you can think of for proper treatment.
  • Boric Acid Powder Use: Boric acid powder can be sprinkled on the corners where you think the bed bugs live. However, this home remedy is not considered well for spreading on the bed and mattress.
  • Essential Oils Use: There are some essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, thyme and eucalyptus that can be sprayed on the bed, mattress, linens and clothes to kill the bed bugs well in a safe and effective cure at home.
  • Black Walnut Tea Leaves: Using black walnut tea leaves is one of the home remedies that act as a natural insecticide to kill the bed bugs in a perfect manner.

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites:

Now that you know what bed bugs can resort to, here are the symptoms of bed bug bites you should know.

  • Firstly, you should know that bed bug bites may not appear immediately after being bitten.
  • Once the bite appears, it would look like a swollen red spot with a center spot that is even darker in shade.
  • The bites will be in a sequence or in an order. They may be in a circle on in a line within a small area.
  • At the bed bug bite area, you can see blisters.
  • Initially these bites may look like mosquito bites.

Effects of Bed Bug Bites:

  • Although most bed bugs are harmless except for giving sleepless nights and some tolerable itching, some bed bugs can cause unusual effects after bite.
  • If you are sensitive by nature, bed bug bites may cause allergic reaction on your body.
  • Once getting bit and you realize it is bed bugs, there is every chance you develop insomnia with the fear of being bitten again.
  • Bed bugs can cause serious illnesses sometimes like asthma.
  • Some bed bugs can be infectious as they may carry some bacteria inside of them.

5 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Bed Bug Bites:

Apart from these effective ways to get rid of bed bugs, here we have a special compilation on promising Indian home remedies for bed bug bites.

home remedies for bed bug bites

1. Tea Tree or Lavender Oil:

Tea tree and lavender essential oils are extremely effective in treating bed bug bites. Both these essential oils are efficient in soothing the skin. These essential oils have natural curing and repairing properties that can make the bite less harmful.

Tea Tree or Lavender Oil


Preparation Instructions:

  • Tea tree or lavender essential oils are readily available in the market. Having them at home at all times is completely worth it!

Usage Guidelines:

  • Take a few drops of either of the essential oils and dilute them either with pure coconut oil or with some water.
  • Apply the solution on the bed bug bites and you can feeling the smoothening effect.
  • You can blend both the oils by adding a couple of drops of each and diluting them before applying to the bed bug bitten areas.

Side Effects:

Essential oils should always be diluted if they are pure extracts and make sure you by real essential oils which are not scented or have other ingredients. Impure or undiluted oils can damage the skin as the concentration may be more.

2. Oatmeal Pack:

Oatmeal pack! Is that sounding very odd? Well! Oats are great at skin care. Many soaps and bath gels have oatmeal as a key ingredient. It helps in soothing the skin and also in scrubbing out the impurities on the skin.

oatmeal for Bed Bugs & Treat Bites

Preparation Instructions:

  • Heat water and add powdered oatmeal to it to make a thick paste.
  • If you have the patience just add some oatmeal powder to your bath water and take a dip.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply the oatmeal pack on the bed bug bitten areas
  • Re apply every few hours to get quick relief

Side Effects:

Oatmeal is a very healthy food. When it is healthy when consumed, it cannot be harmful when applied as a pack! Isn’t it? So, its safe!

3. Toothpaste Pack:

Of late, toothpaste has become one of the most popular skin rash or pimple or blemish removers. Well! It works its magic on bed bug bites too! Toothpaste contains menthol and baking soda – both being extremely skin smoothening ingredients will repair the bed bug bitten skin quickly.

Toothpaste for Bed Bugs & Treat Bites

Preparation Instructions:

  • Toothpaste is always handy at home! There is no specific preparation needed.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Take some toothpaste and scrub it on the bed bug bitten areas for a few seconds and leave it on as a pack.
  • Re-apply the pack every few hours if need be.
  • Mostly, once applied, the pack lasts for hours. It dries up and falls off taking away the impurities with it.

Side Effects:

Some toothpastes may cause skin irritation for some people who are sensitive to baking soda or menthol on their skin for long time. If irritation occurs, just rinse immediately and that’ll help.

4. Lemon Juice Pack:

Lemons are usually available in all households. The citric acidic property in lemons has the power to weaken the bacteria. Lemon juice is efficient in reducing any bites and easing the pain or irritation.

lemon juice for Bed Bugs & Treat Bites

Preparation Instructions:

  • Squeeze a lemon and take the juice.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply the lemon juice as a pack on the bed bug bitten areas.
  • Use this at frequent intervals to ease the bite effect and relieve any stress caused in the affected area.

Side Effects:

The acidic nature of lemon may dry up the skin sometimes but it is not a side effect. Just rinse if it gets too uneasy and it’ll be fine.

5. Aloevera Gel:

Aloevera has natural skin care properties which can quickly heal a rash or any bites. Aloevera is a cooling agent that softens the skin and gives it a smoothening effect instantly. Its gel like consistency makes it a good blemish remover.

aloevera gel for Bed Bugs & Treat Bites

Preparation Instructions:

  • Quickly pluck a stem of aloevera if you have a plant at home.
  • If you don’t have a plant, pick a cream or gel that has pure aloevera extract without any chemical combination.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply the fresh aloevera gel or the cream that has aloevera base to the bed bug bitten areas and gently massage to get the gel repair the area.

Side Effects:

Unless the product contains some chemical substances, there is no way that aloevera can have any side effects.

Now that you know what to do to ease the discomfort caused by bed bug bites, just pick and play with these quick home based natural remedies for bed bug bites.Write your comments below to let us know what your thoughts are.