Top 25 Home Remedies For Fever

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Fever is one of the most common health ailments that a lot of people suffer from among the population. The frequency of this health crisis is so high that there is all the more demand for effective and safe ways of treatment. When it comes to 100 percent safety and freedom from side effects, there is nothing better than adhering to home remedies for the same. They are also affordable on the pocket and easily accessible.

home remedies for fever

To ensure that you treat fever as soon as possible, this health guide gives you some of the top home remedies for fever that can be used on a routine basis to get visible outcomes. Check them out and make your pick for treatment.

Best And Simple Home Remedies For Fever:

1. Vinegar Soak:


One of the simple and the most effective ways in getting results on fever is to prepare a soak with vinegar and lukewarm water and then sit in it for the next 10-15 minutes. This will reduce the body temperature and bring it to normal. Continue this remedy once every day till the problem subsides.

2. Raw Onions:

A slice of raw onions should be freshly cut and then places below the feet. Now the feet should be covered well with a blanket. This will reduce the fever to a considerable level by balancing the temperature. This is best and easily available home remedy for fever which never disappoint you.

3. Mustard Seeds Advantage:

Take a handful of mustard seeds and put in a cup of warm water. This should be steeped well for the next 5 minutes and then consumed. It will surely help in the treatment of fever without much effort. This should be followed till the problem is completely treated.

4. Artichokes Use:

The artichokes should be boiled and cooked until it is soft. The bottom part of these should be eaten each day till the fever is treated. It is an easy way to get the outcomes that you desire.

5. Raisins Wonders:

For those who have high fever, there is one home remedy that is quite efficient. Soak about 25 raisins in about half cup of water. Now mash the raisins well and then strain the water. To this liquid add the juice of half lime and then drink two times in a day to bring back the temperature to normal. This is one of the tried and tested home remedies for fever that many professionals support.

6. Basil Remedy:

tulsi Holy basil

Take a teaspoon of fresh tulasi (basil) leaves and soak it in a cup of warm water. This should be left for about 5-10 minutes for proper steeping. Drink this liquid 2-3 times in a day to bring the fever to normal. This is also a perfect home remedy for people with high temperatures. There is no side effect to this remedy.

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7. Yarrow Tea:

Yarrow Tea

A good home cure for fever is to have a cup of yarrow tea each day. It helps in opening up the pores and also aggravates sweating that helps in reducing the temperature. For high fever, have two cups of tea each day.

8. Have Good Amounts Of Fluids:

One of the good and affordable home remedies for the treatment of fever is to have lots of fluids especially water. This will help in flushing out the toxins and also in reducing the temperature. Take about 7-8 glasses of water that is boiled and then cooled.

9. Warm Showers:

hot bath

Warm showers are an effective way to reduce fever. One can take warm showers and fix their health condition within a few days. The warm water stimulates the sweat and helps to keep the body cool. Apart from fever, warm water has multiple applications in staying fit. The warm water has been proved to be effective for sinuses and even eradicate the cold.

10. The Cold Water Head Mask:

The cold water head mask in fever

Looking for simple home remedies for fever? Here is a simple and effective home remedy that can cure your fever. The remedy has been followed by Indians for many years now and it can be said that it is one of the must do things when you’re suffering from fever. You will have to take some cold water and put some salt in it. Then take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in the salt water and apply it on the forehead. During fever, body temperature rises pretty frequently. This will help in keeping the body temperature stable.

11. Hot Fluids:

Drinking hot water

Hot fluids have an unbelievably positive effect on the body during fever. Soups, hot water, hot tea will keep the throat clear and will help you to fight against fever. It is one of the most practiced and effective home remedies for fever. Drinking such fluids will allow to maintain the required body temperature.

12. Orange Juice:

Home Remedies for Dark Circles - Orange juice

When it comes fever remedies, one cannot just ignore consuming orange juice. This is one of the best homemade  remedies for fever, according to experts. Oranges come with Vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for the body and also contains a number of anti-inflammatory compounds which assist in lowering the body temperature during fevers. However, if you have a sore throat, then you should avoid drinking the orange juice.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar for strech marks

Are you in need of home remedies to cure fever? Then try the tasty apple cider vinegar mixture which is one of the most inexpensive home remedies for treating fever. The acid content in this solution draws the heat from the body and brings down the temperature which is one of the most effective ways to reduce the fever. Along with all that, this mixture contains minerals which have been eliminated from the body during fever.

14. Olive Oil And Garlic Cloves:

Olive oil and garlic cloves

Olive oil and garlic cloves when mixed together form an effective home-made medicine for treating fever. You will have to heat this mixture a bit and apply it under each foot and later wrap them with plastic. Keep the foot like this for one night and it will reduce your fever for sure.

15. Ginger:

ginger verious

Ginger is really good for you when you’re experiencing fever. Ginger mixed with water is an effective home remedy for fever. You will have to put two tablespoons of ginger is a bathtub filled with warm water and let is soak for quite some time. Use that water for bathing and, later on, pat it dry. This should be done before going to bed. This is an effective remedy for reducing fever.

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16. In Taking Bland Food:

Eating light and bland food will enhance your digestion process. Since, while your boy is fighting against infectious elements in the body, it will require the proper proportion of nutrition which will only be possible if you eat such food.

17. Rice Water:

Over the years, this particular natural home remedy for fever has worked effectively and has helped in reducing the body temperature. Rice will is the perfect home remedy if you’re experiencing indigestion issues alongside fever. Drinking the water left after half cooked rice will hep you in staying fit during the time of fever and reduce all kinds of digestion problems.

18. Potato Slices With Vinegar:

Potato slices with vinegar

Are you looking for simplest fever home remedies with potatoes? Potato slices soaked in vinegar is a beautiful home remedy suitable to fight the fever. Placing the slices on the forehead and place a cloth on the top. This will assist in reducing the fever.

19. The Mint Remedy:

mint leaves 6

The cooling feature of mint will assist in reducing the body temperature. It will cool the system from the inside which will further lead to the reduction of fever. Mint assist in the extraction of heat from the body. Mint water will keep the body cool till the fever is completely gone. Do try this remedy at home.

20. The Egg White Remedy For Fever:

Boiled eggs

Egg whites are highly recommended by some doctors during fever. Egg whites help in calming the body and reduce the temperature during fever. The egg whites absorb the body heat and keep it cool for a long period of time. They can also draw the fever from your head.

21. Loose Clothes:

Wearing tight clothes during a serious fever condition won’t help you in anyway. Rather, try to wear some loose clothes during fever. It will allow the heat to circulate from your body and keep the body cool. This technique has been applied in many countries and is even recommended by some doctors.

22. Tulsi With Hot Water:

Drinking hot water copy

Applying one teaspoon of tulasi leaves to hot water will bring out an effective solution which can be drunk before going to bed. This will allow you to wake up feeling much better and will reduce the fever as well.

23. Turmeric:

We all know about the benefits of turmeric. This edible powder is generally used in food recipes and has tons of benefits. Turmeric properly mixed with black pepper will turn out to be very effective for infections, cold, cough, etc. Further more, mixing turmeric and black pepper in milk will give out a very effective solution useful for reducing fever.

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24. Staying Indoors :


Rest is one of the best remedies for fixing fever quickly. Getting enough amount of rest will allow the fever to come down and allow the body to heal a lot faster than it is supposed to.

25. Vinegar With Warm Water Application:

Another way of treating fever is to take a cup of warm water with a little vinegar and apply this through a washcloth on the forehead. This will reduce the body temperature to a good extent. Make sure that the washcloth is clean.

26. Ayurvedic Fever Medicine:

Much of the ayurvedic treatments for common cold and fever relies on home remedies, with the simple use of ginger, garlic and the like. The common Kottakal medicine practitioners recommend consuming 1-2 glasses of warm water with a lemon every morning on an empty stomach. It enhances immunity. It also enhances digestion to flush out toxins off your body.

27. Homeopathic Medicine for Fever:

Arsenicum is the most common homeopathic medicine for fever. It is useful in winters, when there is a thin watery liquid coming out of your nose and still the nose feels clogged. This is often accompanied by a frontal headache and sneezing. Arsenicum comes in handy and helps relieve the problems. In case you are wondering what medicine to take for fever, this homeopathic medicine will treat the common fever and headache.

These are some of the best remedies suitable for fever. Apart from these, there are many other home remedies for sure. But these will definitely help in fixing the fever and you won’t have to visit the doctor as well. If you’re home alone then you won’t have to call someone for help. Anyone of these home remedies will assist in reducing the fever.

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