Flu! A word that can send a “Chill” down the spine for adults and kids alike! Also called Influenza, flu is a respiratory infection caused by the flu virus. It can suddenly attack your body and weaken it with high fever, runny nose and severe body pains. Even a healthy and strong person can go bedridden with the flu, making it one of the most dreaded diseases. Flu is a contagious disease which can easily spread to others, especially in closed spaces. If you are worried about catching the flu from a colleague or friend, relax! These natural home remedies for flu can lead to a quick recovery without needing high-powered medicines.

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Before beginning with the natural remedies for the flu, let’s understand more about it!

What Are The Causes Of Flu?

The flu is often confused with the common cold. However, it is a much more serious condition caused by Influenza viruses A, B, and C.

  • Seasonal changes cause Flu Types A and B.
  • Birds and animals like ducks and pigs carry these viruses.
  • Type C is caused due to problems in the respiratory tract.

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Symptoms Of Flu:

If you think flu is just running the nose, you will be surprised at the number of complications this virus can lead to:

  • High fever
  • Sudden chills
  • Severe Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Runny/Blocked Nose
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Body Pains
  • Vomiting in Children

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Prevention Of Flu:

Flu can be prevented only to a certain extent. It is very easy to catch this virus from a family member, neighbour or anyone you meet and shake hands with. However, you can reduce the risks of flu by following these prevention mechanisms:

  • Regular Vaccination To Prevent Seasonal Flu.
  • Using a Hand Sanitizer To Kill Germs Instantly.
  • Keeping distance from affected people.
  • Clean shared spaces with a disinfectant.
  • Washing hands with soap after every toilet use.
  • Using a mask when moving around in closed spaces.
  • Wearing gloves before touching your flu-infected kids or family members.
  • Avoid Kissing your partner who is infected with flu.
  • Don’t share personal items till the symptoms subside.

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Natural Home Remedies for Flu:

The list below has some of the best home cures to use for flu treatment. Check them out and make your pick:

1. Take Proper Rest:

The best home remedy for flu is the chance to rest properly and sleep. This will give the body the strength to fight off diseases and infections well. Along with 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep, it is important to take regular naps throughout the day.


  • Use a Separate pillow and bed sheet.
  • If possible, keep an essential oil diffuser by the bedside.

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2. Have Healthy Fluids:

Fluids that are healthy will ensure thinning down the mucus and not only treat signs of flu-like congestion but also help in the gradual cure of the main problem. Along with drinking 10-12 glasses of plain and filtered water on a regular basis, try and have herbal teas, soups, broths and even fresh fruit juices. It is bound to help you get faster results on the ailment.


  • Use only fresh fruits to prepare juice.
  • Don’t use canned or artificial juices.
  • Avoid adding sugar.
  • Be sure to prepare it at home using clean instruments.
  • Use boiled water only.

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid drinking juices that have high acid content like grapes, as it can aggravate the situation

3. Try Chicken Soup:

Chicken soup has quite some properties when it comes to the treatment of flu as well as its related signs. One can include nice chicken broth that opens up the blocked nasal passages. Make sure you have it once each day till the problem subsides completely. It also treats the inflammation of the throat.

How To Use?

  • Boil 1 Cup Of Chicken stock in a vessel.
  • Add freshly cut vegetables and shredded chicken.
  • Bring to a good boil.
  • Add salt and pepper.

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are a vegetarian. Opt for Vegetarian clear soup instead.

4. Humidifier Use:

For those who have issues of dry cough where the flu is concerned, the best is to put a humidifier in the room in the winter months. This helps add moisture to the air and thus treats the discomforting cough signs of the flu. Diffusers are the best natural flu remedies for babies and toddlers.

How To Use?

  • Buy an electric diffuser and keep it by the bedside.
  • Use it frequently for quick results.

Who Should Avoid?

Anyone can use a diffuser without side effects.

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5. Salt Water Gargle:

Take some lukewarm water and add to it some salt. This should be used to gargle the mouth and the throat to treat the signs of flu and slowly cure the problem from the roots. This should be done several times a day which also gives instant relief to the throat and blocked nasal passages. Salt water gargle is one of the best home remedies for cold and flu, used for centuries.

How To Use?

  • In 1 Cup Of Lukewarm water, add 1 tbsp of salt.
  • Mix Well.
  • Gargle slowly.
  • Use it at least 3-4 times a day.

Who Should Avoid?

Salt water gargle is good for anyone. Just don’t swallow the water.

6. Lemon Juice and Water:

To treat the soreness in the throat, vitamin C really helps. For the same purpose mix some freshly extracted lemon juice in warm water and drink. This will ease the signs of flu and treat the condition effectively. Also, adding a dollop of honey makes it one of the best home remedies for flu and cough.

How to Use?

  • Squeeze the juice of a fresh lime.
  • Add it to your regular water or tea.
  • You can even drink lemonade.

How Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are allergic to C Vitamin or Citrusy fruits.

7. Honey Use:

A tablespoon of honey in warm water has medicinal effects, which makes it one of the best home remedies for the flu virus. You can also include honey in the herbal teas you consume throughout the day. Taking honey directly also helps in soothing the throat with its moisturizing properties.

How To Use?

  • Add honey to 1 cup of lukewarm water and consume.
  • You can even lick honey directly for instant relief.
  • Mixing honey with cinnamon powder enhances its potency.

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are allergic to honey.

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8. Take Steam:

A tub of hot water with eucalyptus oil is one of the best natural remedies for flu symptoms. Inhale the steam from the tub while covering the head with a towel. Ensure you take only 2-3 drops of the mentioned essential oil. This should be done once each day to open up the passages and congestion and to thin down the mucus.

How To Use?

  • In a vessel of piping hot water, add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Cover yourself with a blanket.
  • Inhale the vapors.
  • You can even use an electric steam machine.

Who Should Avoid?

Anyone can use Steam. Just avoid getting too close to water to prevent burns.

9. Pepper Wonders:

For flu treatment, pepper is one of the efficient home products. It stimulates the blood circulation and brings movement in the mucus flow. Take some black pepper with honey for maximum outcomes. This is one of the best Indian home remedies for flu.

How to Use?

  • In a tbsp of honey, add powdered pepper.
  • Consume it directly.
  • Use pepper generously in soups, curries and milk.

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid using too much pepper if you have a sensitive stomach.

10. Ginger:

The most commonly used home remedy for flu is ginger(Adrak). The anti-microbial properties of ginger keep the viral growth in control and offer instant relief. Ginger juice is also an effective medicine for treating sore throat, body pains and headaches, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Use?

  • Boil a few slices of Ginger in 1 cup of water.
  • Add a dollop of honey and consume the tea.
  • You can take it 2-3 times a day.

Who Should Avoid?

Avoid if you are allergic to ginger or have a sensitive stomach.

Catching the flu is definitely not something you would enjoy! You will be restricted to bed and the four walls of your room for fear of others catching the virus. Also, over-the-counter medicines are ineffective in bringing down the issue and will take at least 6-7 days. Not to forget the side effects that arise from these drugs! So, folks! Put your anxieties to rest with these 10 natural home remedies for flu and stay hale and hearty!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are flu shots?

Flu shots are vaccines that are injected into our bodies. They are highly recommended for young children and adults above 50. These shots protect our body from being prone to frequent attacks and reduce the complications. They are available at any medical centre and seasonal health camps.

2. Are Flu Vaccines effective against all Influenza Virus?

Influenza is caused by three types of Viruses, namely, A, B and C. As mentioned in the article, A and B are seasonal and can be prevented using vaccines. However, Type C is a serious condition which has no vaccine available so far. Respiratory problems mainly cause it and can only treated and not prevented!

3. What Should I Do If Catch Flu?

If you suspect you have caught the flu, stay away from people, especially kids, old age and pregnant women. Also, let your work or any other task not worry you! Rest is of utmost importance and so is self-care. Just drink plenty of fluids, keep warm, and follow these home remedies for quick relief.

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