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9 Home Remedies for Foot Tendonitis

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Ever felt a sharp pang of pain shot through your body like an electric current or suffered from severe foot or ankle pain? Our body is filled with tissues, nerves and tendons entangled amongst one another. Often it has been seen that there are thick tissue blend-ins which forms a tendon. This strong tendon forms the bridge between muscles and bones holding them together.  When this tendon goes through inflammation, the medical condition is known as tendonitis where the tendons on the inside swell up and causes pain.

foot tendonitis

This is mainly caused due to sudden careless movement or due to repetitive overuse of the foot tendon. Hence, the main genres of patient’s are athletes, military or police trainee where due to hardships and maybe wrong footing an ankle sprain may lead to tendonitis. Instead of hobbling to the doc every time let’s see some home remedies that can cure tendonitis.

Best Home Remedies for Foot Tendonitis:

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Ice Pack:

Ice Pack

Ice is always a good remedy to inflammation and thus is the first choice for treating tendonitis. wrap the ice in a soft cloth and hold it against the affected area. Along with the less pain it will also help in reducing the swelling.



Incorporating asparagus in your everyday diet might help you from swelling. Asparagus cleanse the body of all the extra fluids and thus prevents swelling. At the same time, fresh yoghurt can be accompanied along with asparagus for better effects.

Fresh Cabbage Leaves:

Cabbage leaves are anti-inflammation. After a good soak, wrap the cabbage leaves around the affected areas and seal it with a cloth for the night.  Continue this process and every morning you will wake up a bit more healed.

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Gram Flour Pack

Two tablespoon of flour when mixed with white wine into a fine consistency can be a good tendonitis reliever.  This along with lessening the pain also accelerates the healing process. Just apply and wait for some time before removing it with luke warm water. While you’re at it, make sure you don’t consume any flour which may lessen the effect.

Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which recovers the lost magnesium in your foot and reduce swelling and pain. Mix two table spoons of Epsom salt with a bucket of water and soak the foot or feet in there.

Broccoli Paste:

Mix broccoli and water or grind it together until a paste consistency is formed. When the paste is availed, apply it gently on the affected area and then cover it up with a clean soft cloth so that the paste stays in place. Keep this on for a good 20-25 minutes and make sure you’re following this twice a day for better results.

Olive Oil:

olive oil

For instant affects, olive oil is really a wonderful product. Apply some warm olive oil in the affected area and massage it for quite some time so that the blood flow in that area is free flowing which instantly reduces the pain. Keep massaging till the pain totally fades away.



Hot n’ cold vinegar wraps is a quick and easy solution to cured tendonitis. The process is quite easy. In one bowl mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and warm it and in the other bowl pour the same contents and cool it. Then using a cloth or wipe alternately dip the cloth and wrap it around the foot. After 5 minutes use the other solution and do the same process. After a three time repetition pat the affected place dry and apply moisturizer.

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Potato Paste:

potatto 2

Potato is a good natural remedy for food tendonitis. Just boil a big potato and leave it for it to cool. Once it cools down mash it till it’s smooth and pasty. Apply the paste on the affected area and cover it up with a clean soft cloth so that the paste doesn’t slide or fall of.  If this process can be followed every day two times, considerable lessening of swell and foot pain is realized.

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