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Top 22 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash Treatment

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With a new born baby come many more responsibilities. No one said motherhood was easy. It’s all about 24/7 care without any relaxation, not even a minute of rest. But at the end of the day this is of no consequence to any mother because taking care of their child is their first and only priority. So the main question to ask yourself is that even though every mother is so caring and watchful, how is it possible that a baby can get diaper rash? Diaper rash is not only painful for the child but also for the mother, the sleepless nights, the uneasy queasy feeling, the stingy sensation and running to the doctor every time is not a solution. Better if we have some household remedies handy for treatment of diaper rash.

Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

The answer lies not in the care you show but the diaper you use. Through the years cloth was the main medium that was used by mothers around the world as diapers, cloth soaks easily and stays damp for a long period of time, making the babies develop a nasty rash that makes them increasingly cranky and uncomfortable. With the advent of new types of diapers in the market mothers are now spoilt with choice with what their babies can wear as diapers. Then again we never know when the kid has relieved himself and then maybe after some time when we open the diaper to see it wet we realize he has been sitting with it all this while. This may be another reason for rash.

Home Remedies Treatment For Diaper Rash:

This article will explain how to prevent diaper rash and how treat diaper rash by using home remedies.

1. Clean And Fresh Diapers:

The first step to a rash free healthy baby is frequent changing of diapers. For this, the mother or the concerned liaison needs to be active and out on the look all the time. If you sense the baby becoming uncomfortable even a little bit, an instant check and the following routine needs to be done.  Then comes the after routine. That is what is to be done after a diaper change. With an antiseptic soft cloth or cotton, the entire area needs to be cleaned and patted dry.

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2. Powder:


Then powder and a fresh new diaper. Usually using powder and patting it clean before putting on the next diaper is recommended since the powder keeps the area moist free, dry and odorless. This is one of the simplest home remedies for diaper rash treatment.

3. Choose Your Diaper Type:

The next step is to pick out the perfect diaper. Just because it is in frequent need doesn’t mean you will buy a cheap brand in bulk. Many baby diaper brands contain alcohol and other chemicals which on reacting with the skin causes the diaper rash. Once the rash is there, it forms red and patchy and needs to be treated immediately.

4. Ice Wrap:


  • Since the baby’s skin is soft and gentle, wrap an ice-cube around a soft semi-thick cloth so that the direct chill doesn’t bother him but soothes his inflamed area down.
  • Once again it should not be repeated since the baby can catch cold easily due to weaker immune systems.

5. Ointments And Creams:

Ointments and Creams

Other than this doctor’s often prescribe skin-friendly ointments or creams to be applied before putting on the diaper which contains zinc or Desitin which makes a protective layer on the skin.

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6. Vinegar For Diaper Rash:


A good home remedy consists of using vinegar. Because the urine so alkaline in nature, washing the diapers with white vinegar and water can be a good option. If you are using the disposable ones, make a very watery flowing solution of one tenth vinegar and the other nine water and wipe the area carefully before putting the diaper on.

7. Coconut Oil Can Protect From Diaper Rash:

coconut oil

Another good home remedy is extra virgin coconut oil which immediately starts showing effect. If not that you can always try pure aloe vera gel which is a power packed plant and is a miracle worker for skin troubles of all ages.

8. Breast Milk:

Breasts Make Milk in Pregnancy

Breast milk is a good method to lose those nasty rashes. Just a few drop is enough for your baby to heal. This is one of an awesome home remedies for diaper rash problem.

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9. Oatmeal Can Protect From Diaper Rashes:

oatmeal paste

Powdered oatmeal when mixed with water and applied on the affected area can work wonders by reducing the rashes and soothing and cooling the area.

10. Corn Starch:

Corn Starch

A very good home remedy for diaper rash is the combination of corn starch and olive oil. This is used by a lot of mothers all over the world and is a hit one among all.

  • Just mix in a bowl some olive oil and corn starch and the time you change the baby’s diapers just make sure that you are applying and massaging with this paste and then cleaning again after some time.

11. Diaper Use:

For good diaper rash treatment it is very important for you to know that a baby should not be wearing a diaper all the time. It is extremely necessary that you expose the baby’s skin to open air at room temperature as well. Otherwise the baby will not be able to take so much moisture and rashes will come up on the skin.

12. Wet Cloth Remedy:

Wet cloth

This is another one of the most common home remedies for diaper rash. In this you will have to keep a piece of cotton cloth handy and then use it to wipe the baby’s bum every time the diaper is changed. Make sure you wash it every time you use the cloth. You need to wipe the ammonia which gets accumulated at one place.

13. Antacid Remedy:


This is a very uncommon diaper rash home remedy but a very effective one. Rashes are also caused due to the fact that that there is acid in the baby’s urine as well and that gets soaked by the skin till the diaper is changed. What you need to do is make powder of some antacid tablets and then mix with baby powder or baby cream and apply on the affected area for a lot of relief.

14. Warm Water:

Warm Water

This one is a very important information for all the new mothers out there. Make sure that you are not using absolutely cold water even during summers for your small baby. Always use at least warm water when you are trying to clean up the baby and also as a home remedy for diaper rash. It is one of the simple and important tips to get rid of diaper rash.

15. Egg Whites Removes Diaper Rash:

Egg Whites

Just like we had spoken about corn starch and olive oil here is yet another combination which is very useful in diaper rash treatment. It is known to take away redness and bumps within hours of application.

  • Just mix two egg whites and some corn starch and apply generously on the affected area and let it air dry.
  • Repeat at least thrice a day.

16. Zinc Oxide:

Zinc Oxide

You will easily get zinc oxide powder in any medical store and it is a very safe and easy home remedy for diaper rash.

  • For this you will just to clean to the baby’s bottom very well and pat dry it properly.
  • Now take some zinc oxide powder on a powder pup and then apply on the baby’s bottom and see how it works.

17. Sulpher And Vaseline:


This is an age old remedy which has been used by mothers and grandmothers for decades now.

  • Just mix some sulfur powder with some normal Vaseline or any such safe petroleum jelly and then apply generously on the baby’s skin and leave it open exposed to the air. You will soon see it working like magic.

18. Caldescene Powder:

Caldescene Powder

This is a very common baby diaper rash treatment remedy and you will easily get it in any local medical store. Whenever you have a baby and you are worried about how to prevent it from rashes you need to keep this powder handy and simply vouch on it. This is because you can apply it even when you do not have rashes.

19. Chamomile Tea Treatment For :

Chamomile Tea

This is a very wonderful remedy for not only diaper rashes but any other fungal infection in babies as well as elders.

  • What you can do with this is make a simple chamomile tea and then cool it down till room temperature.
  • Let it still be a little warm and now slowly apply on the baby’s bottom and let it cool with air.

20. Check The Diaper:

It is very important that you keeping checking the baby’s diaper from time to time. You should remember that the baby cannot express much but a wet diaper for long hours is a definite cause of rashes. So you must make sure that you change the diaper or napkin from time to time.

21. Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable Oil

Any kind of vegetable oil especially corn oil is very good for massage to prevent rashes in babies.

  • You can just take some oil in your hand and gently massage the bottom with the same.
  • After you let it rest for some time, you can clean with a wet napkin and then pat dry and fix a diaper.

22. Grape Fruit Extract:

Grape Fruit Extract

This is a golden remedy absolutely for diaper rashes.

  • You have to take some grapefruit extract and then mix it with a little amount of water.
  • And some Aloe Vera or olive oil and then with the help of a cotton cloth you should apply this on the red area and then let it air dry.
  • This is a sure shot remedy for rashes.

Children suffer a lot due to rashes and diaper rash treatment is extremely necessary because these rashes do burn on that soft skin.