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25 Amazing Home Remedies For Bronchitis You Should Try

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Among the various problems of the throat and the respiratory system, bronchitis is one of the most common ones that you might have to deal with. In simple terms, it is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes that is present between the lungs and the nose. Virus, bacteria and foreign particles are some of the reasons for this irritation. Along with mucus cough, you might experience pain in the chest, difficulties in breathing, fatigue, fever and even muscle pains. Depending on the level of bronchitis, one needs to adhere to professional help and medications.

home remedies for bronchitis

However, along with the medicine dose, you can always adhere to some effective home remedies that can help in fastening the treatment process. This guide below will give you some of the top notch cures that can be used. Before knowing about home remedies for bronchitis, you should know about causes, symptoms and prevention.

Causes For Bronchitis:

Now that you have understood what Bronchitis is, let us learn about the various causes that lead to this condition:

  • Bacterial or Viral attacks on lungs
  • Untreated Cold or Flu
  • Lung Irritants like Tobacco
  • Dust, Pollen
  • Smoke and Dense Vapors
  • Smog, Pollution In Air

Repeated Episodes of Acute Bronchitis leads to Chronic Bronchitis, which can be potentially life threatening!

Symptoms Of Bronchitis:

So, how do we identify Bronchitis? These symptoms can help you recognize this condition in early stages for timely treatment and faster recovery:

  • Thick Mucus Formation
  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Blocked Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Tightening In Chest
  • Body Pains
  • Head Aches
  • Sinus Attacks

Prevention Of Bronchitis:

Whoever said “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” was absolutely right! Making simple changes in your lifestyle and sticking to a clean environment can mitigate the risks of falling prey to Bronchitis. Here are ways to prevent this problem:

  • Making Sure Your House is Free From Dust
  • Avoid pets if you have fur allergies
  • Get rid of plants that leave a lot of pollen
  • Grab some sun light everyday
  • Keep yourself warm
  • Say No to Smoking
  • Stay away from intense odours, smoke, smog and fumes.
  • Get regular medical checkups to identify the symptoms early

Best Home Remedies For Bronchitis:

Wondering how to treat Bronchitis at home? Let’s find here with mentioned top 25 bronchitis home treatment methods. Do note that these natural remedies for Chronic Bronchitis may not be effective compared to Acute Bronchitis. If you wish to know how to cure Chronic Bronchitis naturally, you need to follow these methods to avoid Acute Bronchitis first! Also, taking medicines along with these treatments can mitigate risks.

1. Take Steam:

One of the best natural ways to get rid of bronchitis comes in the form of taking steam from a tub of hot water while covering the head well. This will loosen up the lung secretion and provide instant comfort. With regular use, you will definitely get gradual cure for the health crisis and in an effective way.

How To Use?

  • Boil water in a large container
  • Cover your head with a blanket and breathe in the vapors
  • You can try an electric steam machine for comfort

Who Should Avoid?

Young Children must stay away from steam, as it can cause severe burns if not handled properly

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2. Garlic Use:

The anti viral and anti biotic properties of this natural product makes it a perfect one on the rack for cure of bronchitis. About three cloves of raw garlic should be boiled in a cup of milk after chopping them well. This should be taken warm before going off to sleep until the problem subsides completely. This is one of the best home remedies for bronchitis in children.

How To Use?

  • Crush a garlic pod roughly
  • Add it to a glass of warm milk
  • Consume it before bed time for faster relief

Who Should Avoid?

If you have lactose allergies, avoid this remedy

3. Ginger Wonders:

Ginger is another home product from the kitchen that is a proven allergic Bronchitis home remedy. The anti-inflammatory agents in the product are the perfect one for bronchitis treatment. It also boosts the immune system to a good extent. Ginger tea can be prepared and to this some grounded pepper and honey can be added and consumed twice each day. Another way is to take some powdered ginger with cloves and pepper and consume it with honey at least 3 times in a day.

How To Use?

  • In a pot, boil some water
  • Add roughly chopped Ginger and bring it to a boil
  • Remove from heat
  • Add ground pepper and honey

Who Should Avoid?

Stay away from this treatment if you have a sensitive stomach or allergic to ginger

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4. Salt Water Cure Bronchitis:

Salt water

Take a glass of warm water is more than enough for preparation. It will treat the inflammation in the throat as well as thin down the mucus and provides relief. Using salt water gargle can create a depression in your throat and kill the infection causing microbes. It is one of the cheapest and effective ways to cure your sore throat.

How To Use?

  • In a glass of warm water, add some salt
  • Gargle it thrice a day for quick results

Who Should Avoid?

Anyone can try this remedy. Don’t swallow the water!

5. Turmeric Benefit:

This is another of natural treatment for Bronchitis, known for the anti-inflammatory benefits. Take about a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and boil it well. This should be taken warm with a teaspoon of ghee at least 2 times in a day. Take it on empty stomach for faster outcomes and is one of the best home remedies for Bronchitis cough. Also adding a pinch of Turmeric to steam inhalation also helps

How To Use?

  • In a glass of hot milk, add a pinch of turmeric
  • Consume it before bed time

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are allergic to milk. Instead you can prepare it with plain hot water

6. Honey Helps To Control Bronchitis:

The best home remedy for bronchitis is none other than honey. There are anti bacterial and anti viral properties in honey that helps in bronchitis. It will soothe the throat as well as boost the immune system. Take a teaspoon of honey in regular tea to extract the benefits. Honey can also be taken with warm water at least 2-3 times in a day for the treatment.

How To Use?

  • Easiest way is to lick a teaspoon of honey thrice a day
  • Adding some ginger powder also enhances its properties

Who Should Avoid?

Honey can overheat the body. Avoid if you experience any side effects.

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7. Epsom Salt:

Salt epsom

Prepare a warm water soak to which a cup of Epsom salt is added. Now indulge yourself in this warm water for the next 10-15 minutes. This should be done 2 times in a week for gradual but effective treatment. Epsom salt soak can clear the respiratory track and dilute the mucus. This way, you can experience seamless breathing and faster recovery.

How To Use?

  • Add some Epsom salt to your hot water bath
  • Add a few drops of mint oil for better relief
  • Soak your body for 15 minutes

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are sensitive to salt

8. Onion:

Take a teaspoon of raw onions juice every morning on an empty stomach for best outcomes on the throat and phlegm. The expectorant properties will help you get the benefits of bronchitis treatment. This old-school remedy is popularly used in many homes to get rid of the symptoms faster. Also having hot onion soup is also known to work wonders.

How To Use?

  • Extract Juice from Fresh Onions
  • Take a tbsp of this juice early in the morning

Who Should Avoid?

Skip if you have a sensitive tummy

9. Sesame Seeds:

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known for its medicinal properties. A teaspoon of sesame seeds with the same amount of flax seeds and honey and a pinch of salt is a good remedy before going to bed for bronchitis. Dry sesame powder with two tablespoons of water is also a good way to get the benefits that free from bronchitis problem.

How To Use?

  • Roast 1 tbsp of Sesame seeds
  • Roast 1/2tbsp of Flax Seeds
  • Powder them both together
  • Add some honey and pinch of Salt
  • Consume before bed time

Who Should Avoid?

Sesame seeds must not be consumed when you have an upset stomach

10. Almonds can Treat Bronchitis:


One of the best bronchitis home remedies is almonds. This is not only very easy to use but also extremely useful and effective. To make this hack you will need a few almonds, some orange juice and also some amount of lemon juice. What you will have to do is simply make powder of a handful of almonds and now mix this powder to your orange juice and lemon juice cocktail and then consume it once a day.

How To Use?

  • Soak Almonds overnight
  • Grind them into smooth paste
  • Mix with 1 tbsp of orange or lemon juice
  • Consume it every morning

Who Should Avoid?

If you have sensitive stomach, avoid consuming it on an empty tummy.

11. Cabbage:


Is that very surprising to you that a simple vegetable such as cabbage can be listed as one of the home remedies for bronchitis? It is very correct because the goodness of cabbage is not simply limited to just being helpful for weight loss. Cabbages are also very good for bronchitis and all that you have to do is cut a small part of the cabbage and take the juice out and now consume a spoonful or two every day.

How To Use?

  • Coarsely chop Cabbage
  • Using a blender extract juice
  • Consume 1 tbsp of this juice everyday

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you have flatulence

12. Soups And Juices:

Soups And Juices

To avoid all the symptoms and syndromes of bronchitis, a home remedy for bronchitis is simply consuming as much as fluids as you can. This includes all sorts of liquid food including water, fresh fruits and vegetable juices and soups. Drink at least 4 liters of water every day and try to make juices and vegetable soups a part of your regular diet. This is safest natural remedies for Bronchitis in toddlers and babies.

How To Use?

  • Drink at least 3-4 Liters per day
  • Have warm soups during evening house
  • Add some pepper to your soups

Who Should Avoid?

Anyone can try this remedy

13. Mustard:


First thing to keep in mind for this is the fact if you are allergic to mustard or not. Mustard has long been known as one of the natural remedies for bronchitis and this amazing paste made with the help of mustard has proved to be useful for many people. For this you need to mix one tablespoon of mustard powder with four tablespoons each of flour and water to make a paste. Now apply this on the chest before going to bed.

How To Use?

  • Grind mustard seeds into fine powder
  • Mix 1tbsp of this powder with 4 tbsp of flour
  • Add water to make paste
  • Apply it on your chest and cover with cotton cloth
  • Leave it overnight

Who Should Avoid?

If you have sensitive skin, avoid this remedy

14. Hot Shower Make You From Bronchitis:

Hot Shower

You will always see experts and doctors suggesting warm showers and hot baths when you have a problem of cold or flu. Since bronchitis is also a result of mucous deposition in the chest, hot showers can prove to be awesome bronchitis home remedies. It is always better to stay away from chemical cough syrups which may also make you feel sleepy.

How To Use?

  • Sit under a hot shower bath for 10 minutes
  • You can even add a Eucalyptus oil diffuser in your bathroom

Who Should Avoid?

Be careful with the temperature of the water. Chronic Bronchitis people must avoid this

15. Lemons:


You may have heard a lot of lemon tea and a honey and lemon solution or a lot of things like that. Now this infused lemon solution is also awesome as one of the home remedies for acute bronchitis. For this you will have to take a glass of warm water and to this add a teaspoon full of grated lemon rind or a few lemon wedges. Now leave the water for about 5-6 minutes and then strain and drink it every day. Lemon is considered to be the best natural supplements for Bronchitis.

How To Use?

  • Take a jug of fresh water
  • Slice lemons thinly and add them to the water
  • Soak for a while
  • Drink this water instead of your normal water

Who Should Avoid?

This Alkaline water may not suit everyone. It is better to do a trial run before proceeding

16. Honey And Alcohol Solution:

Honey and Alcohol Solution

You may be very surprised to hear that alcohol is also a cure for bronchitis in children but we are certainly not telling you to get into a habit of drinking. Alcohol may be taken as a medicine in a perfect mixture with some other ingredients for the best results. For this you need to put a tea bag in boiling water and to this add a little honey, cinnamon, a little alcohol and mix well and consume it. This is one of the best natural medicine for Bronchitis.

How To Use?

  • Boil one cup of water
  • Pout it on a tea bag
  • Add honey, pinch of Cinnamon powder
  • Add 1tbsp of Alcohol
  • Mix well
  • Consume twice a day

Who Should Avoid?

If you are not used to Alcohol, avoid it

17. Oil Therapy:

Oil Therapy

Massaging the chest with essential oils and pastes is very effective to clear mucous deposition inside and is one of the best Bronchitis alternative treatment. Even for this remedy you will need to mix a number of essential oils to make the chest rub. You will have to combine 10- 12 drops of thyme, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus oil to 1/4th cup of olive oil and use.

How To Use?

  • In a Cup, take 10-12 drops of essential oils
  • Use Thyme, Rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus
  • Add them to ¼ cup of olive or coconut oil
  • Massage this mixture on the chest area

Who Should Avoid?

If you are sensitive to any of these essential oils, skip it

18. Spinach Can Control Bronchitis:


Spinach has a lot of iron quantity and gives you strength as well as develops blood circulation in the body. To make a perfect solution at home for the problem of bronchitis, you should take some spinach leaves and take out the juice of them. Now to this you will have to add a little water and honey and mix well. Consume this regularly.

How To Use?

  • Wash spinach thoroughly
  • Juice it in a blender
  • In 1tbsp of Spinach juice, add some honey
  • You can even add a few drops of water
  • Consume it twice a day

Who Should Avoid?

If you hate raw Spinach, try blanching it before juicing.

19. Linseed:


This is an age-old remedy for bronchitis and mentioned in many a medical book and scripture even from the early periods. This solution says that you should take a cup of linseeds and pour it in normal water. Now you will have to boil this mixture till much of the water is soaked. When it is done just bring it down to room temperature and then massage the back and chest with this.

How To Use?

  • Soak Flaxseed in a cup of water
  • Boil this mixture till you get a gooey consistency
  • Apply the solution on the back and chest

Who Should Avoid?

It can be tried by anyone. Just do a patch test to confirm the safety.

20. Castor Leaves:

Castor Leaves

Another herbal remedy for bronchitis is with the help of these castor leaves. These are the same leaves which you will find with the fruits from which the normal castor oil is extracted. What you will have to do here is just take a few castor leaves and dry roast them in a pan. Now cool them and keep them on your chest for the whole night.

How To Use?

  • Clean a bunch of castor leaves properly
  • Dry roast them in a hot pan
  • When they are slightly warm, place them on your chest
  • Leave on overnight
  • Remove them next morning

Who Should Avoid?

May not be suitable for sensitive skins

21. Marshmallow:


Marshmallow roots act as speedy remedial options for healing bronchitis problems by tinning the mucous depositions. Just take a cup of plain water and to this you should add about two spoonfuls of marshmallow roots. Now let the mixture so that the roots infuse in properly. Drink this solution about 5-6 times every day.

How To Use?

  • Take 1 tbsp of Marshmallow roots and soak in a cup of water
  • Leave on overnight for infusion
  • Consume this water frequently for faster relief

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are allergic to the roots

22. Peppermint:


A herbal peppermint tea can act as wonders in curing bronchitis and its symptoms too. Just take a cup of water and then in it boil about 10- 12 peppermint leaves nicely. Now leave this solution to come down to room temperature. Strain it and drink it at least twice a day for the best solution for asthmatic bronchitis and speedy recovery. This is one of the best home remedies for bronchitis asthma.

How To Use?

  • Wash peppermint leaves well
  • Take a handful of them and boil in a cup of water
  • Strain and serve warm
  • Use it for at least 2-3 days a day

Who Should Avoid?

If you have sensitive stomach, do not try it more than once

23. Thyme:


A herbal thyme tea also proves to be very helpful for curing bronchitis. For this you should take a half teaspoon of dry thyme and mix it in water. Now bring the water to a nice boil like you do for normal tea. Now bring down the vessel and cool down. Strain and drink this at least once every day. Again you can also mix thyme oil with a little olive oil as a chest rub.

How To Use?

  • Boil 1 cup of water
  • Add a few thyme leaves
  • Wait it the oils get infused in the water
  • Consume this tea twice a day

Who Should Avoid?

If you dislike drinking teas, you can try the essential oil for massage

24. Bay Leaf:

Bay Leaf

For this awesome solution take a few bay leaves and add to boiling water and immediately put off the flame. We do not intend to boil the leaves here. Now let the water cool down and also seep the bay leaves. Now just take the leaves out and simply drink this tea at least once a day. Next you can take 3-4 bay leaves and boil them. Now take the leaves out and place them on the chest overnight after covering with clean cloth.

How To Use?

  • Boil 1 cup of water
  • Add a few Bay leaves
  • Wait it the oils get infused in the water
  • Consume this tea twice a day

Who Should Avoid?

Bay leaves can cause acidity. So be cautious before you proceed

25. Banana:


Also known as plantain has a lot of good uses and also very important as a lot of health related remedies. In this we need the plantain leaves as a solution for bronchitis. Now just take a leaf or two and steep in boiling water. Take out the leaves and take the steam in like you normally do. When the solution has been cooled down just drink it.

How To Use?

  • Boil tender banana leaves in a cup of water
  • Take out the leaves
  • Use the water for steam inhalation
  • You can even consume it internally

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you dislike the taste of plantain leaves and go for steam instead.

We hope these home remedies for Bronchitis prove helpful to you! Bronchitis should not be neglected and along with these remedies, we also recommend seeing a doctor. Also, being natural remedies, they might not work as faster your medicines. So, combining these ancient methods with the modern medicine can definitely do miracles. Also, we would advice you to consult with a doctor before trying any of these remedies to make sure they are free from side effects!

Frequently Asked Question And Answers:

1. Is Bronchitis Contagious?

Yes! Bronchitis is caused by an infection, which can spread through air, water and body fluids. IF you are suffering from the condition, make sure you use separate utensils, blankets and personal items. Also spitting everywhere can cause it to spread rapidly. Follow proper hygiene standards to avoid other from getting this!

2. Do these home remedies help me prevent Bronchitis?

Prevention and cure are two different concepts. It is impossible to prevent Bronchitis 100%, as many factors can lead to this problem. However, adding some of the mentioned ingredients like turmeric, thyme, mint, Vitamin C fruits, etc., can strengthen your immune system and reduce your chances of falling prey to infections.

3. How Do I Know Which Home Remedy Works For Me?

The key is to understand the ingredients that go into the recipe. You can determine its suitability by doing a patch test on skin or taking a test dosage. Also, most of these remedies don’t have any serious side effects, If you experience discomfort with any method, discontinue immediately and seek a doctor’s advice.