What Is Bedwetting In Children – Home Remedies Treatment

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What Is Bedwetting:

Bedwetting is a common occurrence amongst children. Even older adults who face a problem of incontinence face the problem of bed wetting. The bedwetting means actually the passing of urine in sleep involuntarily. In normal cases, when the child feels the urge to urinate he wakes up but a child facing bedwetting literally wets the bed unconsciously. Weak bladders, recovering from a chronic illness, fear or simply laziness are some of the common reasons behind the occurrence of bedwetting. One of the worst nightmares for a mother, bedwetting can be easily tackled with certain home remedies.

Home Remedies For Bedwetting Treatment In Children:

As a respite to these mothers, the top 25 home remedies for bedwetting in children available at home are discussed below.

1. Herbal Tea For Bedwetting:


  • To treat bed wetting, take the herbs of bearberry, horsetail, and oak bark in small and equal quantities and put them to boil with water.
  • Steep this solution and the strain it.
  • The strained solution can then be given to the child before bed time.
  • And a dash of honey can be added to bring a pleasant taste to this tea.

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2. Indian Gooseberry:


Indian gooseberry or amla as it is commonly called is known to be a potent cure for bedwetting as it is excellent for strengthening the bladder muscles. Crush an amla and take out one tablespoon of its juice, mix it with a pinch of turmeric and honey and give it to the child every morning regularly.

3. Cinnamon For Bedwetting:

Cinnamon sticks 2

This spice is a tried and tested remedy for curing bed wetting in both children and adults. A piece of its stick can be directly chewed by the affected person daily or to make it more appealing for the child, it can be powdered and applied to a piece of buttered toast with sugar.

4. Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry Juice

This is another great home remedy for bed wetting as it specializes in strengthening the bladder and urinary tract muscles and also very beneficial for the kidney. Though you should avoid giving liquids to the kids before putting him to bed, cranberry is an exception that has to be given an hour before sending the child to bed at night.

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5. Jaggery Treatment For Bedwetting:


Jaggery is known to release heat in the body therefore when given to children it keeps them warm from inside preventing them from releasing urine in their sleep. Ideally it should be given to the affected child every morning with a cup of milk.

6. Honey For Bedwetting:

Honey 9

Another home based treatment for bedwetting is honey, it is not only combined with several ingredients to treat bed wetting, It can be given individually as well for treating this problem in children. One hour before the bedtime, give them a spoonful of honey.

7. Mustard Seeds:

Mustard seeds

  • Ground the yellow mustard seed and add to a cup of warm milk.
  • Make the child drink his every night an hour before going to bed.
  • In a month’s time, the bed wetting problem is sure to minimize, if not disappear completely.

8. Olive Oil Can Stop Bedwetting:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another treatment for curing bed wetting without complications is olive oil.

  • Simply warm the oil and apply it daily on to the abdominal area of the child, especially in and around the navel.
  • This is an excellent and soothing way to cure bed wetting.

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9. Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits 7 kismis

Dried fruits like raisins and walnuts are wonderful for curing problems in the bladder and urinary tract. Give the child, half a fistful of walnuts and raisins as a snack every day. Bedwetting is one problem that cannot be solved overnight. These remedies when tried out religiously definitely show results. So if your child has bed wetting problem, muster up your patience and hope, try out these remedies, you will definitely solve this problem.

10. Kegel Exercises For Bedwetting:

Kegel Exercises

The best home remedy for bedwetting would include some strong but basic exercises for the abdomen or bladder, ones that strengthen the muscles from the core so that your over reactive bladder doesn’t let itself go during the night. This is applicable both for kids or grownups. Basic kegel exercises would allow the loosened muscles to gain strength and elasticity.

11. Fruit Salad:

Fruit Salad

Chopped, sliced and diced this is a special diet of oranges, lemons, different assortments of berries and kiwis. Prior to this, dry fruits have been added to the list. This time these juice filled fruits can add to the natural water in our body, but the only difference is, the juices from these fruits are thick and concentrated which quenches the body’s thirst for water without adding liquid to the bladder.

12. Encourage Double Voiding:

Double voiding is a method applicable both for kids and grownups. In this process, you are advised to try for toilet once before you start with your bed time ritual and is advised to end your bed time ritual by trying for toilet one last time for the night. This way you can ensure your bladder is completely empty while going to bed which would lessen the possibilities of bed wetting.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar too is a good relief for bedwetting. Aiding constipation and acting as an efficient detox, apple cider vinegar can be mixed with a glass of water and half a tea spoon of raw honey that would maintain the PH balance of your body and prevent the acidic levels from rising, all of which will aid in bed wetting.

14. Banana Can Stops Bedwetting:


Home remedies for bed wetting also includes banana in the list. Banana is rich in potassium which is useful for the body not only for your nutrition intake but also to maintain sodium levels in your body. Apart from this banana is a natural binder and acts as a muscle binder that would prevent slipping of your bladder in kids and adults also.

15. Avoid Drinking Fluids Before Bedtime:


Right before bed time if you indulge in a lot of fluid intake, chances are you or your kid has a possibility of wetting his or her bed by midnight. This is why it is always advised that you drink water before dinner and possibly a little after to ensure proper digestion but once the bed time nears, prevent fluid intake.

16. Avoid Chocolate:


You must be wondering how to stop bed wetting by staying away from chocolates? This is most often applicable for kids who intake a lot of chocolate. Much like coffee or tea, chocolate too contains caffeine in them, a diuretic in nature that encourages bladder’s over reaction.

17. Black Vinegar To Avoid Smell:

Black Vinegar

Bedwetting treatment would have you use all your senses combined together to fight this process. Black vinegar can be used to cut the smell of pee stain from your duvet. A study revealed that even when your sleeping your sense of smell works at its best and in the unconscious of your mind, the toilet smell from every night causes a sensation to work that encourages bedwetting.

18. Fennel Seeds For Bedwetting:

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds grounded can be brewed into a tea to make the best of the bedwetting problems. Fennel seeds are scientifically proven to be effective during bedwetting problems and if are talking about a kid, you can always make him start the day with a warm glass of soy milk and a handful of fennel seeds.

19. Red Meat:

Red Meat

Red meat is a strong source of potent nutrition but that is not the only reason why red meat out of all is encouraged during bedwetting. Red meat strengthens the core muscle and makes sure they are not relaxed or at ease even while you sleep. This can indirectly result in you having difficulty while wanting to pass fluid during sleep which will wake you up when needed.

20. Reward Their Effort:

Reward Their Effort

This is especially a tip for the parents who suffer with their kid’s bedwetting. This is more of a physiological thought than a rule. Every time even during the day when they use the bathroom, always appreciate and rewards them, a trait your son will carry on in the night as well.

21. Obesity:


Obesity is something that applies both for the kids and the grownups. Obesity or overweight actually causes a lot of pressure in your abdominal area preferably upon your bladder and therefore can often result in you having difficulty in holding onto your toilet. This is primarily linked to bedwetting tendencies as well.

22. Avoid Smoking:

Avoid smoking

Smoking induces nicotine in your system, a sure shot ingredient that softens and loosens up your muscular controls. Smoking maybe one of the heavy reasons why adult bedwetting persists most of the times. The induced nicotine if on high level destroys the elasticity of your bladder system and kills their functionality.

23. Cherries Helps To Stop Bedwetting:


Cherry is yet another fruit that you can put your trust on when it comes to bed wetting. No special remedy requires, simply add cherries to your diet by popping one or two every now and then.

24. Parsley For Bedwetting:


Parsley is an important herb that when mixed with your everyday dish can prevent your possibilities of bedwetting. It is quite natural that you as a food enthusiast experiment with different parsley dishes so that the goodness of this herb doesn’t become monotonous.

25. Almond In Milk:


Almonds soaked in soy milk are the perfect morning drink for a bed wetter. Almond with the benefits of calcium can bring elasticity and strength in your muscles thereby not letting your bladder make its own decisions. It is one of the best and natural home remedies for bedwetting in children and adults also.

Bedwetting especially in the adulthood can be quite an embarrassing affair. Even for a kid a simple social event like a sleepover at a friend’s might be quite a huge deal often debarring the child from growing up being accustomed to normal circumstances. This is why often bedwetting is mentally and medically subjected to treatment. Even though medical affairs are always prioritized, you as an individual can rely on some home remedies to do away with bedwetting maybe not right on spot but of course gradually with time.